Knitting WIP

I have realized that in the past number of months, maybe years, I’ve turned into a pretty monogamous knitter. I remember when I used to have 5-10 works in progress on the go all the time! But something has changed more recently and I generally have only 2. One that I keep at work and the other that I keep at home. I do not know what changed, but the current set up seems to be working for me. Another way it is working for me is that it really feels like I get a finished object very quickly!

That is definitely the case with my latest WIP, Fly Away.


I am using one new and one old color of Miss Marja’s handspun. One is light minty green and the other a burgundy with all sorts of other colors smooshed in. Both are 2 ply and pair quite nicely together. The Fly Away shawl begins striping in one direction and ends with a striping border that goes the other direction. since knitted on borders are something I just adore, I cannot WAIT to get started on that part! And I am just one striping section away from starting that portion of the shawl. So basically, I started this first thing Saturday morning and it’s now Friday and looking very good for a finish this very weekend!

That means this weekend I’ll be doing the thing I love the most, which is contemplating my yarn stash and the next project I get to begin!