Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 2

Let’s talk Primers! You know what I don’t need right now? More primers!


Becca First Light and Becca Back Light priming filter-These are my bestie primers. I love them. I think that they look nice on the skin, moisturize well, and really look lovely under makeup. Once I’ve moved through all my primers, one of these may be what I choose to keep in stash.

Cover FX blurring primer-I have this in my project pan and like it just fine. I get on with this primer. Are we besties? Maybe not. But we cool.

Tarte Timeless smoothing primer-I used this a bunch when I first started playing with makeup, but I put it down to try other things. I should probably give it another go soon to see how I feel about it after a long break. I should probably be using this in tandem to other primers for targeted pore filling work, but somehow in the morning, opening one extra primer feels….extra.

A sample of Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. I am reluctant to use it, I don’t quite know why. It seems like it should be such a beautiful primer. Perhaps I worry that I WILL like it and then desire this lovely thing in my collection.

Bare Minerals primer-this is an exceedingly siliconey feeling primer, I don’t care for it. I’ll try to use it up but this one is in danger of being decluttered if I cannot find a use for it.

Benefit Porefessional-This is the tiniest little sample size and I should just use it up and move it from my stash. Thing is, I don’t really care about this one anymore. This one would also benefit from being used in tandem with another primer.

Juice Beauty Illuminating primer-I haven’t tried this yet either, but I am hoping it’ll perform much like the Becca first light and backlight primers.

Becca Ever Matte primer-I am saving this one for the summer. I’ll give it a go then, but I really haven’t used it so I haven’t yet formed opinions on it.

Once I’ve worked my way through a good portion of these I’d like to give some drugstore illuminating primers a try. I want to see if I can find a dupe for the becca ones. Let me know if you know of one to try! Just know I won’t try it until I work my way through some of these!


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