WIPs and Things

I don’t know about where you are, but I think we’ve hit our limit with the snow and storms out here. We are getting tired. We had the blizzard on Saturday. On Monday they closed schools because we can’t even get cleaned out from it. The large amount of rain before the blizzard left a significant layer of ice for the snow to sink into, and the plows don’t seem to be able to get that layer up. Now it’s super cold, so nothing is melting either.

Yesterday I went to work thinking surely things were ok. But, I quickly rethought that as my antilock brakes engaged regularly. Every intersection was a disaster. Even with a bit of an incline, cars were struggling to get traction enough to make a turn. I passed 18-wheelers unable to get up slick ice hills, then ending up blocking 2 lanes trying to get out of a precarious situation. At the bottom of large hills were car accidents and cops, the debris from the accidents quickly getting smooshed into the ice and snow on the road. Again, this is 2 days after the blizzard.

In our yard, we’ve got at least 2 inches of ice/snow on the back patio that won’t come up. Thankfully it’s snow-covered enough to not be slick. Yet. We’ve got a massive puddle of ice taking up the entirety of the bottom of our driveway, so we have to make absolutely sure no cars are coming before we pull out, as that sheet of ice means we end up slipping out into the other lane before being able to right ourselves. This is something like storm 3 or 4 with very little melt in between, so the snow is quite deep. In fact, it’s now over a good portion of Mr. Ink’s plants and plant indicators or cages. Many of his carefully planned preventative measures for knowing where things are in the snow are now completely covered.


So, he used the snow blower and a shovel to indicate the dog’s regular routes through the yard. This way they stay off the plants because they aren’t going to make things difficult for themselves when the snow is this deep. This’ll work until the paths turn to ice.

The dogs are starting to go stir crazy but walking them is impossible. For real. There’s just nowhere to go. Sidewalks in our area aren’t plowed nicely, there’s just too much snow and ice. Walking in the street is dangerous as it’s too snow covered ice to trust cars going by. Here’s now Rose is feeling about this:


Even I have been feeling completely stir crazy despite my love for being at home and knitting. Seriously. I am sick of knitting right now.

But here’s a work in progress. I’ve begun the Kernel scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun.


This is the edging, the beaded border, and one repeat. Hard to see since it’s lace. So far I’ve enjoyed the pattern, but I think I am at a point where I am not thrilled with knitty patterns since the charts aren’t easily downloaded. I have come to rely on using my good reader app to track pattern progress, without that, it’s tedious. That’s why this piece made it to work. I can print out the pattern and then use the paper print out for the duration of the project.

It’s the last week of February. I am truly hoping that we are now on the other end of the snow. There’s no accumulation forecasted for the next 10 days. Prior to this, it’s been a storm every 3 days or so. There is snow forecasted, but not significant amounts. Unfortunately, there’s also no pleasantly warm weather forecasted either. 22 looks like the highest temps we’ll get in the next 10 days. Just high enough for an icy mess, but not high enough to help our situation. Mr. Ink is spending time thinking about how to dig a channel to drain the pool of ice from the bottom of our driveway and I continue to get frustrated with the lack of activity in our near future. I love winter and I love snow, but there is always that moment of realization that I am over it. It’s just hitting all the harder this year.