January Empties

There’s another pretty good load of empties to be gone through this month. But let’s discuss this monthly post going forward. Since I plan to work through my collection this year rather than purchase a bunch more, February Empties will actually begin new as “February Beauty Balance.” I will then post what came into my collection as well as what left my collection. So, subscription box items and any purchases will be added to the posts. The idea being that we’ll hope whatever is leaving the collection is MORE than what is entering the collection.

I didn’t think of doing this soon enough this time around and stuck all my subscription box items in my collection. I am too lazy to go back and figure out what they are to add them to this month’s post. But I can tell you that I purchased absolutely nothing beauty related in the month of January.

Now on to the empties.


Let’s start with top row left to right and then I’ll do the same with the bottom row. If there’s more than one thing in the row, I’ll start top to bottom.

OPI base coat. This was a good item and there’s a little left in there but it’s too thick to use. Miss Butterfly has a tendency to jump into my stash, use my stuff, and then not fully close the bottle. This means that I lose good stuff. So, I am not going to purchase more expensive nail products until she’s quit getting into my stuff.

Next to that at the top is a sample size of youth to the people hyaluronic acid moisturizer. It’s a lightweight formula I really loved and I could see myself possibly purchasing this in the future.

Then I’ve got the 111 Skin eye serum. I don’t think this made any difference at all in my life so I wouldn’t repurchase. However, the dispenser is nice and I’ve washed it out to keep in case I can use it in the future.

Next to that is a stila eyeshadow. I purchased this last year for Miss Butterfly. She used it a bunch then tired of it and handed it over to me. I used it a bunch and now it’s gone. I liked it, but I probably won’t repurchase anytime soon. Maybe next holiday season if a little sample set has some nice tempting colors. I feel like these dry out quickly and so I have to force myself to use them to get what I can out of them. It’s not my favorite feeling.

Hourglass Illusion skin tint. This was a great foundation for me and I am glad I got it when I did. It helped my damaged and dehydrated skin look great. But, it’s really really expensive and with my skin in better shape, more foundations look nice and I can easily use cheaper products. So, I won’t repuchase, but only because I don’t need it any more.

Almay eye makeup remover wipes. It takes me a long time to get through these now, I use them less often than I used to. I still love them though!

A sample of the tatcha cleanser. It as really nice! I don’t feel like I need to spend big money on cleanser though, so I won’t purchase.

First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads. These were really nice! I got them in a subscription box and was super happy to have them. I doubt I’ll purchase but they are a good product and I liked using them. We’ll see. Maybe on a sale.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. I used this up but I did NOT like it. It burned my eyes like crazy. This is a no go, would not repurchase.

Verb sea spray. This is not for me but I can see why others like it so well!

Farmacy eye moisturizer. There was something weird about this, I couldn’t get it to really sink into my skin. So, I wouldn’t repurchase it. I could only use it at night.

Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm. I LOVED this one! I thought it worked well and if I got my hands on it again in a sale I’d be really happy. I loved the strong fresh scent and I thought it removed makeup quickly and quite well.

4 perfume samples. Dior Joy which I really liked but probably won’t purchase. Marc Jacobs daisy love, I really liked that as well and would maybe purchase someday as a treat. And, I can’t remember the pink-topped one. It wasn’t memorable. The scent didn’t last on my skin at all. Definitely wouldn’t repurchase.

Two mascaras. It Superhero and a sephora brand. Both fine. Both flaked after awhile. I have a big flaking mascara problem in my life. Glad I got to use them though.

Dr. Dennis Gros wrinkle recovery pad. I liked this, but one pad is not enough to know if it can work in my life.

That’s it. I’ve got a bunch that are dangerously close to being done soon for next month as well. As I finish samples in my collection and quit bringing in more, I suspect my empties will be far smaller. I am already seeing a benefit of this in my bathroom closet!