Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 11

Single Shadows and small quads/quints.

This is where I talk about eyeshadows that are not full palettes. I have plenty of palettes as well, but I just want to focus on the smaller sampling of shadows.

Again, most of these came from subscription boxes. First the single shadows:


I tried to do little arm swatches as well. Going left to right.

Ella Eden eyeshadow in Harmony-it’s definitely a peach color. I’ve used this quite a lot, it works pretty well as al all over the lid then buff into the crease simple eye look. For a while there I was also using it as a blush topper on mate blushes I wanted to give a little bit of sheen to.

Steve Laurant loose pigment-This is a nice olive green. I’ve only worn it once but I really loved it!

Naked Cosmetics loose pigment-this is an orange tone, and I haven’t even had the opportunity to wear it yet!

Colorpop supershock shadow in sequin-This one I did purchase myself. I wanted to try a supershock shadow. I don’t know if it comes across in the photos but this one is nice and glittery. I really enjoy using this and would love to explore supershock shadows MORE, unfortunately, I can’t really justify doing so when they tend to dry out quickly and I’ve got so many gorgeous palettes to work my way through. But, this is my one purchase out of this group and it’s the one I love the most, so that’s a win for me.

Nomad Cosmetics-This one is a lovely shimmery berry shade and it looks great. Another one I can do a simple eye look with.

IBY cosmetics-the color on this one is extremely hard to see. It’s a duochrome, shifting from brick brown to army green. I love this shade, it’s really fun and unusual.


Next up, a very few quads/quints.

Bang Beauty-this little quad is so tiny! We’ve used it a bit, but not much. Might be one I try to pan at some point since it probably wouldn’t take much time to do so.

The orange toned one with a pop of green is pacifica. I have played with this just a tiny bit, but generally just forget it exists. The colors are nice and soft, but the green on my eyes looks like a healing bruise. I might try seeing if I can make it work another way and play with it a bit more.

Then I’ve got two wet n wild quads. I purchased these very early in my makeup exploration journey. I barely know what to do with the black/grey one! But the brown one I’ve got a ton of use out of. And I am still using it, so it still sits in my collection.

And that’s it! At least, that’s all there is that isn’t paired up in a nicely matched magnetic palette as a fully created “palette” of colors. I’ve got a couple palettes I’ve created, but I count those as true palettes rather than single shadows. Even though they contain single shadows.

My goal here would be to not add more single shadows to my collection until I work through some of these. Then, if I do, it should be shadows I love, so perhaps some supershock shadows or something like that. But as tempting as that is, I am hoping to resist that urge for quite some time.

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