Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 7

Here’s the one I’ve been avoiding. And I’ll tell you why. I LOOOOOVE blush. I do not know why. I loved blush as far back as I can remember. There’s gotta be a reason but I couldn’t name it. But no matter what I do, when I tell myself “You don’t need any more blush!” I get all “BUT! BUT! BUT….!!!”

And while I was photographing my blushes I realized I really don’t need any more blush. I’d say that photographing the blushes made me realize just how much I have, how much I LOVE each and every one of them, treasured in my collection, (except 1) and that I’d actually really love to be using them all instead of acquiring more. So, basically, documenting this did exactly what I was hoping it would do. I had already felt this way about my gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, without documenting them, but couldn’t quite get there with blush.

I am using some photos I took in the past for the face palettes, as I didn’t feel like photographing them again. First up, Too Faced Natural Face:


Both Pink Wink and Pink Sand are gorgeous. I love the nude matte tone of pink sand. Pink Wink is a fantastic summer shade. I’ve barely touched this palette because it’s such a summer palette for me. You can expect this to make a project pan appearance beginning in April.


Then there’s the Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette. This is the one that is currently in my project pan as it’s a really nice, subtle, wintery kind of palette. Both blushes in here are lovely as well. I’d say that I tend toward the nude one more, but the cool toned pink is gorgeous as well and sometimes I just swirl them both together for a perfectly lovely effect.

Now all the rest:


Starting with the top row I’ve got Tarte Paaarty which I’ve hit pan on. It’s a lovely light nude color and I decided I didn’t want to use it up because it looks very nice on Miss Butterfly’s skin. I tend to use more intense blushes so it’s nice that she can get some use out of it too.

Next to that is an ofra blush single. This is the one I was mentioning that I do not like. It is FAR too pigmented. It looks terrible no matter what I do. I’ve been using it as an eyeshadow, but it’s on the chopping block for a declutter. However there’s an 80s birthday party to attend in my future and I figured it’ll be great in a dramatic, over the top, 80s makeup look.

Next to that is flower beauty blush in sweetpea. This is a really lovely neutral blush that is almost nude but still pink. Miss Butterfly loves this one and when I wear it, I love it too!

Next to that is Makeup Revolution matte blush. I can tell the color did not come out well at all but this is a really pretty coral to hot pink color. I wore it soooooo much in the first number of months of makeup exploration last year. It is also the blush I learned that you do not pan large blushes and expect it to go quickly. I haven’t used it in ages but I don’t want it out of my collection either.

Next row, another Tarte blush in quirky. It’s a great peachy blush that I think I will enjoy wearing very much! I have maybe tried it once.

I’ve got a clinique cheek pop peach pop. I WANTED Cola pop but Miss Butterfly talked me out of it. I still want Cola Pop, but I’ve now got a million blushes.

Note blush in Desert Rose-I think this is a lovely blush in a color I probably wouldn’t have picked out myself. But it looks fantastic and I am so glad it is in my collection.

Laura Geller baked blush in Tropic Hues-this is my most favorite of all the blushes. I could happily own the rest of the collection. I adore this blush!

Then in a row of its own is the one blush we got in the nyx advent calendar. It’s a pretty bright color but works nicely on the skin.

Next row-Finding Ferdinand color skinny dip-This is a gorgeous blush as well, another more neutral toned blush. It has a bit of a sheen and I find myself using it fairly regularly despite it being in a magnetic palette.

Next up are two pur blushes from the boxy charm masquerade palette. I decided I didn’t like a palette with blush and eyeshadow in one, so I depotted everything and put them in magnetic palettes. As you can see, I managed to completely screw up the darker blush so I had to repress it. But, I didn’t want to let go of it because it’s my closest blush to clinique’s cola pop which I clearly want in my collection but won’t purchase. I am not over the moon about either of these blushes but I haven’t used them much either.

Doucce blush in RSVP-This blush, on its surface, seems like something I could really love. It’s another neutral leaning toward cool toned color and is quite subtle. I am not sure it completely lives up to expectations, but it also hasn’t seen much use as of yet.

So-that’s my very extensive already blush collection, and that is why I DO NOT NEED MORE BLUSH. I also have watched enough project pan videos to know that most blushes take an entire year to get through. At that rate, I’ve got enough blush for the next 16 years! And who knows if another blush will enter my collection between now and the time all my subscription boxes have expired. I am definitely not in “Gotta use these up or move them out of my collection!” mode but I am in “Let me love what I own” mode. After this past year of collecting I am ready to now be not collecting. I am ready to be curating. I am ready to be enjoying. Even though Miss Butterfly uses my blushes regularly, two people cannot work through this collection any time soon either. So I’ll be over here referring back to this post every time I am tempted by a blush while shopping.




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