Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 8

Now that I’ve moved past the dreaded blushes collection post, I can talk about bronzer/contour. I was REALLY avoiding that blush post. I’d put it off for far too long.

Now I can move into my bronzers and contours. I don’t care that much about bronzers and contours. I just use them. Some come in face palettes and that is how I have them, or they come in subscription boxes and that’s how I have them. I think I made 3 total conscious careful bronzer/contour purchase. One of those is completely gone now.

I’ll show off photos I’ve already shown. First, Too Faced natural face palette:


Sunny Honey makes a lovely contour shade and Tropic Like Its Hot is a great summer bronzer.


And then a two for one. I’ve got a sleek cream contour palette and one little bronzer pan in the hourglass palette.


And then there’s the remainder of my collection. Starting at the top left and working clockwise. I’ve got a physicians formula butter bronzer which has been my major go to bronzer over the past year. We’ve hit pan and I’d be satisfied with this as my one and only bronzer once my collection is worked through. Except for the smell. I hate the smell but after this long it has dissipated mostly.

I received the Sugar Cosmetics mini bronzer in a subscription box. I like it quite a bit and am finding myself reaching for it regularly.

I’ve got a pur bronzer that came in the boxy charm masquerade palette. Depotted because I hate that palette, and this one did not fall apart. I haven’t tried this one much so not sure how it works and if it gets to stay in my collection.

Below that is the Benefit Hula bronzer. I inherited this from Miss Butterfly. She just HAD to have it. It’s a travel size and she got it for easter last year. Turns out, she doesn’t even wear bronzer anymore, she doesn’t think it looks good on her. She warms up her face with blush in the bronzer areas and calls it good. It is good, she knows how to do makeup. She’s just so pale that bronzer isn’t a good color for her.

Then there’s two pur palette (subscription box!) contours which I don’t think work for me but I haven’t given them much time. These are from another palette I depotted because I just never bothered to pull the palette out. I probably need to give some of these some trial time to see if I even want them around!

And finally, another Benefit Hula Bronzer from a subscription box. Just the tiniest sample size.

That’s it for bronzers/contours. And I won’t be buying more. These are of little interest to me anyhow, and once I’ve worked through some of these, I’ll be happy to keep a minimal curated collection.

I think we are, after 8 posts, beginning to close in on the end of this series, for which I am grateful! What do I have left? Highlighters for certain. Then single shadows maybe? And then palettes? Though I may or may not do a palette collection post. Oh, foundations! I haven’t done those yet either. Nor skin care other than face masks and primers. Ok never mind, I may still have a ways to go.

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