March Beauty Unbalanced

We are not going to be able to balance the beauty budget today. Fab Fit Fun arrived earlier than expected and I just haven’t been able to finish up enough products to find the balance.


6 products that I would list under the category “beauty” arrived in my box this month! That being said, I am only counting 5 of them. But I figured I’d show them all here so I could explain what I am doing with one of them.

Left to right, top to bottom.

The Trestique product was a “mystery” choice in my box. It’s a cream highlighter. I guess I finally have to get on the cream products trend! I actually used this in my morning routine this morning and it does look quite lovely. It packs a punch as well.

Dr. Brandt no more baggage eye gel. I’ve received this once already and I hate it. I gave mine away to a friend. Now it’s back in my collection. However, I have a friend who is my age and also getting into makeup for the first time. She’ll be traveling to see me for the wedding. She asked me to please not toss anything between now and then and hand it over if I didn’t want it. So, I have decided to make her a box. This item will go in the box. So I am not going to count it as arriving in my collection only to count it as leaving my collection in April.

Ouai leave in conditioner. I am eager to try this but I have other hair products to work through first.

Tula face cleanser-I am never going to be particularly upset about receiving a cleanser in a subscription box. I am not going to use this immediately though, as I’ve got others to finish first.

Ciate London translucent setting powder-This was an item I got a choice on and I chose this one because I got a tiny sample size I have used and really liked.

Manna Kadar body scrub: This is going to be really nice to have since I am very close to being out of the shower gel I received in a fab fit fun fall or winter box. I can’t remember which. Anyhow, I’ll just replace that shower gel with this and be quite pleased about it.

So, that’s 5 products in. I can’t make 5 products leave my collection this early in the month. But here’s what I do have:


I’ve got a tarte rainforest of the sea palette that I received in a subscription box recently. Miss Butterfly and I have both tried it and decided it isn’t worthy of our collections. We have so many other gorgeous palettes to use that we both know this one won’t get any use. I’ve decided to add it to my box of stuff for my friend. I may find more to add to that box but haven’t really had time to sit with my collection and make that decision yet.

I also finished up another of my Almay eye makeup remover wipes.

And, there’s that tiny ciate london setting powder that I used and enjoyed, prompting me to choose the full size when it was a choice in the box.

So, I am 2 incoming products over the beauty balance this month so far. On the other hand, I also know I’ve only got a few days use on a couple things in my collection. So, I think I’ll be able to balance this month. It’s just that this month’s products are showing up faster than I can get older products used up thus far.

All in all, I am fairly pleased with the items contained in the subscription box, besides the dr. brandt product. While I don’t need to crack into any of them immediately, a result of too many subscription boxes too fast, they will eventually get used in my collection.

I am pleased though that there are still so many days left in the month to attempt to get the balance back on track! I guess having so much arrive so soon does help plan the remainder of the month. For instance, basically, anything I was thinking of getting this month has been pushed out a bit. That may save me money in the end, if I can push it out long enough I am likely to find things on sale.

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