Of Finished Objects and Exhaustion. Again

Hey, I have a finished object and I’ve had it for like a week and failed to show it off.

Miss Marja made this worsted weight handspun 3 ply out of 3 different braids of fiber. A lovely combo spin project. It entered my stash at the end of last year and I was very eager to knit it up! I wanted to choose a pattern that was free and that also one that showed off the colors. This is the type of handspun color shifting that made me fall in love with handspun in the first place, isn’t it glorious?!

I ended the scarf at a point where I’d have enough left over yarn for a hat. I knit that hat, finishing it right before our desperately cold snap this week and have been wearing it ever since. But, have completely failed to get a photo of it.

It’s been quite a week really. It started with a crazy disturbing amount of wind which upset Rose so much that she was unable to do her business and threw up instead. Since then, every single morning between 3 and 4:30 she has thrown up. Sometimes multiple times. Our rescue group has made a number of suggestions, and one of them was to make sure she eats slower, so we’ve worked on that and it has helped the volume, but not the actual throwing up. I’ve been up since 3 am this morning with a still pukey dog. Just called the vet, who suggested that she just might be one of those dogs who needs a full bland diet reset when she has any issues at all. So, we are going to try that next.

To add to my exhaustion, on Wednesday evening we went to see the ballet. Which was lovely. And then we went out to eat. And then we got on the interstate to go home and got stuck in the most horrendous traffic jam. We sat there for an hour going almost nowhere, as the interstate was fully closed and there was a college ball game getting out at the same time we entered the interstate. No exit anywhere near. I saw some stuff I thought I’d never see, including people going the wrong way on the interstate as well as turning around at the end of the exit ramp and going back the wrong way on the ramp. There was also a ton of shoulder lane use and because it was -6, there were also stalled cars that couldn’t take the stress of the cold and the idling to maneuver around. When we finally got to the exit, and then got back on at a spot where there wasn’t an active accident investigation, there were almost no cars at all on the interstate, it was so uncanny!

Anyhow, it’s been a long week after a long weekend, after a long week. So I am really hoping for serious downtime this weekend. The weather is supposed to be significantly warmer. Like, melt snow warmer. Looks like the weather is trying for a reset too, and hopefully, we’ll all get what we need out of the weekend.

And here’s a photo of miss sleepless because she’s the cutest even if she’s being needy. This is her “Who is touching me?” look. Actually, this is the look she gives us if we are paying attention to each other instead of her. Just upside down since she was facing the other way.


She’s needy but she’s amazing!