Fed Up

We are fed up with the weather around here. This season we have already received 50 inches of snow with more on the way. This is basically unheard of around these parts. The last few storms have not melted off so it’s just piling up at this point. It was -2F when I walked into work this morning and I am really hoping that’s the last of the majorly cold stuff. Snow, an additional 1-3 inches, anticipated on Thursday. But, on Saturday, they are predicting 39F and RAIN! So that’s a pretty good sign. At the moment I am hoping that this week is the last gasp of the worst of winter.

Along with being fed up with the weather, I am fed up with knitting. I’ve reached my limit and knitting is not holding my gaze right now.


So instead, I’ve managed to finish all this spinning! Not finish really, but finish the singles.

Turns out, Rose is fed up with her kennel, so we are certainly on a theme around here. We’ve noticed her increasingly destructive ways in the kennel. It’s clear she’s really struggling. Drooling. Managing to get hold of things outside the kennel who even knows how and drestroying them. Nothing holds her attention in the kennel. Mr. Ink and I had decided at the end of last week to work on transitioning her to hang out in his den while we are gone, doing the work of that over the weekend. It would require some furniture rearranging and some dog proofing of the room.

Before the weekend arrived, Rose, who is exceedingly intelligent, began looking at the kennel like the puzzle it is to her, and managing to escape without a mark on her. So, she ended her kennel days before we were able to transition her. And, miraculously, she’s less destructive outside the kennel than in. She had the full run of the house while we were at work, and she didn’t destroy ANYTHING. In fact, Mr. Ink’s leather jacket was laying on a chair she could easily reach. His socks were laying on the ground and she’ll go for a sock even if we are home. She didn’t touch ANY of it.

So, Friday night I spent the evening (when we weren’t at the dog park giving her a really good run) moving my yarn and fiber stash out of the den and back into my craft room. All my work toward knitting down my stash has really paid off, as I have much less space for my yarn and fiber stash than I had previously. We moved both pieces of furniture housing my stash previously to the basement. We set up the den for Rose (Lizzie already kennels in there) with a bed and an assortment of toys to keep her occupied. And then all weekend we did what seemed like the equivalent of sleep training a child with the dogs.

The dry run actually out of the house was to happen Sunday evening, and we attempted it but were foiled by Miss Butterfly coming home from her father’s house right after we left. So today is Rose’s first official day out of the kennel. I’ll hear how it goes around lunchtime when Mr. Ink goes home to check in with them.

Because I had to rearrange my craft room, I did another clean out. I came across this mess:


This is a whole load of playing cards all jumbled together. I know there was a game that I used to play with my ex inlaws way back when. Miss Butterfly would have been a baby at the time. Can’t remember the game, or games, but we are beginning to suspect either hand and foot or trash. Or both, who knows! Anyhow, these cards all jumbled up have managed to survive every move and declutter since my divorce and yet still never got sorted. Yesterday I decided to sort them. I lost one deck, but it was a deck in really bad shape. I was left with this:


8 tidy decks of cards.

The other thing I did this weekend was go back to the basement and sort through all the clothing I konmaried earlier this year. Remember that? I was trying to figure out if I should just get rid of it all or save it for a garage sale? Well, I didn’t get rid of it, likely because of laziness and cold rather than any sense I might need those things. But need them I do, because due to wanting to lose a little weight before the wedding, I no longer fit in the majority of my work clothing. Had to head back down to that basement, sort the clothes again into the most certainly get rid of clothing because I just don’t LIKE them, and the stuff it’s likely I could wear again, and the stuff that I actually can wear now. Wardrobe refresh at a time I really don’t want to spend money on clothing. That was a win!

As for wedding planning, so much got done this weekend! My sister in law will be doing photography. I went to Marja’s house and we had a facetime call with my sister in law to build our timeline for the wedding day. It went well and clarified a ton. Mr. Ink ordered the rings we picked out and decided on attire for the guys. He is choosing subtle, and his groomsmen, so different from him, are choosing not subtle, and he’s fine with that. I, being not a particularly subtle person am thrilled with that. Miss Butterfly and I will have our fittings tonight so that’ll be one more thing taken care of, and then I’ve got to seriously try to work out our hair situations. Miss Butterfly has a hair appointment tomorrow night so I am thinking I’ll ask some questions then and go from there.

Anyhow, things are now moving right along on the wedding planning arena and it’s nice to feel like progress is being made and lists are being crossed off.

I hope it is beginning to warm up wherever you are in the world as well since winter can’t last forever.