TeamProjectPan update 1

This year is my whole face project pan, with #teamprojectpan created by the Beauty News youtube channel. The idea is that you pan an entire face of makeup, and if you like, you can switch items out quarterly.

Now, the first thing I wanted to do was work on all the little sample fragrances. Photo below is where I started and where I am now.

I went from 12 to 8!

I can already tell this post is going to be long. Tuck in, here we go with the rest of the face.

I think we can start with face palettes. I decided to work on my sleek cream contour palette since I hadn’t really touched it since I purchased it. And then also work on my hourglass face palette for blush/bronzer/highlight/finishing powder. Another set of where I was and where I am now.

On the cream contour I concentrated mostly on the darkest shade this time around and did manage to hit pan on it. Pretty good progress for a month. I also used the middle two shades, top and bottom, just a bit. I also used the hourglass palette a ton, almost daily. Naturally it is a bit more difficult to see progress there, but if you were to look closely between the two finishing powders, top left and middle, you can see clay pan between them now. So progress is being made! In the second photo is my clinique setting powder which despite being used daily does not show any measurable progress.

Next up a quick photo of the eyeliner progress. I am working on a greenish brown style sepia liner which I don’t love and a L’Oreal infallable nude liner which I like just fine.


The boxes are my progress. Not much but measurable.

OK, now for the rest of the photos from last month for reference:

And where I now stand.


I have made a bit of progress on the cover fx primer. The hourglass illusion skin tint is completely gone. I cut the package and got an extra 2 weeks use out of it, keeping it in a baggie to keep it from drying out. The wet n wild is so close to being gone that when I keep it on its side, doing so doesn’t even cover up the scrapes I’ve made with the wand. I can’t imagine I’ll get much more out of it this month.

It’s tough to see my white markings on the hourglass vanish stick foundation, but the tiniest bit of progress was made. The Maybelline age rewind concealer doesn’t show any more product in the container but I still seem to be getting some coverage out of the top so I am not calling it done yet. The bare minerals concealer has been use once or twice but I’ve concentrated on the age rewind instead.


The Stila eyeshadow is gone, I took the stopper out and used up the remainder and now cannot get anymore out of it. There’s color in the container but I tried to show the side that you can see through. Below that is my clinique eyeshadow I am using to set my base, the pan in that is larger than last month.

The IT cosmetics universal eye pencil I used almost daily. The previous mark wore off, but if you look at the starting photo it was above the indentations in the cap and now it is below.

There’s two bite beauty products, my agave lip mask which I love and stays by my bedside for nighttime use, a bit of progress there. And then there’s my bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick sample size. I used more than half of that last month so I think it’ll be gone in the upcoming month. My other lip products are a nyx intense butter gloss and a smashbox liquid lipstick. There is absolutely no way to share the progress on those, so just know I have bene using them consistently but probably more consistently using the bite beauty lipstick pictured here.

I threw in a photo of my mac paintpot primer but no real progress is shown there. I feel like I won’t see progress until I hit pan. I also have my deva curl styling cream in the photo, a tiny bit of progress has been made. But, I use this only once or twice a week. The longer my hair is the longer I can go between washes. I am down to like twice a week now. And often I like to wash my hair, braid my hair, then day 2 hair is wavy. I do not use this styling product when I braid my hair as it is so smoothing it doesn’t allow the braids to hold as well as other products.

I failed to take a photo of the mary kay satin hands products because I literally never used them. Maybe this month.

Because I’ve finished a couple things or am close to finishing a couple things, I am rolling a few products in. Now, the photo is deceiving because these are all sample sizes. They look large but I assure you they are very small.


I have two foundation samples. I already know I like the Make Up For Ever foundation as I worked through one of these samples last summer. I have never tried the Tarte amazonian clay foundation. I am also rolling in the tiny bang beauty eyeshadow palette. If I LIKE the palette I’ll try to pan it. If over this month I decide I don’t like it, I am going to give it to Miss Butterfly or one of her friends. I was able to rid my collection of a loose pigment I hated this way, many of her friends are clamoring for whatever I might allow them to take from my collection. I got rid of a makeup brush that I considered too scratchy that way as well, and this young lady was so happy she screeched.

So, that’s it for this month. I am feeling pretty good about this progress, I like how far I’ve come this month and I like concentrating on certain products. It makes early mornings easier when decisions are removed from the equation. I also feel like I am not currently trying to pan anything I particularly dislike, which is quite helpful as well. I mean, I could do without the universal brow pencil but it isn’t bad enough to just remove from my collection. Another two months with basically these products and then I get to consider a switch out. That’s exciting to look forward to as well!

Are you doing team project pan? If so, please let me know so I can follow along!