A Kernel Update

I thought this scarf was going to be predominately red/burgundy, but as it turns out, other pretty colors are getting thrown in there right away! Prompting an update already.


That’s a bit over 4 repeats of the pattern now, and I am really loving how those colors shifted nicely.

The weather officially has me in such a funk that I feel like I just can’t get anything done. Especially wedding related. Meanwhile, I am still a ball of stress. Grinding my teeth at night, struggling to sleep, etc. And yet, any forward movement motivation has squarely disappeared. Part of that might be also just how hard it was to get around in the last few days. Driving is difficult, parking is difficult, getting to and from work and doing my work really was all I had in me. Thankfully some of that seems to be getting better.

Last night I was laying in bed, unable to sleep, grinding my teeth, worrying about the wedding and a work situation. Because I was struggling to sleep, I decided to check out some of the links I’d saved for the wedding. One of them being a veil I liked but wasn’t sure I’d purchase because perhaps I could find something cheaper at the second-hand shop. But, when I clicked on that link….the veil was on sale for $30!!!! So, I purchased it right away and then managed to get a good night’s sleep. Whew! Now I need to continue moving forward. I need to get shoes for Miss Butterfly either tomorrow or over the weekend. Our alteration appointment is scheduled for Monday. The storm kept us from shopping last weekend. I thought I had more time.

It’ll all come together, I am certain, but I definitely need to get cracking on it. And that’s difficult in the current frigid landscape that is our area right now!