Pan That Palette update #2

It’s been about 2 months since my last pan that palette update. I am moving right along with it but definitely at a slower pace than the last update. First, there were the advent calendar makeup days in December and since then I admit I am using it more like twice a week than three times a week. So progress has been slower.

Below are the photos of where I started and the first update:

In update 1 I had just hit pan on a second shade and had really gotten into the groove of panning a particular look. Things have changed a bit since then. I started with the goal of just moving forward with fully panning sandbar, the lightest transition shade. I had been pairing it with saltwater and fin-tastic. But, after my engagement, I chose to quit that because quite frankly it’s such a nice look that it could be a potential wedding day makeup look. So, I moved on.

I instead began working on shore thing as a transition shade. In both cases I’ve been using shipwreck as a crease color. I also quit using fin-tastic and saltwater, instead trying to work a bit harder on bubbles and then just experimenting with the other colors in the palette.

Here’s the current photo:


It doesn’t really look like I made too much progress on sandbar, but I’ve been working toward side pan at the top. The biggest progress is in shore thing, I’ve definitely expanded the pan on that one. I think you can see that shipwreck is getting a decent dip now too, and my goal for the next update will be hitting pan in shipwreck.

A couple of other pretty good dips are starting to show in bubbles, beach please, mermosa, and nude beach.

At this time, I am really loving working with bubbles. It’s a duochrome and a lot of fun to wear. I tend to wear it on Fridays as it feels like a Fun-day color. But sometimes I also use it when the mood strikes.

While I have slowed down on my overall use of this palette the past two months, that decision wasn’t because I dislike the palette or am getting tired of it. Neither of those things are the case. It’s just that sometimes I am trying to get a little use out of other palettes in my collection. Or, I might be trying to pan a single shadow like the Stila I worked through last month that was drying out quickly.

I have a friend coming to visit for the wedding who is just getting into makeup as well, and one of my big goals in the upcoming months is to really evaluate the palettes that aren’t getting much use in my collection to see if they need to move on to her extremely small collection. So, I anticipate not the strongest amount of use on this palette in the upcoming months still. Hopefully similar progress to the last two months.