March Beauty Balance

This is my second to last beauty balance post this month. The final one will get posted after my project pan update so that I can add any project pan items to it.

At last post, 5 items more left my collection than entered it.


Just a quick note, the Appeal liquid eyeshadow was a bust so I gave that to Miss Butterfly. It got cakey and uneven on my eyelids, which is what I was afraid of. I’ll allow her to experiment with it instead. Or I told her she can give it to a friend if she wants. That’s 6 items leaving my collection. And 6 items entering my collection.

I am almost out of a retinoid and all out of serum. So, I figured it was time to give the ordinary a try. The inexpensive nature is highly appealing to me. And, I’ve used two of the serums, a little goes a very long way. That’s great! Along with that came two samples and one reward item, bringing me up to the total of 6 items in. I am even at the moment.

The next post will not have any incoming items in it. The last beauty balance post of the month will entirely be things leaving my collection. This is good because there will be April purchases to discuss, most importantly, the lipstick for the wedding drama that never seems to end for me. I am going to end it once and for all. And once I do that, I am going to force myself to pick from that and stick with it.


Wedding Update

Progress to our goal has been made again this weekend. We had dress alterations on Wednesday and then a hair trim and trial run Thursday. Dress alterations went well. Miss Butterfly’s dress now fits properly at the bottom and she’s got some little anchors to help her bra straps stay in place. Mine was a bit trickier, as wedding dresses always are. A little more trimming was needed on the top two layers. Then, once bustled, I didn’t like the way the bottom two layers of dress were pulling in the front. So, the bustle sides had to be undone and recreated. But, we are in much better shape than we were. We’ve got one more fitting the first week in April and then we are done!

As for my hair, that was really fun. Here’s the thing. I’ve never had a pro do a proper updo on me before. It was fascinating! Much like architecture, it is built carefully from the base up. Despite the fact that I didn’t really know as I went in what I wanted, she was able to perfectly create the type of look I thought would go best with my dress and jewelry. Here are some photos of the front:

I asked her to show off my grey hair, as it is a feature I really love. I think she did a great job with that!

When I got home with my hair did it was late and Miss Butterfly was in bed. I woke her up anyhow for her approval. But the best part was Mr. Ink who kept looking at me and looking at me. That’s definitely when I knew I had a win.

With that done, we now headed into the weekend. Miss Marja came over Saturday morning and we spent our morning ironing vintage linens and tying recycled sari silk bows on mason jars to use as vases.

We didn’t completely finish as we then got distracted with some planning questions, got involved in looking at the layout of the venue and discussing the best ways to use the space, then carefully planned out where most of the linens were to go as well as how to have the venue set up. This was an extremely necessary distraction and now all I need to do is get those ideas down on graph paper and communicate with the venue as to which items need to be removed prior to our event.

So this morning I continued. I got a few more bows on jars which had been recently cleaned. Then I finished ironing the linens, stacked them like with like, and used tiny little tags to indicate how I hoped these linens would be used during set up. This was an extremely pleasing task as it made me feel like I was going to be communicating my expectations in the best way possible in order to make life easy for those working on set up.


Some are tagged as “Use for this certain thing” and others are tagged as “No specific use, use it to decorate as you see fit.”

Then I grabbed a plastic unused bin from the basement and loaded them in. I took a notebook and set it to the side. Then, I packed that bin with other items needing to go to the venue. Each item that went in the bin also got written on the notebook page, sometimes with instructions. This way when the bin is full I can add the paper to the top and whoever on set up opens the bin will immediately know what happens with the items in the bin.

I feel so clever.

Friday and Saturday I put away my deep winter clothing and pulled out my spring/summer clothing. Also, do you remember the Konmari-ing I gave my wardrobe recently? I hadn’t ended up getting rid of any of those huge bins of clothing because I’d been contemplating a garage sale. Then the engagement and wedding planning happened and I didn’t have time. And then I lost a bunch of weight, making a good portion of those clothes now fit, and the clothes I had kept in my wardrobe no longer fit. So, I went through all that again. I let go of anything I didn’t like whether it fits or not and those went directly into my car. I tried everything else on and got a pile of clothes I can wear now and a second pile of clothing I may be able to wear in the future if I keep on losing. I then removed anything from my closet that was now too big and added those to another storage bin. I felt pretty darn good about all of that!

I had a bike ride planned today but woke up with what seems like a touch of a stomach bug. I canceled the bike ride and worked on wedding stuff instead. While I am not as quick about it today as I was yesterday, it’s good to still be moving in that direction.

Tomorrow I am hoping Miss Butterfly and I will get to a shop or two. Miss Marja found a really cute salt and pepper shaker deeply on sale and we only need one more fun set to add to our plans. I want to pick up some more paper products and get those packed away as well. I also promised myself I’d get a deep clean of the craft room done today. It may not happen today but it MUST happen by the end of the week so I may have to just get a bit done at it each night. But, if I could get some done today that would be awesome.

And that’s about it in the life of this wedding planner. Less than a month away and I am feeling pretty good about progress. At least, I am now confident that it’ll all come together.

March Beauty Balance Again

Boxycharm finally arrived. And the good news is that it doesn’t contain much that I’d count as incoming beauty. But, I photographed the entire box anyhow.


We’ve got some moda brushes, they don’t count. I decided at the start of this that makeup brushes are tools and they don’t count for this project. Next to the brushes I have a liquid eyeshadow. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it but I am wearing it today over a dark base and it looks pretty good! Never mind that it took two coats to get it there. We’ll see how it holds up through the day.

Then there’s a peel off mask. At my age, I have no business using a peel off mask. So, I’ve given this straight over to Miss Butterfly and it won’t count as an incoming beauty item. Next is a nice cover FX face palette, I am pretty excited about this one! I tried the blush, finishing powder, and highlighter this morning. It all looks very nice so far.

And finally there’s an ofra liquid lip in colorway Monaco. It’s got a sheen to it which is not my favorite but, ofra liquid lips ARE my favorite and the color is gorgeous so I don’t mind too much.

Now that I have my box I can determine that only 3 beauty items will be added to my collection from boxycharm this month. But, I also got an ulta order.


This is a simple one. First of all, the maybelline waterproof mascaras I tried bothered my eyes so much. Far too much to suffer through. I picked up a clinique waterproof mascara instead. At least this way I KNOW I’ll be safe from irritated eyes. I also picked up a mascara primer during the ulta 21 days of beauty sale, it was half off. I tried it this morning, pairing it with a regular mascara. It looks great!

Now that I received 2 orders, we now know that I did have 5 products entering my collection. I am one product leaving the collection up from last post. Here’s where I am with empties/declutters:


First up there’s a pair of lashes I received in a subscription box awhile back. These are soooo long that they almost hit my eyebrows and they look completely ridiculous. This was the moment I realized I had no intention of wearing a full strip of lashes on my wedding day. No thanks. These can go.

Then I worked at moving some samples back out. First, there’s the belif water essence which I liked and am happy to have another sample in my collection to use. I don’t think I’d repurchase though. Next to that is clinique’s jelly moisturizer with some serum in it. I liked this a lot more than I had anticipated!

Next to that is a sample size of pyunkang yul oil. Now, I’d never heard of this brand before and it has been sitting in my sample stash for almost a year. But, I’d recently heard someone on youtube whose opinion I greatly respect talk about their toners. I’d already decided to work through the oil, applying it after my retinol treatment since my skin was starting to get increasingly dry because of that. So when I realized it was the same brand I was quite surprised. This was a LOVELY face oil, and I absolutely want to get a full size. Yesstyle carries this brand and at some point when I’ve worked through the rest of my oils and toners I am going to try both their oil and their toner. This was the hidden gem of this group of samples.

And then there are the bare minerals samples which I am perfectly happy to use up but I don’t feel an overwhelming need to have in my life.

Under that we’ve got a colorpop liquid lip that is so dry and awful that I just want it gone from my collection immediately, that went to Miss Butterfly, as did both of the waterproof mascaras that bothered my eyes. And, there’s a container of makeup wipes gone as well.

That’s 9 items gone, or 10 when counting the one item from the last post. And 5 items in, so I am 5 leaving my collection ahead at the moment.

I know I’ll have a few more empties to show off and I also placed an order for some serums which I am genuinely out of now that the dermadeli serum is gone. Those will likely show up with a sample or three. But that’ll be all for March and I suspect April will be a much more gentle month. That being said, I still haven’t completely worked out the wedding lipstick thing yet. It’s getting frustrating. I suspect the biggest problem is trying to make me happy while also making Mr. Ink happy. He doesn’t love lipstick on me due to the transfer issue. He’s picky, I am picky, and I am struggling to find a thing that works. But, I have narrowed it down to a brand I believe, so that’s a start.


It’s another busy week around here. Tonight Miss Butterfly and I go in for another dress fitting. Tomorrow night a hair trim and a trial hairdo. While I’ve got another scarf close to being completed, because it’s lace and necessary to follow a chart I haven’t had the time or inclination to work on it.

Here are some things I am doing. First of all, last week I tried a gibson tuck on my hair for the first time ever. My hair is long enough and I just wanted it off my neck. Pretty sure I didn’t post about it. Anyhow, I decided to do another one this morning and it came out loads better than the first one. Want to see?

Please excuse the massive amounts of wedding-related stuff in the background, my craft room is now a staging area.

I got lots of height at the front with morrocan oil texture spray. I did my wedding makeup today as well, though the area under my eyes was done a bit more dramatically. I may or may not keep that feature.

Since I received my wedding jewelry last week I can bring the necklace to the fitting tonight and see how that goes.

When we originally decided on a wedding in 3 months planning time, I had a bit of a panic about the dress. My mom had suggested perhaps I could wear hers. I was fortunate to find a dress that worked for me in one shopping trip. And when I got the dress mom sent, I was relieved as I wasn’t even close to fitting in her dress. The idea of losing almost 20 pounds in less than 3 months was daunting for me, as I haven’t typically lost weight very quickly when I try. But yesterday I tried on my mom’s dress and it fit!


She and my aunt sewed this dress and it is gorgeously constructed! While I am thrilled to pieces with my dress, it’s too bad I hadn’t had just a little more time so I could wear this one. We have, at the house, Mr. Ink’s mother’s wedding attire as well. Miss Butterfly wanted to know if I would fit in that. I told her not a chance. But, I should have told her she could try it on. She’d be more likely to fit I suspect.

One of the things I put on Mr. Ink’s list of things to do before the wedding was to hang more photos and artwork. We’ve had a pile in the basement from when we first moved in and we just never got around to finishing. With so many out of town visitors, I decided it would be good to get that stuff done. Plus, since the basement had flooded numerous times, those pictures and artwork had gotten moved around multiple times and I don’t want to deal with that again. We sorted and chose what we wanted to hang last evening. Mr. Ink began hanging. I had to follow him around or he’d hang everything at his eye level. His eye level is not the eye level of normal folk.

Miss Butterfly is 5’9″ for reference:


We still have some things that need framing but at least we’ve got a plan and a place for everything now.

On Saturday Miss Marja will be coming over. We’ll take the opportunity to get some wedding decorations prepared. I got the final floral details worked out yesterday and I have a few more tasks on my to do list that I am looking forward to completing. Hopefully this week and weekend will be as productive as last weekend!

Today is officially one month until wedding day!

Boneyard Shawl

There are times when you find the absolutely perfect pairing of handspun and pattern. This is one of those times.

This is a lovely handspun project I created from batts I made on my drum carder. There is a lot of silk in there as well as wool and cashmere. This has always been a lovely soft yarn. I adore the tweedy nature of it and have been trying to figure out what to create with it for a long time.

During a clean up of my craft room I decided to “declutter” my printed out paper patterns. By declutter I mean look through because I got rid of VERY little. However, among that group was a paper printed boneyard shawl pattern. I immediately thought of this yarn and cast on.

It didn’t take long for that tweedy goodness to become a fully fledged boneyard shawl which I absolutely did wear to work today even though it’s way too warm to be wearing that much shawl. I absolutely adore this finished project!

Another Project

The Levity Shawl has been in my queue for ages and ages. I had decided to knit it with some of the oldest handspun in my stash. A merino/silk 2 ply laceweight yarn I made ages ago when everything had to be a 2 or 3 ply laceweight. I really didn’t make much other than that once I got to the point that I could.

On Saturday I got started on it.


The colors are extremely muted and beautiful. The bulk of this particular shawl is a large knitted on border. I am eager to see how the colors look when I turn them sideways for that border. And I love a good knitted on border so this should be good fun!

Mr. Ink and I took today off to go get our marriage license. I am pleased to have that off my list. Mr. In also scheduled a dentist appointment. I plan to work on wedding related stuff this afternoon.

We did manage to finally, after many months, get my loom into the basement. Obviously, since we had so much basement flooding, I am rather pleased that the weather had been too terrible to get that job done the entire time we’ve had it.

I did finish my boneyard shawl but that is still blocking. I am eager to show it off, and I am hoping to get a photo today so I can post that one tomorrow. That’s about it from here, I think I had better get working on wedding related stuff so it really feels like I’ve gotten constructive things done today!

March Beauty Balance Again

I am sure I mentioned that starting beauty balance in March of this year when I am not actually going to quit purchasing makeup until after the wedding was going to be tough. It has indeed been so. When we last left off, I was one incoming item over what left my collection.

Yesterday Miss Marja and I went all over the place doing wedding related shopping and things. One of the things she wanted to do was stop at ulta to pick up some things for herself. While we were there, I picked up some things too.


Thankfully only three things. I wanted to see if I could get the Jergens natural glow to work for me and be consistent about using it up until the wedding. If I can, I think it’ll be a good idea. I think that the mac foundation I am planning to use at the wedding is just slightly too dark right now, but if I can darken the rest of me it’ll be perfect.

I picked up the wet n wild coconut setting spray mostly simply to use to spray my makeup brushes with. I just finished a setting spray using it that way and I don’t want to use my urban decay all nighter that way. I wanted something inexpensive for that use.

And then, on my eternal hunt for a wedding lipstick, I bought a colorpop liquid lip. The mac one I purchased got tested, and it absolutely transfers badly. I love the color but it is not what I am looking for on our big day. I’ll test out the colorpop next. Thankfully the mac one I adore and can totally wear any other time.

So that’s 4 products incoming above what was outgoing. Let’s see if we can find balance.


That morphe setting spray I just finished. The spray mechanism is divine but I don’t think the product is worth the price. Then I went through a sample size of the dry texture spray I love with all my heart. I have 2 more full sizes in my stash so it’s all good.

The other items. The tiny glass bottle with a dropper is dermadeli pumpkin serum and I absolutely adored this item. I just looked up the claims and it talks about extreme hydration. That was exactly what I found it to do. I am not positive I’d purchase a full size, and certainly won’t at the moment, but if I am feeling particularly dry next winter I hope I remember it and perhaps give it another go. I loved it.

There’s also a finished briogeo scalp revival shampoo. Once I finish up a bunch of samples I’ll be getting this again. I love this product. I purchased it over the summer and have been using it while also finishing up that lush shampoo bar I was working on. So, it lasted a really long time.

And finally, almost not counting, but since I am counting samples in, I get to count samples out. This is a sample size of the bite beauty lip scrub. I decided to crack it open in part because I wanted to make sure my beauty balanced, but also in part because I am almost done with my elf lip scrub and I wanted to see if this was better enough to purchase instead. It’s good, really good. But I love the delivery system of the elf product so I am not going to be purchasing the bite one at the higher prices.

As a conclusion, that’s 5 products leaving and that means we are back to 1 more product leaving than are coming into my collection. That’s great because we STILL haven’t gotten our boxycharm this month which is really annoying. On the other hand, I know some items are leaving my collection again. The two maybelline waterproof mascaras bother my eyes fiercely. Like, I think something is in my eye all day bothered. Like I think I might be getting pink eye bothered. Like, one eyelid actually swelled up over the day yesterday bothered. So, pretty sure those will be leaving and I’ll be bringing in a clinique waterproof mascara. Let’s go with something trusted this time.

More than halfway through March now, beauty still balanced and lots of items getting used up.