And The Hat

I mentioned when I showed off the handspun scarf that I had a hat as well right? Well here it is:


Now, I don’t generally like to knit hats but this one was surprisingly enjoyable. I don’t know if it was the fact that I barely had to think about it or what, but it was really lovely. I might have to do that sock head hat next! Added bonus, another quick project for my goal of 40 this year.

In dog news, after 5 days of Rose throwing up in the early mornings, the 5th morning causing me to be up at 3 am and then miss almost half a day of work for being so ridiculously tired and headachey I couldn’t continue, I called the vet. Who suggested the simplest thing I should have been able to work out myself but didn’t manage to, probably due to exhaustion. Put her back on her bland diet. This is what we had to do with her in October I think it was? When we were getting up every 45 minutes to 2 hours to take her out because her system was so screwed up. That time, the bland diet worked a treat in short order. So, Friday I picked up more bland diet food from the vet, got her on it that evening, and got to sleep until 6:30 am Saturday morning. After waking up between 3 and 4:30 all week, it was quite a relief! Vet said since she’s got a sensitive stomach, sometimes we may just have to do that to reset her system. I am on board with this now that I realize that it’ll also help the throwing up! And she’s more comfortable too! A win all around.

That’s it from here. I was too tired last week to really get much of anything done. Knitting felt like it really suffered, wedding planning was almost a complete wash, it was quite a set back. Hopefully this week will be easier now!