Balancing Beauty in March

In my last beauty balance post I needed two more things to leave my collection in order to be balanced with the items that had come in with fab fit fun. I spent some time decluttering this morning in order that I could come up with those things.


I came up with all that and more. Let’s discuss.

There’s half a bottle of gucci perfume that smells not as much like it should as it did. I have removed that from my collection and Miss Butterfly owns it now.

I tossed a morphe makeup sponge that is pockmarked and tearing. I have had it close to a year now.

There’s a Lush lip scrub in bubblegum flavor. It is also gone now. I find the lush lip scrubs to be a bit harsh for my taste.

You may remember that I mentioned that I was putting aside some makeup for a friend who will be visiting for the wedding. I have identified 3 items that will go in that box. I am counting them as out of my collection though if she doesn’t want them, technically they’ll come back in my collection and I’ll have to account for them again.

The first of those is the hourglass vanish foundation stick. It’s too yellow for me and trying to use it up is just not working. It was an expensive lesson. I’ve set it aside just in case my friend can make it work. If she cannot, I am tossing it. I just can’t continue trying to use it.

I am also adding to that collection a wet n wild highlighter and a makeup revolution blush. I like them both, but I have better in my collection.

I am finally decluttering what is left of the wet n wild eyeshadow quint that I panned the transition shade on last summer. There’s no reason for it to stay in my stash.

At the bottom of the photo is a catrice eyebrow pencil, it’s gone. And below that is a nars eyeshadow primer, it is also gone.

Then, off to the right bottom corner, I have a perfume sample of viva la juicy. It was nice to use but it really doesn’t stick around long enough on my skin. So I wouldn’t repurchase. It’s a bit too sweet anyhow. Then there’s my monsieur big mascara sample, it’s kicked. And, a makeup forever skin tint with spf. I used this AS an spf since it was always too dark for me. There may be one more use in there and I’ve decided I like the space in my collection better than I like keeping it around to try to use up. It’s over a year old as well.

That’s 12 items leaving my collection, though two were needed to balance the last post. So, this leaves me with 10 items that have left my collection this month. I’ll have 4 coming in with my boxy charm box and I placed an order at ulta that is definitely going to screw with these totals because I suspect I am getting a bunch of samples with that order. But for now, until more comes in, I am 10 items leaving my collection ahead of the beauty balance.

Someday I’ll regularly have more leaving than coming in. It’s just that this month and next will not be as easy to balance with the upcoming wedding. After that I intend to really knuckle down and get better at this. But it was good to do an old fashioned declutter at this point as well. There will be no better time than now to get some items given to a friend so she can perhaps get use out of them.



2 thoughts on “Balancing Beauty in March

  1. I have SO much makeup/skincare. I’ve made it my mission to either get rid of or toss at least ten unused items every month… thankfully, I’m buying makeup slower than tossing it! Lol

    • I feel fortunate that I’ve only been playing with makeup for a year. I accumulated a lot in a year but as long as I keep things under control now, I should be able to get a good balance going on. Hard to imagine tossing 10 items a month! But then, most of the time my empties have had around 8-10 items a month.

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