March Beauty Balance Finale

March has been an extremely busy month in every aspect. Everything feels topsy turvy for me right now. I always have this idea that once a large event is over I can breathe again. But, the reality always is that there are things to do after the fact. Vendors to pay, equipment to be returned, names to be changed, summer vacations to plan, etc.

While I know that April will still be a busy beauty month, I also know that after that, things should settle down significantly.

Now on with the empties because I don’t have anything else that has entered my collection this month. WhenI left off in the last post, we were completely even in incoming and outgoing products.


I did work through a few samples. I finished up a briogeo blossom & bloom shampoo, an alterna haircare set, and a becca primer sample. That’s 3.

As to how I felt about them? I didn’t care for the Briogeo shampoo, I loved the alterna haircare combo, and the becca primers are ones I already know I love so using them up was no trouble at all.

Then, I finished up both of my foundation samples, that’s 5

How did I feel about them? The tarte amazonian clay foundation worked very well but it is a bit heavier than I like. The make up for ever ultra HD foundation is one I’ve tried before and liked, but it does wear off my face a little too quickly for me to want to actually purchase it.

I also finished a maybelline dream cushion foundation. Now, this stayed at work and I used it to touch up for over a year. There’s just nothing left in here at all. It worked pretty well as a touch-up situation but I won’t repurchase. That’s 6

I have been convinced by Miss Butterfly to allow her to have my clinique setting powder, my butter bronzer, and my flower beauty blush. All of these products I like just fine, but Miss Butterfly was stealing them on the regular and then they wouldn’t be where I needed them to be so it was just easier to transfer them to her. That’s 9

And finally, I managed to finish up a peter thomas roth face mask sample. That’s 10. And I wouldn’t repurchase because I really don’t mask.


Continuing on. I finished my nyx intense butter gloss from the advent calendar, I loved it and would absolutely repurchase in the future. That’s 11.

I am getting rid of the metallic liquid lipstick from nyx, I hate it. I saved it simply for an 80s party and that’s over. Now it can move along. That’s 12.

I finished another piece of my satin hands kit, that’s 13.

And I am letting go of my l’oreal infallable nude eyeliner. That’s 14.

I actually have all my shampoo and conditioner samples pulled out and in the shower in hopes to get those used up soon. Not so much so that I can “count” them but more because it can just be a little annoying to have them hanging around. Finishing them feels like decluttering. Plus, I don’t have any other shampoo right now, other than samples. I will soon, but I figured it’ll be a good chance to just move through those samples first.

So, 14 products leaving the collection above what came in feels pretty decent for the month despite the fact I knew I’d still be bringing quite a bit in this month.

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