Where to Start?

I thought about blogging a lot this weekend but never did get to it. I DO have a finished object, and I actually took a photo of it at work, intending to post on Friday. But, my Friday also got out of control and I couldn’t find the moment. So here we are, days after blocking this shawl, and I am finally getting an opportunity to post.


Here’s a terrible photo. Basically, it’s either gloomy or snowing or icing or too windy for words right now so outdoor photos are just out of the question. I can tell you this, I truly enjoyed this shawl. I love a knitted-on border, which is what those edge stripes are. Both the yarns are Miss Marja’s handspun, and they were completely delightful to work with.

This gives me 13% of my goal of another 40 projects knit this year. As you’ll recall, I didn’t manage to hit that goal last year. But I am starting this year strong!

Now for the rest, and I am not really sure where to start. I had debated even mentioning it at all on my blog because I can be easily overwhelmed. Mr. Ink has asked me to marry him. When we began discussing plans, we decided that we wanted a very small wedding, only family and those friends who are in the bridal party. And once we started thinking about dates, we decided Easter weekend works perfectly for us. This has the added bonus of being less than 3 months away, which puts a limit on my stress levels and keeps things from growing out of control in a manner we aren’t comfortable with.

But! Since we are less than 3 months away from this date, plans have to be made RIGHT NOW. I am pleased to say that we are well on our way. Last week my lovely sister in law volunteered to do the photography, so that’s one thing off the list. Over the weekend we managed to look at and book the venue, find me a wedding dress, order my shoes, find the bridal party dresses and pick them up, get one groomsman asked if he’d stand with Mr. Ink and talk over the groomsman dress code. There’s much left to be done, but we are crossing things off the list daily.

We also went and picked up the loom, which was a lovely diversion especially since that was when we got to speak to one of the groomsman and they made us the most lovely lemon curd tarte and served it with tea and it was just the most lovely of afternoons during a massively busy weekend.

The loom, btw, is still in the truck and the truck is in the garage and at this point, I KNOW I will have no opportunity to try out the loom until after the wedding. Which is fine, because I can’t even wrap my brain around that right now.

Having had a lovely tea with friends put me behind in some other promised tasks so Miss Butterfly and I need to work on them tonight. This is FAR busier than I ever love to be so we are just trying to get through it all!

Because of that, here are pictures of the dogs doing what I would love to be doing today. Miss Butterfly had two extra days off due to snow recently and she built the dogs blanket dens. They LOVED it!

And I loved having someone home with the dogs so they didn’t have to be kenneled during the day. Rose loved her blanket den so much that she waits outside Miss Butterfly’s door now in case Miss Butterfly allows her to come in.

Anyhow, that’s the big news from here, plus a finished object, plus a little apology for if I am absent quite a lot in the upcoming few months!



5 thoughts on “Where to Start?

  1. Whoa!!! Congratulations!!πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽŠ

    Truthfully, all this time I thought you were already married.

    You will be incredibly busy, even small weddings have details.

    But enough about that, tell is aboit the propsal! Was it elegant, romantic, fun, quirky, casual, WHAT???

    Oh and the shawl is pretty, dogs are cute. πŸ˜‰

    Hope the weather warms up soon, it must be crazy cold there. How do you even walk the dogs?

    • Thanks! To be honest, we’ve never felt any other way. We are just making it official. Proposal-very casual. Mr. Ink likes to check in every 6 months or so to make sure everyone is still happy in the relationship. He’s been doing that since we first met. This time he checked in and then asked if I’d like to get married. It was nice, and also, after this many years of check ins it makes me feel like his committment to checking in won’t ever change. And once we decided to do it, we just didn’t want to waste any time!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you have everything under control. Love the shawl. Especially love the blanket den for the dogs. Your daughter is so innovative.

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