9 More and Done

I think I am done. Probably I am done. Though I recounted the guest list/potential guest list yesterday and came up with more than 30. Then I remembered that Mr. Ink, Miss Butterfly, and I don’t need a coaster, which brought me back under 30 and I have 36.


Anyhow, this is the latest batch. Again with these, I had a great time making some of them a little scrappier.

It was Mr. Ink’s 50th birthday last evening. We went out to dinner with Miss Butterfly and her friend. We then made a cake, frosted it, and stuck candy corn all over it as per Mr. Ink’s request.

Mr. Ink also received a gift basket from his brother. Once we removed the contents, I decided it was a pretty good basket to repurpose for the coasters, so here they are all, thrown right into that box.


I may arrange them in a nicer manner but I thought it was pretty clever and quick thinking to be able to find this delivery system before it left the house.

Last evening Mr. Ink told me that we should ALSO do our fun reception for local friends the same weekend as the wedding, Sunday evening. It’s a good idea but I think I am going to have to get him to agree to do the planning for that himself, as I really do think I’ve got all I can handle with the rehearsal dinner and wedding. If he agrees to it, that may also be a thing that is happening that weekend. I may need weeks to recover!

And that’s it from here today, back to more normal knitting type content soon. I am almost done with two projects! Also, for the record, finishing the coaster projects brings me to 1/4 of my goal of 40 projects this year.



4 thoughts on “9 More and Done

  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Ink!!! 🎉

    The coasters look great in that basket, good eye!

    It does sound like a wild weekend! I hope it is in the middle of a two week vacation, so you have time to get ready and recover. 😉

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. Ink. Love the look of the coasters in the basket. It sounds like a full, fun weekend. You will be surprised at how fast everything goes by so don’t forget to stop for a moment in the midst of it all and take in all the love and good wishes being sent your way.

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