December Empties

Now that my rolling 10 pan finale is done, it’s time for my December empties.


I’ve got a nice amount.

Pixi Glow Tonic-I really love this toner. I used it once a day and I do feel like this one makes a difference in my life. Once this one was gone I replaced it with a higher end glycolic acid toner and I am not nearly as happy. So, I am going to be purchasing this again once I am done with what I have.

Lush Rose Jam shower gel. I got the small container since it often happens that I love a lush product in the store but then later realize that there’s some sort of scent to it that disagrees with me. I am thrilled to report that this one smelled great all the way through! I plan to get a larger size of this at some point but have a shower gel currently needing to be used up first.

L’Oreal Infallable setting spray. I suppose this worked ok, though I have little experience with setting spray. It lasted me most of the year. I am experimenting with the morphe one now, but I do think the sprayer on this one is lovely. In fact, I saved the bottle as Miss Butterfly wants to use it. I may repurchase.

Clinique custom repair eye treatment. I got this entire thing free with purchase. I was very impressed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed with the product. It took me a ton of time to use, but I really feel that the Belif moisture eye bomb works best for me and I need to stick to that.

Wander Beauty unlashed mascara. I got this in a boxy charm. I used it. It takes a lot of work to get it to build up and look good on my eyes. I am done now. I won’t repurchase. I was mostly using this and then layering something else over top.

Becca Backlight Priming filter. I love this product. This little container was the first I tried it and I now have a travel size in my collection. So, I have already repurchased.


And some more items:

Peter Thomas Roth water drench cream. I liked this one quite a bit. It works nicely, like my favorite Belif item. I had no trouble using it up but I doubt I’ll switch to it. Maybe at some point, it’ll be worth doing a cost analysis of my favorite moisturizing gels to see what is the most cost-effective.

Laura Mercier caviar stick eyeshadow in Rose Gold. I have no interest in this product. It felt sticky on my eyes when I was just wearing it. I mostly used it as an eye primer instead. Miss Butterfly didn’t enjoy it either, and on her it creased badly.

It cosmetics confidence in a cleanser sample. I plan to move away from high-end cleansers in the new year. However, I did like this one! It smells nice and it works great. I just won’t purchase because I don’t want to use higher end cleansers if I don’t have to.

It cosmetics confidence in a cream. This one is a no repurchase. It broke me out. I actually had a container of it as well. I would use it, get breakouts, quit using it, start again, get breakouts. So it’s a no go. Thankfully Miss Butterfly is not noticing a similar issue so she’s using the small container of it up.

Becca Undereye primer. Here’s the thing, when I purchased this I felt it was making a huge difference. But as I got my skincare under control I felt like it was not a worthwhile step. So, I am not using this anymore. I might repurchase again in the future just to see if it helps. But mostly toward the end of using it, it just felt like an extra step. While it looks like there’s still product in there, it’s not the undereye primer. I had a milk makeup undereye something or other that I was trying to store in there but it just dried out. So, that’s what the blue bit is.

Too Faced hangover RX primer. This seems like a decent moisturizing primer, but it doesn’t smell particularly nice so I wouldn’t repurchase.

Lancome Genifique serum. I used up this sample size and I do think I liked it pretty well. Not well enough to purchase on my own, but I do think it was one of the nicer serums I’ve tried.

Those are my empties for December. (Keep in mind these are things I’ve been using for a while but just happened to finish in December.)

But, in the interest of the new year, it’s time to do a quick declutter as well. I chose two things from my makeup stash that aren’t likely to see any use.


I got the Dr. Brandt item from a subscription box. I tried to make it work for me. Under makeup it makes the makeup look weird. When I am using it on days that I don’t wear makeup, I feel that it dries out my undereye, which I don’t need. I actually passed this on to a friend to see if she could use it. But told her that if it doesn’t work for her she can just toss it.

I also am decluttering a blush. I got this blush in a subscription box. It’s highly pigmented, so it is super easy to feel like putting it on is a mistake. It’s also the exact color of the redness in my skin and just tends to make me feel like what was the point of putting on makeup in the first place? I wanted to keep it around as an eyeshadow but I’ve barely used it as that either, and I just don’t feel like I am going to start. It’s best to just move it out of my collection now.


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