Another WIP

So, as you may remember, Miss Marja handed over a whole bunch of handspun yarn over the holidays. I am so grateful to have this new influx into my stash, but I have exactly zero interest in photographing those items, getting them in my Rav stash, and counting them toward my stash totals. I just can’t be bothered right now. So naturally, when I needed something to knit at work in this first half week back, I chose one of the new Miss Marja handspuns.

Now, one of my favorite items to knit last year is the knit night scarf and I decided it would be the perfect mindless knit to work on during my lunch break. So…I am back at it with another handspun scarf.


This photo was taken at work since I don’t intend to worry about bringing it home on the weekends. As you can see, it’s a multi-tonal blue and it’s very pretty! It isn’t striping at all, it will continue to be many shades of blue all smooshed together giving the item quite a bit of color depth.

It’s a lovely saturday morning right now, and I am learning that Rose is such a lovely cuddle dog that it’s really hard to get anything done around the house, especially in the morning when she’s super interested in napping. She perks up quite a bit after lunchtime, but mornings are sooooo snoozeworthy according to our baby dog. Nevertheless, I have been crossing stuff off my list left and right, just coming back to the couch to knit a few rows in between.

We are having lovely weather right now, so I am sure a nice long walk will be in order as well. Have a great weekend my friends!


2 thoughts on “Another WIP

  1. That blue is gorgeous! It must be hard to leave it at work.

    I bet you are seeing what Rose does everyday after you leave for work! Rests up until you all come home. Good for you interspersing chores with knitting and puppy cuddles!

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