Just Another…

Almost completed work in progress.

I’ve been meaning to knit the Skye Boat cowl for quite some time, and I had the correct handspun in my stash. This is a handspun I created out of one single of louet dyed fiber, black with a smattering of white silk, and on single of Loop! cloud colorway circus. (I think. Something to do with circus anyhow. Black with pops of color.) I plied those two together and ended up with a very pleasing, to me, handspun yarn.


The pattern has a nice texture. There’s a slip stick rib at the top and at the bottom is a fairly easy to memorize lace pattern. I got quite a lot of this knit over the weekend and am closing in on a finish very soon!

In fact, it’s already so close to being done I am in the beautiful place of anticipating my next project. As usual, can’t wait!