Things of Note This Weekend

It’s March 10 already! In 10 days we’ll be one month away from my wedding. That’s nutty! Things on that front have been making steady progress this week. Mr. Ink’s tie came in yesterday, it’s lovely. My pretty little handbag arrived this week and immediately got put into the stash of things that need to go to the wedding. I booked someone to come do our hair and also booked a trim and trial run with her for the end of this month. I chose wedding jewelry and ordered it. My veil arrived this week. Miss Marja and I discussed more plans and added things to our to do/to bring list. All of these things are tiny details but the tiny ones can get very overwhelming. I need to arrange a phone call with Mr. Ink’s sister in law so that I can make sure she’s on the same page and ready to direct a lot of traffic the day of. It’ll drive her crazy because the guys in Mr. Ink’s family will all be busy pushing back at her, but she’ll get things done. Mr. Ink and I arranged a day off to go get our license as well, that was weighing heavily on my mind.

In non wedding related news, when last I wrote about the weather I expressed that there’s been snow storm after snowstorm piling up the snow. The paths we’ve cut for the dogs are over Lizzie’s head. But now we have had a warming trend, and with the warming trend yesterday came a ton of rain. In the morning Miss Butterfly and I took the dogs to our rescue meet and greet to say hi. We came back home, Mr. Ink made lunch, and then I decided to take a nap. I went to curl up in bed and ALMOST had my earplugs in when Mr. Ink opened the door. I was ready to be quite annoyed until he said “I am so sorry to disturb your nap but the basement is flooding.” So, we all ran to the basement and assessed what was going on. Miss Butterfly and I began moving items that were getting wet and Mr. Ink said “I think I’d better go work outside, shoveling snow away from the side of the house.” So, he headed outdoors while Miss Butterfly and I worked indoors. Once we moved stuff, we then used every towel in the house to sop up water. We then put the soaking towels in a bucket, tipped the bucket into the washer, and spun out the towels. We did this over and over and over again until it started to look like we were actually making progress. Then one final spin in the washer and we put those fresher towels around the areas where we could see water coming in the worst.

After that we came back upstairs and warmed up. That water was cold and we ended up ditching our pants for shorts and our slippers for bare feet it was so deep in some areas. So we warm up and I get some other things done. Mr. Ink continued to work on the outside. I waited about an hour then headed back to check on the basement. It was flooding in pretty good again so we had another round of clean up. Then I told Mr. Ink the areas where it was coming in so he could concentrate more on those areas. He spent time digging trenches in the snow to redirect the water, moving all the snow from around the house, melting any ice that was stuck to the ground in those areas, finding places where the ground was soft and shoring those up, and he even built a makeshift dam on our back patio to redirect the water away from the house. It worked, after the second shift in the basement things stopped pouring in and started drying out. I was able to get some of the towels laundered and Mr. Ink was able to come inside.

Now, he’d already worked all morning, then immediately turned around and done heavy work outdoors. His body was wrecked when he came inside, so I arranged for pizza to be delivered for dinner, diet be damned. There are times when you just gotta do what is best for the family, and I honestly was feeling so privileged to just be able to order pizza when everyone was too tired to cook. Perhaps I was busy looking on the bright side after the basement flood. In any case, it seems like all of our city was dealing with a similar situation yesterday.

I did begin a new project yesterday. I needed a no thinking knit. So, I pulled out some of my handspun and the Boneyard shawl pattern and got started on that.


I think my tweedy handspun is turning out to be the perfect pairing with this shawl. I was worried it would be boring, but all the bits I put in there when I made the fiber are holding my interest just fine.

What else this weekend?

Some moments with the dogs. Rose wanted a good cuddle Friday night. Lizzie did too. Her eyes are starting to look much better. I bought Rose a ball but she decided she would prefer to shred it than play with it. As such, it got taken away. But, she spent hours trying to get us to give that thing back to her. No dice Rose, learn to play not shred!

And that’s it from here. I am hoping today is a little more relaxing than yesterday!

2 thoughts on “Things of Note This Weekend

  1. Yikes!!! That is a rough day! Glad that you guys were able to work together to solve it. And a reward for supper! Sometimes you just need pizza. 😉 I am jealous that you can have it delivered. We have to get take out. 😢

    Your boneyard is going to be gorgeous. I have had this in my queue forever, but haven’t gotten the perfect yarn for it yet. You clearly have!

    The wedding details sound wonderful, I can’t wait to see all the pictures of it! 40 days….

  2. Wow! That’s a nightmare when a basement starts to flood. Good for Mr. Ink knowing what to do and how to redirect the water. We have a sump pump in our basement because it floods regularly. The shawl looks great. I think the yarn is perfect. The dogs look wonderful. Glad Lizzie’s eyes are getting better. Poor Rose. Yarn Rascal is a shredder and then eats what he shreds. We’ve had to spend hours training him how to play with his toys and not eat them. We were not successful so he plays with his toys under supervision only.

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