While We Wait

While we wait for my latest finished object to dry, let’s talk about what I started.

This is the Van Gogh shawlette. I am using two different handspuns. One is a Miss Marja handspun and the other is a leftover handspun of mine from a project. Neither of these seem to be listed in my stash so this won’t in the end easily count toward stash busting. But, it’ll still MEAN something.


The burgundy color is Miss Marja’s yarn. The green/blue is mine, and it’s a gradient that should be moving toward olive and then grey. So I assume that’ll give this an interesting effect if I do manage to get to the grey! With the long loops in the burgundy, despite the fact that I did have more of that yarn, it is getting consumed very quickly. If I were to knit this again I’d leave out the 5th and 6th row of the burgundy color in the pattern to even up the yarn amounts. Anyhow, it’s a pretty easy pattern, the colors are way nicer than they look in this dark photo, and I am cruising right along on it at the moment.

And that’ll have to hold you over until I get an opportunity to photograph the other item I just finished!

3 thoughts on “While We Wait

  1. I’m having a tough time getting FOs photographed with the poor weather we’re having – too difficult to get a good photo:) Your shawl is looking great though!

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