Another Finished Object

I seem to be rattling right through the new year with finished objects flying off my needles. I am not sure why it feels like quite a large amount. Could be the fact that it’s cold and so knitting is a really nice thing to do with the evenings. Also with my knee being quite sketchy (It’s much better now, really!) that seems to keep me sitting with it up and iced, leading to good knitting time.

Anyhow, my little work project is now done. I created another knit night scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun. This one is all blue, and quite soft and lovely.


It is nice and long which is perfectly appropriate for a scarf, and I used up almost every bit of the yarn, which is perfectly appropriate for handspun.

It was a pleasant weekend at our place. Quiet for the most part, and yet busy as well. It was quite cold, so we didn’t spend a ton of time out of doors. We managed to make it to the dog park once, and that visit was brief. But worthwhile.

On Sunday I decided to KonMari my clothing. I pulled out the bins in the basement full of summer clothing and also clothes that don’t fit. I pulled out everything from my closets and dressers. I piled it on my bed and kept only that which sparked joy. I carefully folded my t-shirts into thirds and put them away.

Once there was again space on the bed, Rose decided to hop up there for a snooze. She’s almost managed to fold herself in thirds, don’t you think?


Don’t worry Rose, you spark an exceeding amount of joy in our lives, and we are definitely keeping you!

I made a bin of things that Miss Butterfly also needed to go through, and she did that as well as going through her own clothing. So, she also participated in this exercise as well. There are now two very large bins brimming with clothing that needs to be passed on. Not sure if we’ll save it for an upcoming garage sale we keep saying we will have or let it go sooner than that. We’ll see if I can manage to keep it and not be annoyed.

And that’s about the extent of the weekend! I hope yours was pleasant as well!


4 thoughts on “Another Finished Object

  1. The scarf is beautiful. It looks like color and yarn and pattern came together in the perfect mix. Rose is so adorable. I haven’t caught on to the spark of joy thing though things around here surely need culling. I am having enough angst over trying to get some control over the craft room. I am always so sure that if I let something go, somewhere down the road I am going to need that precise item.

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