March Beauty Balance part 2

So, my Sephora order arrived. To be perfectly honest, I ordered another dry texture spray not because I needed one right now, but mostly because of the free Charlotte Tilbury powder offer. That’s a product that is too pricey to buy before knowing if I actually like it. But, I am still looking for a powder to set my undereye without looking extra dry. I’ve heard very good things about this one.


Naturally, my order came with a few other samples too. Since I am counting samples leaving my collection, I have to count them coming in too, right? Of course right. Now, I am a bit annoyed about the perricone md sample as I had anticipated getting a sample of the dior backstage foundation. It was another wedding foundation contender and I was eager to rule it out or in depending on how it performed. However, the mac I got the other day continues to perform so well that I think I don’t need to be on the hunt for another foundation.

In any case, this is 4 in. So, I need to come up with 4 out.


So that’s what I did. The top is a color correct palette, it’s 3 years old. I bought it when I had no clue about makeup but had an event I needed to be at that would require looking more polished. I used it for that event and then never touched it again. It got put in a bag and pushed into a closet, and then I discovered it when rearranging and decluttering over the weekend. It can go! Cream products do not last quite that long, and I haven’t any use for it to begin with.

I am done with another Lush shampoo bar, and that’ll be my last one for a long while. Once it breaks up into all those tiny pieces, I am done. I feel like it’s too harsh a formula for me anyhow so I am glad to have this one out of my collection. I panned one over last summer and had anticipated not using this one. But then I decided might as well get it gone and switch to something I liked more. I finally can.

The Lush hair custard is gone too, finally! I tried to pan it last year and was unsuccessful. I finally finished it! I like the product and the smell is extremely pleasant to me. But, I’ve got loads of products to use so I won’t repurchase it.

And the Blaq eye gels, I received these in a subscription box. Fab fit fun I think. There were 5 of them in there. I am not a huge fan of eye gels and I didn’t think these were particularly hydrating, which is what I am looking for. They performed best if I added them over a serious eye cream. That’s how I finished them up. One set per week for the past 5 weeks. Obviously, I won’t be repurchasing them.

So, I’ve balanced my beauty again this post. And in this case, the items leaving are as a general rule larger than the items sticking around. Pretty cool!

Fab Fit Fun arrives this week I think, and I am not positive I will be able to balance my beauty on the next post. That’s before Boxycharm even shows up! But, hopefully, I can get everything balanced by the end of the month. We shall see.

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