March Beauty Balance

This is my second to last beauty balance post this month. The final one will get posted after my project pan update so that I can add any project pan items to it.

At last post, 5 items more left my collection than entered it.


Just a quick note, the Appeal liquid eyeshadow was a bust so I gave that to Miss Butterfly. It got cakey and uneven on my eyelids, which is what I was afraid of. I’ll allow her to experiment with it instead. Or I told her she can give it to a friend if she wants. That’s 6 items leaving my collection. And 6 items entering my collection.

I am almost out of a retinoid and all out of serum. So, I figured it was time to give the ordinary a try. The inexpensive nature is highly appealing to me. And, I’ve used two of the serums, a little goes a very long way. That’s great! Along with that came two samples and one reward item, bringing me up to the total of 6 items in. I am even at the moment.

The next post will not have any incoming items in it. The last beauty balance post of the month will entirely be things leaving my collection. This is good because there will be April purchases to discuss, most importantly, the lipstick for the wedding drama that never seems to end for me. I am going to end it once and for all. And once I do that, I am going to force myself to pick from that and stick with it.