First WIP in 2019

I began this shawlette at the very end of 2018 after I finished the pair of socks, my 39th 2018 project. The pattern is called Snowflake Party and it seemed appropriate as the weather was not snowy, but it was bitterly cold. I’ve enjoyed knitting this pattern quite a lot even though I need the pattern for each and every line.


And I am extremely close to being done! I do hope the curling edge blocks out really well. I think I may have to go above and beyond and really give this one a full, harsh blocking.

The yarn is a handspun I made some time ago, a 2 ply. For the life of me, I cannot remember what the fiber looked like! I mean, obviously, it was green. Just green. But I can’t remember at all if it was top or some other type of prep. Nevertheless, it’s gorgeous and I love its muted tones.

It’s been an interesting ride as usual in our home. Miss Butterfly was scheduled to work at camp over the new year holiday. She was scheduled to be out there for 4 days. Unfortunately, on new year’s eve, I got a call from her saying “Mom, I think I have pink eye, and they say you have to come pick me up, get me seen by a doctor, and if I don’t have it I can go back.”

So, I picked her up, got her seen, and her self diagnosis was correct. She had pink eye. It was quite disappointing for her to not be able to finish out her work at camp but by the next day she was really so miserable, she’d have preferred not to be there anyhow.

Thankfully there was the ever faithful Rose making sure she was warm and comforted.


Thankfully Miss Butterfly does seem to be recovering now and will be ready to head back to school when it starts next week. I did hear that a couple other gals also got pink eye at camp, so clearly that was a less than stellar thing to have happen. Poor gals!

That’s about it from here. I did start a new work project so hopefully, I’ll have enough to show off that tomorrow. Have a great weekend friends, happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “First WIP in 2019

  1. The shawl is pretty! I think I remember that yarn, do you have lots of it? You posted about it here maybe two years ago, in the summer if I remember rightly. Anyway, it’s beautiful! Bummer that you need the pattern for every row, though. That slows one down. I think that is what I am not enjoying about Durrow.

    Poor Miss B! That isn’t a fun way to spend a vacation. Glad she is feeling better.

    • I only have 400 yards of this particular green. However, there’s a crown mountain farms green that I had a whole lot of and it looked remarkably similar. I knit something out of that, can’t remember what, and now have about 200 yards of the crown mountain farms floating around. (Actually, I think that turned into the vest I knit after seeing you knit a pretty handspun vest.) Then! I also have some loop cloud handspun in another extremely similar shade and(!) something I created out of rolags I made over the summer. So at this point there’s so much in my stash that is a certain color green!

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