Another Finished Object

I’ve wanted to take a photo of this for a while now, but the weather refuses to cooperate. This is my skye boat cowl out of my handspun. I did get an opportunity to wear it last week, and I really enjoyed that it has some shape to it other than the normal infinity loop.


The colored bits look a bit more subtle in natural light, they really become the focus in the above photo. I am glad to have knit this and am also glad to have another yarn out of my stash. I finished this before I decided suddenly to create 40 coasters, so now I’ve got one regular project hanging out at work for lunchtime knitting and then I am working exclusively on coasters at home.

And with that, I am 23% of the way to my goal of 40 projects this year. I am pleased with my progress so far. I realize that I am not leaving myself much spinning time at this point, but I’ve got a wedding to plan, then a new toy to play with, and that loom should really help with the using up of stash as well. Plus, spinning time comes in the summer anyhow.