It’s another busy week around here. Tonight Miss Butterfly and I go in for another dress fitting. Tomorrow night a hair trim and a trial hairdo. While I’ve got another scarf close to being completed, because it’s lace and necessary to follow a chart I haven’t had the time or inclination to work on it.

Here are some things I am doing. First of all, last week I tried a gibson tuck on my hair for the first time ever. My hair is long enough and I just wanted it off my neck. Pretty sure I didn’t post about it. Anyhow, I decided to do another one this morning and it came out loads better than the first one. Want to see?

Please excuse the massive amounts of wedding-related stuff in the background, my craft room is now a staging area.

I got lots of height at the front with morrocan oil texture spray. I did my wedding makeup today as well, though the area under my eyes was done a bit more dramatically. I may or may not keep that feature.

Since I received my wedding jewelry last week I can bring the necklace to the fitting tonight and see how that goes.

When we originally decided on a wedding in 3 months planning time, I had a bit of a panic about the dress. My mom had suggested perhaps I could wear hers. I was fortunate to find a dress that worked for me in one shopping trip. And when I got the dress mom sent, I was relieved as I wasn’t even close to fitting in her dress. The idea of losing almost 20 pounds in less than 3 months was daunting for me, as I haven’t typically lost weight very quickly when I try. But yesterday I tried on my mom’s dress and it fit!


She and my aunt sewed this dress and it is gorgeously constructed! While I am thrilled to pieces with my dress, it’s too bad I hadn’t had just a little more time so I could wear this one. We have, at the house, Mr. Ink’s mother’s wedding attire as well. Miss Butterfly wanted to know if I would fit in that. I told her not a chance. But, I should have told her she could try it on. She’d be more likely to fit I suspect.

One of the things I put on Mr. Ink’s list of things to do before the wedding was to hang more photos and artwork. We’ve had a pile in the basement from when we first moved in and we just never got around to finishing. With so many out of town visitors, I decided it would be good to get that stuff done. Plus, since the basement had flooded numerous times, those pictures and artwork had gotten moved around multiple times and I don’t want to deal with that again. We sorted and chose what we wanted to hang last evening. Mr. Ink began hanging. I had to follow him around or he’d hang everything at his eye level. His eye level is not the eye level of normal folk.

Miss Butterfly is 5’9″ for reference:


We still have some things that need framing but at least we’ve got a plan and a place for everything now.

On Saturday Miss Marja will be coming over. We’ll take the opportunity to get some wedding decorations prepared. I got the final floral details worked out yesterday and I have a few more tasks on my to do list that I am looking forward to completing. Hopefully this week and weekend will be as productive as last weekend!

Today is officially one month until wedding day!