Continuing March Balance

One thing I’ve learned while choosing different passions over the years is that often good tools really improve the quality of what can be achieved. This has certainly been the case with makeup brushes as well. When I got started I did grab a bunch of inexpensive brushes and did pretty well with them. I’ve also been fortunate to get a bunch of brushes in subscription boxes. I haven’t had to purchase many at all since the initial purchases. But, one thing my collection is seriously lacking in is brushes to apply shadow to the eyelid itself.

Thankfully I’ve waited long enough to know what I prefer, and it would be brushes with some natural bristles involved. As I’d heard a lot about bdellium tools being really good inexpensive brushes, I thought I’d give them a try. I picked up 4 brushes that are natural and synthetic blends. They arrived with a gift of an additional brush and a lipstick. As such, the lipstick has to count in the beauty balance. The brushes do not. I have decided that brushes last so long that they are more of a permanent item in a collection. Unlike sponges which have a shelf life.


I should also probably add that the eyeshadow brushes absolutely serve my purpose beautifully, I could not be more pleased! They work better than anything I currently own and I am so glad to have them. I haven’t tried the weird green powder brush yet.

In my last March beauty balance post, I was up 10 items leaving my collection. Now I’ve got one coming in. Leaving me 9 items leaving this month.

The lipstick is a great color and supposed to be matte. However, it is not a drying formula. So far I am really enjoying it. I am glad to have it in my collection.

But wait! I’ve finished more since then so I can add more to my leaving the collection list!


You may remember that I purchased two more CeraVe cleansers last month. The one that I knew was nearing completion is now finished. I also finished a Body Drench original formula moisturizer. This is my absolute favorite hand cream. I use it all of the time. I have two more, one at work and one at home, and both of them are only about 1/4 full. It is getting close to the time I need to pick up some more. This does not leave my hands feeling greasy and it does not have so much of a scent that it interferes with perfume. It has a bit of a powdery scent. I hate lotions with heavy scents so this is perfect for me.

And finally up in the top right corner is a bang beauty eyeliner gel in brown. This never worked for its purpose. It was always a terrible product. But, I’d kept it around for a bit to see if I could use it in my eyebrows. This week I tried it in my eyebrows. It’s as dry as dry can be and I can’t get much to pick up on a brush. Best to let this go. It came in a subscription box and has always been an afterthought for me.

So, from 9 to 12 items ahead this month. I had been thinking I’d never stay ahead of the game this month without turning to a bunch of samples to even the score. As it turns out between just finishing things up naturally and giving my collection a decent declutter I have been able to stay way ahead of the game. That being said, I still have a boxy charm that is VERY late this month and an order yet to arrive. So we shall see.

One of the nicest parts about doing multiple beauty balance posts per month is not having to save what is essentially trash around the house until the end of the month. I’ll still be saving anything from my project pan but not the general run of the mill trash. I love that!