Another Nine

I completed another 9 coasters this weekend with absolutely no grumbling about the project yet to be seen.


I really started to add in scrappier pieces in this batch. The left row all are coasters which use up multiple tiny balls of yarn. It’s not so much that I am running out of yarn, it’s more that I am beginning to get a little more adventurous with these. Plus, it is satisfying to see those tiny scraps disappear.

I am going to do one more batch which should have me well over the number of people who will be attending. Of course, as I say that and count my numbers, maybe I am wrong and maybe I should to two more batches. Ack! Anyhow, the next batch should get posted very soon and if I choose to do one extra batch, I will do so after allowing myself another project. I mean, at that point it won’t be critical so I can just get it done as needed.

Wedding invites went out last week, all except for Mr. Ink’s stepkids since he hadn’t gotten me their addresses. Those are going out this morning. Then I realized I might have missed one or two, so I feel like I need to work on that too, and then Mr. Ink told me it wasn’t clear that the paper that indicates that guests can plant their invitation and get it to grow wasn’t clear and he’d be confused and I was like “But why didn’t you tell me this BEFORE the invites went out?! Now I can’t do anything about it!!!” Plus, the person who is supposed to be facilitating the cake I desperately want hasn’t gotten back to me to tell me she’s received my order and that the baker can do it, and I keep forgetting to follow up, and, we met with our officiant and creating our vows scares me, and, and, and also last week was a really stressful work week. So, you could say those coasters are keeping me a little bit sane, and you could also say that I am finally in the thick of the wedding stress.

I am sure it’s all going to be fine, but I had a dream last night that Mr. Ink’s stepson had to come live with us and I couldn’t figure out where to put him and he brought a lot of stuff with him and now I KNOW I am having stress dreams as well which never do actually help stress levels.

So I’ll just be sitting over here knitting coasters whenever I get the opportunity and attempting to carry on. Hopefully this week there will be some forward movement on the wedding stuff which would definitely go a long way to alleviating some of the stress.

And now that all my stress is dumped out on an internet page, I’ll just be getting back to work and hoping to create a good week. I hope the same for you!


The Next Nine

I’ve got another batch of coasters to show off. And, I am not even remotely tired of knitting these yet. I adore how they are turning out, but even better is the enjoyment of knitting these and anticipating which colors I am going to pair next.


I am definitely not running out of yarn yet either, though I am starting to get a bit more creative with using up multiple similarly colored scraps in one coaster. I think that probably will show itself better in the next batch though, this grouping all looks fairly consistent. It is really surprisingly satisfying to watch all these tiny balls of yarn just disappear!

So, at this point, it really looks like I am going to be able to complete the project without even getting tired of it. This is highly unusual for me, but I am thrilled that what could turn into a huge slog has actually turned out to be ridiculously enjoyable.

Another Finished Object

I’ve wanted to take a photo of this for a while now, but the weather refuses to cooperate. This is my skye boat cowl out of my handspun. I did get an opportunity to wear it last week, and I really enjoyed that it has some shape to it other than the normal infinity loop.


The colored bits look a bit more subtle in natural light, they really become the focus in the above photo. I am glad to have knit this and am also glad to have another yarn out of my stash. I finished this before I decided suddenly to create 40 coasters, so now I’ve got one regular project hanging out at work for lunchtime knitting and then I am working exclusively on coasters at home.

And with that, I am 23% of the way to my goal of 40 projects this year. I am pleased with my progress so far. I realize that I am not leaving myself much spinning time at this point, but I’ve got a wedding to plan, then a new toy to play with, and that loom should really help with the using up of stash as well. Plus, spinning time comes in the summer anyhow.


9 out of 30?

We are talking wedding again, since with just over 2 months to plan it really is the top of everyone’s brain around here.

I’d been trying to figure out wedding favors. I’d thought about live succulents since that’s SO us, but since the vast majority of the attendees are traveling, that’s just not practical. I’d thought about seed packets. Then I thought about coasters, wooden ones, and Mr. Ink and I had kind of agreed on that. But I worried that the time between knowing how many we’d need and the wedding itself was just too short, I didn’t feel confident. I thought about a thousand other little things.

Then I got an idea. It wasn’t initially fully fledged, I just thought “Let me give this a try, knit up some prototypes, see what happens.” And, I knit up prototypes and I liked doing it. Then I ran it by my maid of honor, Miss Marja. She thought it was a great idea. I knit a few more. I blocked them. Then, the final step. I asked Mr. Ink what he thought about them. He loved them!

And that’s the point where I knew this was going to be A Thing. Handknit coasters as wedding favors. It’s just as kitschy and eclectic and non-traditional as the wedding itself. And here are the first 9:


I am using scrap yarn and the pattern calls for it held double. This makes things fun because I can add in another color when one scrap runs out. I’ve got gobs of scrap yarn. Some of it is commercial sock weight yarn and some of it is handspun. And while this doesn’t help my year-long stash busting project on the surface, it sure does make a dent in the tiny bits hanging around that get irritating after awhile.

And surprisingly, I can say that after knitting 17 of these, I am still not bored. It’s a great project, and I am sure that being full of excitement over the wedding itself helps. But, there’s also the added benefit of a million different potential color combinations making this project so interesting. Be prepared to see a whole bunch more of these because we’ve only just begun! While I don’t technically need more than 30, I have it in mind to do about 40 so that I’ve got extra, people can really take their pick of favorite colors, and I can then have leftovers around the house after the fact.

Meanwhile, I’ll take you on this journey with me, since I’ve got loads more to do. Stay tuned, the next batch should be up this week.

Unexpected FO

Well, expected by me, unexpected by the reader I imagine. A few weeks ago I was asked for another couple Christmas stockings by a cousin. It was already after Christmas, I imagine he waited so I didn’t feel like I had to rush. I figured the best thing to do was to get started right away. The way I work these stockings is that I always have 3 on hand for our family. When I get a request, I make another and then offer up a choice of the ones I have.

When I make a stocking, I first check what yarn I have in stash that can be used, then I supplement that with whatever yarn I need to purchase to complete the project. I had headed to the yarn store to get enough white yarn to complete two projects, but unfortunately, the shop only had one skein of appropriate white yarn. This meant that I could only complete one stocking at this time.

But, my desire to knit stockings isn’t that high at the moment. After all, I believe this is my 25th stocking. The recipients love them and they are well used, but I tire of them and it’s hard to knock them out when they are requested. So, I am stopping at one, I will give the recipient a choice of 2 out of 4 and then I’ll save the knitting of the second one for my own collection until later in the year.


I had plenty of the wine color in my stash so I didn’t need to purchase more and it did have the added bonus of moving a stash item out of my collection. I am down to 111 in stash, which does not include the yarns I got from Miss Marja, I still need to get those squared away sometime. With this completed project, I am at 20% of my goal of 40 projects this year.

In doggo news, we got a very highly recommended slow feeder for her to help with the upchucking in the mornings. I’ve now got her back on regular food during the day and half regular half bland in the evening. It’s going well and I hope to have her transitioned off the bland diet totally by the beginning of next week if not sooner.


Here’s the crazy bowl that changed our lives. This takes her even longer to use than two kong style treat feeders, and it’s a lot less messy. Lizzie is learning to lay off Rose while she finishes eating which was our initial challenge. Lizzie can be very pushy and she thinks she deserves everything Rose has, so at the start, there were challenges to keeping Lizzie away from Rose’s bowl. But, we aren’t having that issue anymore.

Here’s a quick little wedding planning update as well, for anyone who is interested. Because this week has been much more comfortable, though still quite busy, we’ve gotten so much done. I counted the weekends left before the big event and it’s only 10. So, I got into my planner and outlined some hard deadlines and tasks that needed to be achieved. The best man found us an officiant who is a pro but still reasonably priced, we will meet with her soon. Miss Marja and I sort out flowers tonight. We also will hopefully get invites addressed and in the mail this weekend or first thing Monday. Mr. Ink is hard at work buying the trees he wants for the wedding decor, though his first option completely fell through and he has to explore new ones. My mom and I facetimed to pick out fabrics she has in her stash to wrap the tree containers in to make them look not ugly. Miss Butterfly and I went through the basement pulling out everything we might be able to use for decor and bringing it upstairs. I spent time looking at what rental items we’d need but haven’t ordered them yet in case I need to add to that for any reason. The groomsmen are all over their potential plans for what they’ll wear and are extremely enthusiastic, much to Mr. Ink’s chagrin. They want to be a little wild, we’ll see how Mr. Ink handles their requests. So, things continue at a pretty good clip and much more pleasantly now that I am getting sleep. It’s amazing how exhaustion can sap one’s enthusiasm.

I guess that’s about it for an update around here. I DO still have another finished object to show off. Since it’s mostly black, I was really hoping that we’d get some weather that would accommodate a photoshoot. However, it’s snowing again and that’s not looking possible. But, a finished object is nice!



While We Wait

While we wait for my latest finished object to dry, let’s talk about what I started.

This is the Van Gogh shawlette. I am using two different handspuns. One is a Miss Marja handspun and the other is a leftover handspun of mine from a project. Neither of these seem to be listed in my stash so this won’t in the end easily count toward stash busting. But, it’ll still MEAN something.


The burgundy color is Miss Marja’s yarn. The green/blue is mine, and it’s a gradient that should be moving toward olive and then grey. So I assume that’ll give this an interesting effect if I do manage to get to the grey! With the long loops in the burgundy, despite the fact that I did have more of that yarn, it is getting consumed very quickly. If I were to knit this again I’d leave out the 5th and 6th row of the burgundy color in the pattern to even up the yarn amounts. Anyhow, it’s a pretty easy pattern, the colors are way nicer than they look in this dark photo, and I am cruising right along on it at the moment.

And that’ll have to hold you over until I get an opportunity to photograph the other item I just finished!

Pan That Palette update #2

It’s been about 2 months since my last pan that palette update. I am moving right along with it but definitely at a slower pace than the last update. First, there were the advent calendar makeup days in December and since then I admit I am using it more like twice a week than three times a week. So progress has been slower.

Below are the photos of where I started and the first update:

In update 1 I had just hit pan on a second shade and had really gotten into the groove of panning a particular look. Things have changed a bit since then. I started with the goal of just moving forward with fully panning sandbar, the lightest transition shade. I had been pairing it with saltwater and fin-tastic. But, after my engagement, I chose to quit that because quite frankly it’s such a nice look that it could be a potential wedding day makeup look. So, I moved on.

I instead began working on shore thing as a transition shade. In both cases I’ve been using shipwreck as a crease color. I also quit using fin-tastic and saltwater, instead trying to work a bit harder on bubbles and then just experimenting with the other colors in the palette.

Here’s the current photo:


It doesn’t really look like I made too much progress on sandbar, but I’ve been working toward side pan at the top. The biggest progress is in shore thing, I’ve definitely expanded the pan on that one. I think you can see that shipwreck is getting a decent dip now too, and my goal for the next update will be hitting pan in shipwreck.

A couple of other pretty good dips are starting to show in bubbles, beach please, mermosa, and nude beach.

At this time, I am really loving working with bubbles. It’s a duochrome and a lot of fun to wear. I tend to wear it on Fridays as it feels like a Fun-day color. But sometimes I also use it when the mood strikes.

While I have slowed down on my overall use of this palette the past two months, that decision wasn’t because I dislike the palette or am getting tired of it. Neither of those things are the case. It’s just that sometimes I am trying to get a little use out of other palettes in my collection. Or, I might be trying to pan a single shadow like the Stila I worked through last month that was drying out quickly.

I have a friend coming to visit for the wedding who is just getting into makeup as well, and one of my big goals in the upcoming months is to really evaluate the palettes that aren’t getting much use in my collection to see if they need to move on to her extremely small collection. So, I anticipate not the strongest amount of use on this palette in the upcoming months still. Hopefully similar progress to the last two months.