TeamProjectPan update 2

It’s the end of the month, so it’s update time for teamproject pan, my full face project for this year. I worked pretty hard this month and yet don’t feel like there’s as much progress as last month.

First of all, I didn’t bother to take a photo of the sample perfumes. This is because in the first month I went from 12 to 8, but I only managed to use one this month. I think there was a lot more product in that one container than there was in those other 4 samples.

Now for the face palettes. The last two:


And where I am now:


I actually hit pan on the sleek cream contour on the middle shade. I was using that one hard this month so the pan on that is even larger than what I hit last month on the darkest shade. On the hourglass palette, the pans between the two finishing powders have increased. I’ve been using this palette a ton, but of course, trying to hit pan on blushes and bronzers and highlighters is tougher than finishing powders.


For the style sepia liner and the nude liner, a bit of progress has been made. That style sepia liner is pretty crumbly at this point so when I do sharpen it, I tend to need to sharpen a lot. It’ll be gone pretty soon I think.


From left to right. The cover FX blurring primer I’ve decided I really like. There’s air in it so I probably have more progress than is actually showing. I am surprised at how fast I am moving through it with regular use.

The bare minerals concealer has been touched once or twice only. I just haven’t given it the love I should. I don’t see visible progress.

But, the maybelline age rewind concealer is gone, as is the wet n wild photofocus foundation. I rolled in those sample sizes of make up for ever and tarte last month. The tarte is close to being gone but I’ve only used the make up for ever sample once.

And then there’s the clinique setting powder. Only the tiniest bit of progress seems to have been made. Despite using it regularly! But, last month I couldn’t even get it to show progress at all. So I’ll take it. It really shows how hard it is to get through loose powder. Miss Butterfly uses this just as much as I do. And still, very little progress.


The deva curl cream has more progress than I had expected to be honest. I feel like I barely used it this month. The bite agave lip mask has steady progress, I really love the product. My clinique eyeshadow I am using to set my base has made great progress, I should have marked it. The It cosmetics universal brow is making progress even though I hate it. There’s a lot to go, it’ll be months!

That little bang beauty eyeshadow quad I put in there for the month just to see if I liked it enough to keep it. I was going to give it to Miss Butterfly’s friend if I didn’t like it. But, I do! It’s great, and I am going to keep it in the project this month. I used it quite regularly.

The bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick sample is finished. That was easy! The color looked great on me and it’s such a nice product it was no trouble at all to finish it. And then I did add a photo of my mac paint pot, but I am trying to wear that down rather evenly so it’ll never look like much progress is made.


Not much opportunity to roll stuff in this month, but I am rolling in these two items. The first is bare minerals powder foundation in the original formula. I don’t love this, the matte formula works better on my skin. I want to use it up. I figure since both the foundations are sample sizes currently I’d better hurry up and add another in to finish because I am not positive what I’ve got in the project will carry me through the month. The bonus here is that I tend to use this with the bare minerals concealer I am trying to finish, so pairing them will be incentive to get them both used up.

The other item is a stila lipstick. I bought this last year, I really liked it, and then I promptly started panning other products and just never got around to using it again. I have decided I want to see how far I can get on this in the upcoming month.

Only one month to go before I get the opportunity to fully switch out the products for new ones. That happens quarterly, and I am excited to refresh my focus next month. I think the quarterly refresh may be the part of this that really keeps me focused on the project allĀ  year round.

A Kernel Update

I thought this scarf was going to be predominately red/burgundy, but as it turns out, other pretty colors are getting thrown in there right away! Prompting an update already.


That’s a bit over 4 repeats of the pattern now, and I am really loving how those colors shifted nicely.

The weather officially has me in such a funk that I feel like I just can’t get anything done. Especially wedding related. Meanwhile, I am still a ball of stress. Grinding my teeth at night, struggling to sleep, etc. And yet, any forward movement motivation has squarely disappeared. Part of that might be also just how hard it was to get around in the last few days. Driving is difficult, parking is difficult, getting to and from work and doing my work really was all I had in me. Thankfully some of that seems to be getting better.

Last night I was laying in bed, unable to sleep, grinding my teeth, worrying about the wedding and a work situation. Because I was struggling to sleep, I decided to check out some of the links I’d saved for the wedding. One of them being a veil I liked but wasn’t sure I’d purchase because perhaps I could find something cheaper at the second-hand shop. But, when I clicked on that link….the veil was on sale for $30!!!! So, I purchased it right away and then managed to get a good night’s sleep. Whew! Now I need to continue moving forward. I need to get shoes for Miss Butterfly either tomorrow or over the weekend. Our alteration appointment is scheduled for Monday. The storm kept us from shopping last weekend. I thought I had more time.

It’ll all come together, I am certain, but I definitely need to get cracking on it. And that’s difficult in the current frigid landscape that is our area right now!

WIPs and Things

I don’t know about where you are, but I think we’ve hit our limit with the snow and storms out here. We are getting tired. We had the blizzard on Saturday. On Monday they closed schools because we can’t even get cleaned out from it. The large amount of rain before the blizzard left a significant layer of ice for the snow to sink into, and the plows don’t seem to be able to get that layer up. Now it’s super cold, so nothing is melting either.

Yesterday I went to work thinking surely things were ok. But, I quickly rethought that as my antilock brakes engaged regularly. Every intersection was a disaster. Even with a bit of an incline, cars were struggling to get traction enough to make a turn. I passed 18-wheelers unable to get up slick ice hills, then ending up blocking 2 lanes trying to get out of a precarious situation. At the bottom of large hills were car accidents and cops, the debris from the accidents quickly getting smooshed into the ice and snow on the road. Again, this is 2 days after the blizzard.

In our yard, we’ve got at least 2 inches of ice/snow on the back patio that won’t come up. Thankfully it’s snow-covered enough to not be slick. Yet. We’ve got a massive puddle of ice taking up the entirety of the bottom of our driveway, so we have to make absolutely sure no cars are coming before we pull out, as that sheet of ice means we end up slipping out into the other lane before being able to right ourselves. This is something like storm 3 or 4 with very little melt in between, so the snow is quite deep. In fact, it’s now over a good portion of Mr. Ink’s plants and plant indicators or cages. Many of his carefully planned preventative measures for knowing where things are in the snow are now completely covered.


So, he used the snow blower and a shovel to indicate the dog’s regular routes through the yard. This way they stay off the plants because they aren’t going to make things difficult for themselves when the snow is this deep. This’ll work until the paths turn to ice.

The dogs are starting to go stir crazy but walking them is impossible. For real. There’s just nowhere to go. Sidewalks in our area aren’t plowed nicely, there’s just too much snow and ice. Walking in the street is dangerous as it’s too snow covered ice to trust cars going by. Here’s now Rose is feeling about this:


Even I have been feeling completely stir crazy despite my love for being at home and knitting. Seriously. I am sick of knitting right now.

But here’s a work in progress. I’ve begun the Kernel scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun.


This is the edging, the beaded border, and one repeat. Hard to see since it’s lace. So far I’ve enjoyed the pattern, but I think I am at a point where I am not thrilled with knitty patterns since the charts aren’t easily downloaded. I have come to rely on using my good reader app to track pattern progress, without that, it’s tedious. That’s why this piece made it to work. I can print out the pattern and then use the paper print out for the duration of the project.

It’s the last week of February. I am truly hoping that we are now on the other end of the snow. There’s no accumulation forecasted for the next 10 days. Prior to this, it’s been a storm every 3 days or so. There is snow forecasted, but not significant amounts. Unfortunately, there’s also no pleasantly warm weather forecasted either. 22 looks like the highest temps we’ll get in the next 10 days. Just high enough for an icy mess, but not high enough to help our situation. Mr. Ink is spending time thinking about how to dig a channel to drain the pool of ice from the bottom of our driveway and I continue to get frustrated with the lack of activity in our near future. I love winter and I love snow, but there is always that moment of realization that I am over it. It’s just hitting all the harder this year.

Weekend FO

Yep, I got another done. This one had been residing at work and getting knit on during lunch breaks.


The burgundy is Miss Marja’s handspun and the gradient is some leftover handspun I had from a loop bump. The pattern was The Van Gogh Shawl though that ruffle at the end isn’t in the pattern. I just had leftover handspun and really wanted to use it ALL up. So I fashioned a garter stitch ruffle at the end.

Yarn stash now sitting at 115, give or take a few skeins, and 30% of my year-long goal has been met. I’ve started 2 projects this weekend so that I’d have one for work and one for home in the upcoming week. Pictures of those soon to follow.

80s Blizzard

Last evening we had a blizzard. We also had an 80s birthday party to attend. Mr. Ink and I had been excited about this party for months, and had been planning our costumes. My friend had rented a hall for the party and also she’d been preparing for months. And, on top of that, her father passed away last week after a prolonged 2 years of stroke recovery. I attended his funeral on Friday and Saturday’s party was to be a celebration and in my view, the closing of a difficult chapter of her life.

So, when we heard blizzard, we still really wanted to attend that party. The storm started with pouring rain right at around freezing. This was on top of two significant previous storms where we’d seen very little melt in between. Then it changed to sleet then snow. Mr. Ink and I continued to be positive we were going to get to that party. But after preparing, finishing my makeup, I didn’t get changed because my ability to view us leaving the house had waned.


Here’s a close up of my 80s makeup look. Mr. Ink had a great outfit up his sleeve too, but the priority was digging out of the driveway. I asked him in all seriousness, “Can we even get there?” I checked my email, and as I’d suspected, the party was still on. After all, my friend had out of town guests in and I knew she wasn’t going to get her money back for the food or the hall rental. Mr. Ink said. “We can.”

So we changed and headed out in the mess. In true to Mr. Ink fashion, in a good 4 wheel drive vehicle with the very good tires he keeps me in, Mr. Ink said “This is gonna be fun!” There were so few cars on the road that it actually was. We definitely didn’t feel like we were in danger simply because no one was out. We ended up 2.5 hours late to the party, but here we are:


That’s right, I made Mr. Ink go as a punk. It’s his true self anyhow. He spray painted that shirt to say “Die yuppy scum” and dyed his mohawk blue, though it’s hard to see. Want a closer look?


We partied with maybe 12 people, dancing to 80s music until late into the night. I mean, we were already there, no rush to get home again.

All in all, our area got something like 10 inches of snow in 6 hours. With the wind, it caused about 1/3 of the state’s interstate system to close, most of it still closed today. The photos of those crashes are pretty gnarly. Thankfully, the venue for the party was just down the road from our house, there were no hills even to deal with. We were even able to easily get back into our driveway once we got home. It turned out to be a very fun evening, and I think my friend will find it a memorable birthday even though it completely didn’t go as expected.

Sadly, now Mr. Ink is in the bathroom shaving off that mohawk before digging us out again. I admit I would have loved to have him keep it for a few more days.

FO for the Weekend

It’s Friday, which is lovely! It’s going to storm this weekend, which is typical. Today I will be leaving work to go to the funeral of a close coworker’s father. Tomorrow evening we’ll be going to her 50th birthday party, 80s themed. It’s….been a whirlwind week.

Yesterday we also got a game plan going for Lizzie’s eyes. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but we’ve had one heck of a time getting her eyes comfortable since about November. They are constantly watery and itchy and red and sore. Treating them has masked the symptoms a bit but then they immediately come back. I think I did mention it on the blog actually. Anyhow, she has now seen the vet eye specialist. We will be treating her for a month for a hereditary eye issue and completely changing her food again, and adding supplements. I am super hoping it works!

In the midst of all that, I finished two projects. The first one is a cowl I knit on a whim. You see, I’d been digging through my scrap yarn to do all the coasters and came across a yarn that really had a good bit left. It was one which I had used to make a color affection scarf awhile back, a scarf which I regularly wear still. I decided to pair it with some handspun I had leftover from my Scottish Strips scarf because no reason to let that beautiful stuff go to waste!

Neither of these yarns were still listed as stash I had, so this project serves no purpose toward removing listed stash. But, it is still technically removing stash from my collection. I did use up all the solid color, though I was left with quite a chunk of handspun still.


I LOVED knitting this! Is it the handspun I love or the pattern? I dunno. But this was a really fun and fast knit. Both yarns have a high silk content so the cowl is extremely soft and while I haven’t worn it yet, I’d imagine it’s going to be rather warm as well. The pattern is called Ingrid’s Cowl and it’s a free pattern. I will likely knit it again. Maybe even soon!

And with this project, I am 28% of my goal of 40 projects this year. Very exciting!



9 More and Done

I think I am done. Probably I am done. Though I recounted the guest list/potential guest list yesterday and came up with more than 30. Then I remembered that Mr. Ink, Miss Butterfly, and I don’t need a coaster, which brought me back under 30 and I have 36.


Anyhow, this is the latest batch. Again with these, I had a great time making some of them a little scrappier.

It was Mr. Ink’s 50th birthday last evening. We went out to dinner with Miss Butterfly and her friend. We then made a cake, frosted it, and stuck candy corn all over it as per Mr. Ink’s request.

Mr. Ink also received a gift basket from his brother. Once we removed the contents, I decided it was a pretty good basket to repurpose for the coasters, so here they are all, thrown right into that box.


I may arrange them in a nicer manner but I thought it was pretty clever and quick thinking to be able to find this delivery system before it left the house.

Last evening Mr. Ink told me that we should ALSO do our fun reception for local friends the same weekend as the wedding, Sunday evening. It’s a good idea but I think I am going to have to get him to agree to do the planning for that himself, as I really do think I’ve got all I can handle with the rehearsal dinner and wedding. If he agrees to it, that may also be a thing that is happening that weekend. I may need weeks to recover!

And that’s it from here today, back to more normal knitting type content soon. I am almost done with two projects! Also, for the record, finishing the coaster projects brings me to 1/4 of my goal of 40 projects this year.