Another Nine

I completed another 9 coasters this weekend with absolutely no grumbling about the project yet to be seen.


I really started to add in scrappier pieces in this batch. The left row all are coasters which use up multiple tiny balls of yarn. It’s not so much that I am running out of yarn, it’s more that I am beginning to get a little more adventurous with these. Plus, it is satisfying to see those tiny scraps disappear.

I am going to do one more batch which should have me well over the number of people who will be attending. Of course, as I say that and count my numbers, maybe I am wrong and maybe I should to two more batches. Ack! Anyhow, the next batch should get posted very soon and if I choose to do one extra batch, I will do so after allowing myself another project. I mean, at that point it won’t be critical so I can just get it done as needed.

Wedding invites went out last week, all except for Mr. Ink’s stepkids since he hadn’t gotten me their addresses. Those are going out this morning. Then I realized I might have missed one or two, so I feel like I need to work on that too, and then Mr. Ink told me it wasn’t clear that the paper that indicates that guests can plant their invitation and get it to grow wasn’t clear and he’d be confused and I was like “But why didn’t you tell me this BEFORE the invites went out?! Now I can’t do anything about it!!!” Plus, the person who is supposed to be facilitating the cake I desperately want hasn’t gotten back to me to tell me she’s received my order and that the baker can do it, and I keep forgetting to follow up, and, we met with our officiant and creating our vows scares me, and, and, and also last week was a really stressful work week. So, you could say those coasters are keeping me a little bit sane, and you could also say that I am finally in the thick of the wedding stress.

I am sure it’s all going to be fine, but I had a dream last night that Mr. Ink’s stepson had to come live with us and I couldn’t figure out where to put him and he brought a lot of stuff with him and now I KNOW I am having stress dreams as well which never do actually help stress levels.

So I’ll just be sitting over here knitting coasters whenever I get the opportunity and attempting to carry on. Hopefully this week there will be some forward movement on the wedding stuff which would definitely go a long way to alleviating some of the stress.

And now that all my stress is dumped out on an internet page, I’ll just be getting back to work and hoping to create a good week. I hope the same for you!