A Project I Didn’t Mention

I’ve been knitting on a project I never showed a progress photo of because the weather was cruddy and I never got around to it. It’s a fluidity shawl and technically I should have made the scarf instead, as I ran out of yarn long before I was able to get particularly fluid. Nevertheless, I think it’s long enough to wear.


I made this out of Miss Marja’s handspun yarn, isn’t it gorgeous? I loved working with this yarn. I love the colors and they were a joy to knit. The pattern was easy to memorize once I got moving on it and that helped as well.

And do you know what that is on the shawl? Late afternoon sunshine. It’s a lovely thing! We won’t see it today, but yesterday it was wonderful.

Today we do melting and another rain storm lasting 3 days. We are hoping our work on the basement flooding will hold through it. The yard is a pond that freezes overnight. The upper parking lot at our house we had to leave snow covered because there was nowhere to put the snow. So now, water is just pouring down the ramp into the street. Then, overnight it freezes and I have to really watch it when I leave in the morning. If my back tires hit it when I am attempting to get turned around, it’ll just move the entire car. But, we can’t salt it at night because that water is flowing way too fast. We were grateful to see that during this upcoming rainstorm it isn’t supposed to freeze overnight. I suspect by the end of these 3 days the snow will be gone and we can begin to dry out a bit.

The dogs have gone completely nutty with the warming temps. Rose is so active in the house again and it’s terribly cute. She’s less destructive than she was in the fall, but she keeps getting hold of things and moving them around the house. Not destroying them, but she’s moving them! Hairbrushes and shoes seem to be of particular interest. Lizzie is super playful and refuses to quit playing until she’s completely exhausted and lays around panting and grinning from ear to ear. She’s adoring all the puddles to stomp through, that dog loves some puddle stomping! She’ll choose the areas that are the most full of water rather than going around and it doesn’t matter that the water is so cold this time of year. It never occurred to me that dogs could feel as tired of winter as we do! But it seems that was the case.

I hope the weather is improving where ever you are as well, signs of spring are such a relief here!