Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 10

First of all, yesterday I posted bronzers/contours. This morning, I completely broke one of those dark colored pur contour pans. So, in about 24 hours, one left my collection.

Today it’s highlighters I focus on. Highlighters, much like bronzers and contours, have just kind of shown up in my collection for the most part. Again, there are the ones in the face palettes:

There’s one in the hourglass palette and two lovely ones in the Too Faced palette.

And then there are the others:


I’ll go top left to right, then move my way down left to right.

There’s a pixi highlighter that disguised itself as a blush in a subscription box. It’s not a blush even though it was billed as such. I use this very rarely.

There are the three Nyx highlighters from the advent calendar. They are fine, but nothing to write home about.

Next row. Wet n wild highlighter, this one I did not purchase. Miss Butterfly did. She insisted on having it, but as it turns out it doesn’t look good on her. It resides in my stash but I haven’t used it much.

Then there’s the depotted benefit dandelion twinkle. As you can see, we have used the heck out of this. I actually quit using it because Miss Butterfly liked it so much. She’s still using it, and I am certain we’ll eventually completely pan it.

The tiny pot that says “thank you” is a loose highlighter from vanessa’s vanity. It was a gift with purchase. It’s quite icy and would take a long time to use if I were using it regularly. I did use some of this in the highlighter I created myself.

Mac’s shiny pretty things from this past holiday, this one is the one that is pink to gold shift. I adore this and we use it mostly as an eyeshadow. But I also highlight with it from time to time. I think it’s my favorite purchase from this past holiday season.

Next row there are three depotted pur highlighters. Two are from a highlight/contour palette and the other is from their masquerade palette, both from boxycharm. They reside in my magnetic palette now as I am bound to get more use out of them that way. They are great highlighters actually, I used one yesterday and was quite impressed.

And then there are my final two pans of the highlighter I created from two clinique shadows and the vanessa’s vanity loose highlighter. I like them quite a lot and do get plenty of use out of them.

And here’s one more that I forgot, the liquid highlighter:


I snapped this photo way after the fact because I had totally forgotten about it. You may be able to see we actually have used it a bit, but it is very glittery and so it’s not something that regularly gets used.

And that’s it, which is quite a lot The entirety of my highlighter collection. I don’t need more and mostly don’t want more, though there is one from pixi that looks quite interesting to me. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I work my way through many of these and it’s still available, I can love it then. And if it isn’t available, I’ll probably forget about it because there will likely be something else out there to love.

I think I mentioned that I have gotten tired of subscription boxes. The trouble is, for a couple of them, I paid for an entire year. But, Miss Butterfly decided that SHE is not tired of subscription boxes, so she has paid me for the next ipsy bag, and we changed up my profile to fit her preferences. That’s 5 tiny items that are not entering MY collection next month! Win!

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