Delicious Snow Day

We are having a snow day and it’s delicious! I thought we’d be forced to take Miss Butterfly to camp but the roads are terrible and it got canceled. So I am hanging out in the house with my family and dogs. Miss Butterfly is outdoors making a snowman. Rose the Nose is chewing toys. Lizzie is napping on the couch. It’s all just about as perfect as it can be, for me.


Oh yeah, that’s the tree. Still up. Never mind that Miss Butterfly and I began the new year as we meant to go on, it’s Mr. Ink’s job to take down the tree and find a spot for it, and he didn’t do that. So here we are.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the snow day and also my finished object. A finished object you didn’t even know I started.


I knit a bulky scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun. I adored the color and the nice fat round chainply of the handspun. I didn’t want to muddy the colors in a hat, so I chose a scarf. And knit it up in no time flat.

I’ve got another finished object too, but it’s still drying and blocking. It’ll have to wait. But, knitting has been going quite nicely and I am making yet another shawl and can’t wait to show that off too! It’s a good day, a very good day!