Team Project Pan Update 3

It’s the end of another month and time to update the team project pan challenge. This update will be in two parts because this is the end of a quarter and I get to choose new products to pan for the next quarter. This post will be the progress on this quarter’s products.

I currently have sample size fragrances. I started with 12 samples, moved that down to and then accepted more in my collection. So while progress has been made, there have been setbacks too. Honestly though, I really enjoy sampling fragrance and I enjoy the variety and change. I haven’t really come across any samples I just cannot tolerate yet and that’s really lovely and surprising. I am learning something about myself though, apparently, all the ones I like most have a vanilla base note. Good to know!

Palettes, here’s the beginning and latest photo:

I’ve been concentrating mostly on the mid-toned cream contour on the sleek palette for two months now and it really shows. I have additional pan, but even more importantly, the product is far thinner on the sides as well. I decided I was better off saving the darker tone for summer months. On the hourglass palette I’ve made additional progress on all pans but the most that shows are on the two finishing powders. I swirl them both together and they go pretty quickly when I am using them regularly.


Below is where I was on a good portion of the rest of my products last month.

First of all, I finished both the tarte and make up for ever foundations.


Progress on my deva curl cream has been more significant this time around because last month I finished up my lush product and I am now using this exclusively.

The Cover FX blurring primer, which I really do love, has seen plenty of use. My mark is a bit of an estimate because the air bubble in there is pretty significant.

The Clinique setting powder saw use, but this one is leaving my collection and being given to Miss Butterfly. I won’t choose to pan this next quarter.

And, I did make progress on the bare minerals original formula powder foundation. This item will stay in my project pan as it’s awfully close to being finished.


There’s really no way to mark progress on the smashbox liquid lipstick or the nyx intense butter gloss. The butter gloss is now gone. I removed the stopper and scraped out ever last bit. I actually had to wear it every single day this past week to make the finish happen. My Stila lipstick had a little progress but not much. That’s ok, I only had a month and I had fully intended just to make a little progress.

I took a photo of my bang beauty eyeshadows and my mac paint pot but I don’t think progress shows. I wore off the markings on the bite lip mask but I am now down to the B on bite and will have to use that as an indicator. And the clinique shadow I am using to set my primer I’ve hit side and corner pan. Not too shabby!


And finally, here’s the progress on eyeliners. Style Sepia is making fairly steady progress and it’s really almost gone. The nude liner made a lot of progress this month mostly because it seems like it’s really drying out. It just isn’t transferring onto my waterline right now, and I kept sharpening it hoping that would help. It hasn’t helped. And I have decided to declutter it.

So, I was able to use up a lip product and two foundation samples this month. Plus, I am decluttering the eyeliner.

As for this quarter as a whole, I finished 2 full sized foundations and two sample size foundations. I finished two sample size lip products. I started with 12 sample fragrances and moved that down to 6. And I finished up a stila eyeshadow sample.


And finally, I finished up one more part of my Mary Kay Satin Hands kit:


I still have the exfoliant part of the satin hands kit and so I’ll be continuing to try to pan that in the upcoming quarter.

I would say that’s a fairly successful project so far. I think one of the things I enjoyed the most was simply concentrating on face palettes. I will be continuing that trend in the next quarter. But, to see a full post on what will be chosen for next quarter, you’ll have to wait until Monday!



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