Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 5

Today we are going to talk nail polish, and do a reboot of a project polish. The last time we talked project polish I was sharing the task with Miss Butterfly. Since then, she has decided to get a ton more nail polish, in teeny tiny bottles, which I hate, and I decided I was going to separate my own polish from her massive collection. That doesn’t mean she can’t use it, it just means we are storing separately now and I don’t want to use her collection. Mostly because I can’t stand digging through it.

So, I, personally, am restarting my own project polish. I didn’t bother wearing nail polish for a good portion of the fall up until recently. However, much progress has been made since Miss Butterfly has been wearing my polishes. I can say for certain that I have all I need in the polish department at this time and I will not be purchasing more until I work my way through some of these. I did mark each of them again so that I know where I am starting this time around.


Some of these I wouldn’t even have in my collection if it weren’t for Miss Butterfly choosing them.


That last OPI on the left is a nude color, it didn’t show up at all well here!

I’ve decided that the ones I like the best are the OPI colors. As such, I am going to move through my collection and then stick with a few carefully curated OPI polishes from here on out. I hope my collection stays at this place, but if I get something in a subscription box from now until the time they are over, that’ll be added to this.

To be honest, I am not that big into doing my nails. While I should probably do them twice a week, I am currently doing them on Sunday afternoons. I am going to attempt to step up my game now. So, that’s it, I’ve nothing more to say about this at this time! Let’s just see how I progress in about 2 months.


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