March Beauty Balance Again

Boxycharm finally arrived. And the good news is that it doesn’t contain much that I’d count as incoming beauty. But, I photographed the entire box anyhow.


We’ve got some moda brushes, they don’t count. I decided at the start of this that makeup brushes are tools and they don’t count for this project. Next to the brushes I have a liquid eyeshadow. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it but I am wearing it today over a dark base and it looks pretty good! Never mind that it took two coats to get it there. We’ll see how it holds up through the day.

Then there’s a peel off mask. At my age, I have no business using a peel off mask. So, I’ve given this straight over to Miss Butterfly and it won’t count as an incoming beauty item. Next is a nice cover FX face palette, I am pretty excited about this one! I tried the blush, finishing powder, and highlighter this morning. It all looks very nice so far.

And finally there’s an ofra liquid lip in colorway Monaco. It’s got a sheen to it which is not my favorite but, ofra liquid lips ARE my favorite and the color is gorgeous so I don’t mind too much.

Now that I have my box I can determine that only 3 beauty items will be added to my collection from boxycharm this month. But, I also got an ulta order.


This is a simple one. First of all, the maybelline waterproof mascaras I tried bothered my eyes so much. Far too much to suffer through. I picked up a clinique waterproof mascara instead. At least this way I KNOW I’ll be safe from irritated eyes. I also picked up a mascara primer during the ulta 21 days of beauty sale, it was half off. I tried it this morning, pairing it with a regular mascara. It looks great!

Now that I received 2 orders, we now know that I did have 5 products entering my collection. I am one product leaving the collection up from last post. Here’s where I am with empties/declutters:


First up there’s a pair of lashes I received in a subscription box awhile back. These are soooo long that they almost hit my eyebrows and they look completely ridiculous. This was the moment I realized I had no intention of wearing a full strip of lashes on my wedding day. No thanks. These can go.

Then I worked at moving some samples back out. First, there’s the belif water essence which I liked and am happy to have another sample in my collection to use. I don’t think I’d repurchase though. Next to that is clinique’s jelly moisturizer with some serum in it. I liked this a lot more than I had anticipated!

Next to that is a sample size of pyunkang yul oil. Now, I’d never heard of this brand before and it has been sitting in my sample stash for almost a year. But, I’d recently heard someone on youtube whose opinion I greatly respect talk about their toners. I’d already decided to work through the oil, applying it after my retinol treatment since my skin was starting to get increasingly dry because of that. So when I realized it was the same brand I was quite surprised. This was a LOVELY face oil, and I absolutely want to get a full size. Yesstyle carries this brand and at some point when I’ve worked through the rest of my oils and toners I am going to try both their oil and their toner. This was the hidden gem of this group of samples.

And then there are the bare minerals samples which I am perfectly happy to use up but I don’t feel an overwhelming need to have in my life.

Under that we’ve got a colorpop liquid lip that is so dry and awful that I just want it gone from my collection immediately, that went to Miss Butterfly, as did both of the waterproof mascaras that bothered my eyes. And, there’s a container of makeup wipes gone as well.

That’s 9 items gone, or 10 when counting the one item from the last post. And 5 items in, so I am 5 leaving my collection ahead at the moment.

I know I’ll have a few more empties to show off and I also placed an order for some serums which I am genuinely out of now that the dermadeli serum is gone. Those will likely show up with a sample or three. But that’ll be all for March and I suspect April will be a much more gentle month. That being said, I still haven’t completely worked out the wedding lipstick thing yet. It’s getting frustrating. I suspect the biggest problem is trying to make me happy while also making Mr. Ink happy. He doesn’t love lipstick on me due to the transfer issue. He’s picky, I am picky, and I am struggling to find a thing that works. But, I have narrowed it down to a brand I believe, so that’s a start.

3 thoughts on “March Beauty Balance Again

  1. Hehe I like that you aren’t even counting the makeup brushes! I wouldn’t count them either – they are just tools and not something to “use up”! That Cover FX palette looks beautiful and it’s awesome that it’s brand new and already included in a boxycharm!! When are you getting married?? What’s the lipstick brand that you’re thinking about??

    • Sponges do count though, because they do go bad pretty easily! We get married on April 20 so it’s coming up reallllly soon now. And, I want to wear an ofra liquid lip. I think they feel better than the majority of liquid lipsticks but still stay nicely. Unfortunately I don’t have any in my current stash that will suit for a wedding, I am hoping for a nude matte. And since they aren’t carried in stores it can be difficult to really scope them out properly. I am currently considering picking up two different nude collections and banking on at least one of those colors to work for me.

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