Third Work in Progress

Since I finished the snowflake party shawl so fast, I needed something new. Again! I chose another odd little cowl, the pattern is called topography cowl. Originally I chose two of Miss Marja’s new yarns. But, then I decided they looked too similar to each other, so I swapped the burgundy solid out for one of my own handspun yarns, a camel color 4 ply.


It’s a great little pattern! I have to say though, if I were to do this one all over again I’d try to find a way to close up the holes of the short rows. They annoy me a bit. Hopefully, when blocked they’ll look like a feature. Not a bug.

I was struggling with a bum knee this weekend. Or half of last week and this weekend. I made the mistake of trying to take a walk around a lake with Mr. Ink and the dogs on Saturday, we had to turn back early I was hurting so bad, and that left me in the position of barely being able to walk on Sunday. I am trusting my body’s ability to heal itself and hoping for the best. But, I also got myself a pair of stability sneakers that’ll hopefully arrive this week and will put myself on a regimen of aleve to see if I can help the healing along. It’s unpleasant, but at least Rose loves to cuddle.

Mr. Ink had to take the dogs to the dog park himself yesterday, as I couldn’t brave slipping in the mud with the bum knee. He did so, and the dogs were thrilled! Unfortunately, it means they also came home a muddy mess. Rose needed a spray down in the bathtub and Lizzie needed some major work on the long hair of her paws. This time of year around here it’s either muddy or frozen, and we kind of wish the option was frozen at the moment.

That’s it from here today, hopefully, we’ll all enjoy a lovely week!


5 thoughts on “Third Work in Progress

  1. Sorry about that knee! Do you know what you did?? Hope rest and aleve help!

    The cowl is lovely! Those colors look great together. I recently discovered german short rows. I feel like they don’t make a hole like wrap and turn short rows do. You might give them a try.

    • Nope, no clue what I did. Today is the first day in a week it’s felt considerably better, so I am hoping that’s a great sign. (You know what I did? I had the thought I’d take up running again. All I had to do was think it and my body said “NOPE!”)

      I love german short rows! Way better than wrap and turn. This one doesn’t even call for wrap and turn. But, I DO think it would benefit greatly from german short rows. Or any other way to make those holes look less gappy. However, that’s not a decision to be made halfway through the knitting of the cowl. It’s a decision to be talked about as a warning to others who might choose to make this, and a decision to be made BEFORE doing cowl number two. Which there may be one, it’s a good cowl!

      • I am glad you feel better, and lol at getting hurt thinking about running!

        Good point about not switching halfway through. And glad to hear there will be a second one, it is so pretty. It seems like the wrap and turn might have helped with holes, too. I wonder why the designer left the holes?

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