New Projects

I needed a new knitting project for work breaks. I also was hoping to find some yarn in my stash that Miss Marja’s mother might like. Why? Because she’s loaning out the use of her house on wedding day for us to get ready. It’s near the venue and it’ll work so well for us!

We chose a yarn though we aren’t sure she’ll love it, we’ll just see once it is knit up. But, I chose a pattern that she’s likely to want to wear as well, and that’s the honey cowl.


Isn’t that pretty and rich? It’s a handspun chain ply I made quite some time ago and I am really digging how it is knitting up.

Last evening I managed to finish tying bows on mason jar vases and packed another box full of jars up. I have a few more jars that need to be packed but am out of packing paper at the moment. I had really decided I needed to get my craft room deep cleaned but with all the wedding prep in there, I am not positive it is going to happen. perhaps I need to settle on the bare minimum and call it good. This weekend is bedroom deep clean. I am really looking forward to that because last November when I deep cleaned I didn’t bother to move the bed and clean under it. That’s always a major mess and I always find socks under there that somehow got squirreled away. My single sock stash has grown and grown, mostly because Miss Rose is a sock destroyer. But, it’s possible I’ll manage to find a match or two hanging out under the bed.

Miss Butterfly and I have some shopping to do and we are looking forward to that as well. Hopefully, we’ll get to do that Wednesday evening. Mr. Ink wants to see a movie tonight. The rest of us don’t really want to see a movie, but we’ll probably indulge him.

Mr. Ink went out and picked up more frames last night so we can get a few more things hung on walls. That basement flood was SO GOOD for clean out. It reminded us of things we’d set down there to hang “soon” but never gotten around to. We unearthed so much!

In knitting, I also got an opportunity to finish a scarf, though it needs a good blocking still. And, I began the border of another project. I’ve been plugging away at the knitting in the evenings! And that’s about it from here, I am looking forward to how this week shakes out.