March Beauty Balance

So, to be perfectly honest, last month I worked on my beauty balance post all month. When products came in I grabbed photos, got them uploaded, composed some thoughts, and then waited until the next products came in. When I started the post, I had no clue what is going to happen throughout the month.

I’ve decided that instead of gathering those thoughts into one post, I am going to split them up as things come in and leave my collection.

As such, I am writing to you from the beginning of the month completely anticipating that this is going to be a BAD beauty balance month as I work through what I want to wear at the wedding and make mistakes. Like I did on March 1.


We went to purchase shoes and an undergarment for Miss Butterfly. Her dress fitting and alteration happens tomorrow and we needed to get those last two things worked out. Shopping, as I may have mentioned, tends to exhaust me. We were successful but it did take time.

While we were shopping for those things, I wanted to stop by the mac counter because I wanted to purchase their waterproof nourishing foundation, anticipating that it might be a pretty good option for the wedding. I wanted to get it early enough to give it a good test run. While it’s 100% not warm enough at this time in the month to give it a nice sweaty test drive, I thought I could get started figuring out how it applies the best. I’d never tried a mac foundation before so I needed to get color matched. (NW18 if you were wondering.)

I also wanted to pick up a matte lipstick in a specifically cool-toned pink shade. I had an example of the shade I wanted in a bite beauty lipstick. Here’s what actually happened at the mac counter and I am not sure if it was a bait and switch or an honest mistake. First of all, I couldn’t find a matte formula in a color I liked and got talked into the powder kiss formula instead, which in the end, isn’t going to serve my purposes. But the worst thing was that when I got home I opened the package of foundation to find that I’d been given the pro longwear above instead of the waterproof nourishing foundation. I thought that it could have been an honest mistake, but when I went to the mac website today I realized that the waterproof nourishing is currently on backorder in my particular shade. So now I am beginning to suspect that she slipped the other in there instead of having me just say no and walk away.

I would be irritable about this. I was irritable about this. But, I also LOVE trying foundations so I decided to keep it. I did learn one lesson though, check to see what you wanted is actually in your bag before you leave the store. Also, don’t shop while exhausted because defenses are down. Here’s the most ironic part though, I’ve been testing this pro longwear foundation for a few days now and I have never had a foundation stick to my nose better than this one does! It looks great on me and may end up being the perfect foundation for the wedding after all. Again, was this a bait and switch, an honest mistake, or did she KNOW better than me and give me what I actually needed? We’ll never know.

I guess I should mention the nyx lip liner. I thought I needed another lip liner. Spoiler alert, I did not. I’ll work at finishing up one I have this month to make up for it. I don’t know what my problem is. I am weak in the face of makeup.

So, update one, 3 items in and none of them are quite what I wanted, though one may be perfect for me anyhow. With boxy charm and fab fit fun coming in, there will be more items, and I placed a sephora order very recently. Moving forward, when I post these beauty balance posts during the month I will add empties. However, I had 3 more empties last month than items coming in. So, on this post, I am leaving the empties blank. It’s early in the month and I am going to call it even because of the extra three items last month. Maybe that’s cheating, but it’s my made up rules so I can get away with it.

Fab Fit Fun makes its way to me this week so there will be another beauty balance post coming by at least the weekend.

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