March Beauty Balance

Here’s where things begin to get more difficult. I am 12 items out of my collection of items entering my collection. That’s about to change.

I got an order in:


Most of this is wedding related. Waterproof mascara to try, as some mascara bothers my eyes and I need to do a test run. A package of blotting papers and a lipstick and lipgloss from the boom boom bloom collection, the lipstick I am hoping will work for the wedding since my last lipstick purchase did not. A lipliner that is supposed to precisely match the lipstick tones. And then two more things. A red lip liner for the days I want to wear a red lip. My two red lipsticks bleed badly around my mouth. And I decided I wanted to experiment with a full face of cream products so I picked up a flower beauty blush bomb. I’ve heard good things. So, that’s 8 items in, bringing the 12 out down to 4 out.

And naturally this came with samples. So many samples.


Thankfully they are tiny samples. I am counting each sample card as one. And that’s 5 items. This brings me to one item into my collection over those going out. I guess I’d better get working on those samples after all!

I don’t have anything to show for empties since I posted empties yesterday. Hopefully by the time boxycharm arrives I’ll be able to balance March beauty with empties as well.

Still, for this month, it’s pretty good to be only one item unbalanced at the moment.