Another Project

The Levity Shawl has been in my queue for ages and ages. I had decided to knit it with some of the oldest handspun in my stash. A merino/silk 2 ply laceweight yarn I made ages ago when everything had to be a 2 or 3 ply laceweight. I really didn’t make much other than that once I got to the point that I could.

On Saturday I got started on it.


The colors are extremely muted and beautiful. The bulk of this particular shawl is a large knitted on border. I am eager to see how the colors look when I turn them sideways for that border. And I love a good knitted on border so this should be good fun!

Mr. Ink and I took today off to go get our marriage license. I am pleased to have that off my list. Mr. In also scheduled a dentist appointment. I plan to work on wedding related stuff this afternoon.

We did manage to finally, after many months, get my loom into the basement. Obviously, since we had so much basement flooding, I am rather pleased that the weather had been too terrible to get that job done the entire time we’ve had it.

I did finish my boneyard shawl but that is still blocking. I am eager to show it off, and I am hoping to get a photo today so I can post that one tomorrow. That’s about it from here, I think I had better get working on wedding related stuff so it really feels like I’ve gotten constructive things done today!

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