FO for the Weekend

It’s Friday, which is lovely! It’s going to storm this weekend, which is typical. Today I will be leaving work to go to the funeral of a close coworker’s father. Tomorrow evening we’ll be going to her 50th birthday party, 80s themed. It’s….been a whirlwind week.

Yesterday we also got a game plan going for Lizzie’s eyes. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but we’ve had one heck of a time getting her eyes comfortable since about November. They are constantly watery and itchy and red and sore. Treating them has masked the symptoms a bit but then they immediately come back. I think I did mention it on the blog actually. Anyhow, she has now seen the vet eye specialist. We will be treating her for a month for a hereditary eye issue and completely changing her food again, and adding supplements. I am super hoping it works!

In the midst of all that, I finished two projects. The first one is a cowl I knit on a whim. You see, I’d been digging through my scrap yarn to do all the coasters and came across a yarn that really had a good bit left. It was one which I had used to make a color affection scarf awhile back, a scarf which I regularly wear still. I decided to pair it with some handspun I had leftover from my Scottish Strips scarf because no reason to let that beautiful stuff go to waste!

Neither of these yarns were still listed as stash I had, so this project serves no purpose toward removing listed stash. But, it is still technically removing stash from my collection. I did use up all the solid color, though I was left with quite a chunk of handspun still.


I LOVED knitting this! Is it the handspun I love or the pattern? I dunno. But this was a really fun and fast knit. Both yarns have a high silk content so the cowl is extremely soft and while I haven’t worn it yet, I’d imagine it’s going to be rather warm as well. The pattern is called Ingrid’s Cowl and it’s a free pattern. I will likely knit it again. Maybe even soon!

And with this project, I am 28% of my goal of 40 projects this year. Very exciting!



2 thoughts on “FO for the Weekend

  1. Oh, poor Lizzie!!! I hope the new food works.

    The cowl looks fun and pretty. Definitely keep knitting them! And good progress on your goal! I am behind on mine, haven’t had an FO in a while. But I feel one or two getting closer!

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