Life Right Now

Life right now means grabbing a quick photo on my way out the door.


I began spinning these green singles after I finished up the orange ones, as I had intended to pair the two resulting yarns together. No time to even pull them aside and try to take a non-sloppy photograph.

My crafting time has been seriously lacking in general. All the extra work I am trying to fit in has me so exhausted I am sleeping later, which means no early morning crafting time. Then in the evenings, it’s go go go. Monday evening we had my first dress fitting/hemming. My dress needs a bustle as well, so we needed to try to figure that out. And Miss Butterfly’s dress needed hemming. So, we didn’t get home until 7:30 Monday evening. I was too exhausted after standing still in heels for over an hour while the tailor carefully pinned 5 layers of skirt. He kept saying “If you need a break, it’s ok!” and “Sometimes people begin to feel faint, be careful!” And “We could actually do the top two layers in two weeks if you like!” But to be honest, I just wanted to make sure we were getting as far as possible on the first run that I was willing to put up with it. Now I go back in two weeks and we shall see if we are able to do the desired over-bustle or if we are forced to look into doing the far more laborious under-bustle. Thankfully Miss Butterfly’s dress should be good to go at that point.

Last evening I took Miss Butterfly to get her hair cut, and I asked her stylist about wedding hair. They do wedding hair, but their Saturdays book fast and the only time she had for wedding hair was 8 am. I have NO desire to have my hair done at 8 am for a 6:30 pm wedding, so I need to find another option. I would have hoped this would be a simple fix but when we are working so late in the game, it’s unsurprising we are struggling with this one.

This morning was Miss Butterfly’s orthodontist appointment, so we flew out the door late for that because I woke up late. Or rather, I woke up “on time” which I never do, I always wake up early, and apparently “on time” isn’t really on time for me anymore.

Anyhow, things are go go go but also chugging along well. I ordered Mr. Ink’s chosen tie, I began a timeline, I contacted the groomsmen and let them know they could order their bowties, Mr. Ink and I scheduled a day off where we can go pick up the marriage license, we are totally getting there with all this, even if it feels like fits and starts sometimes.

But, we are midweek! Snow tomorrow but then I am seeing a warming trend! We will take the dogs to the dog park tonight which is always a favorite task of mine! I’ve got a proper to do list for the weekend which will make me continue to feel like I am moving forward. This has been a good week!


6 thoughts on “Life Right Now

  1. Sounds like everything is moving along nicely. Maybe you could try a different hair salon. All of the do wedding hair. Usually the have books showing the types of things they have done so you can judge their skills.

    • I JUST managed to schedule someone who can come to the place we are getting ready. And, she seems very lovely. I am looking forward to meeting her and doing a trial run in the near future.

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