Team Project Pan April Update

I will just warn ahead of time that this isn’t going to be some fantastic progress month. I did a lot of testing of makeup this month while getting ready for the wedding. The week leading up to the wedding I barely wore makeup. During the days I was wearing makeup, it wasn’t the project pan items. I was also attempting to finish up some sample size items for the beauty balance, leaving me using project pan items even less than usual. I am sure next month will be more effective.

It was, however, lovely and refreshing to have gotten an opportunity to refresh and change out some items at the end of last month. That is really a fantastic way to renew interest in the project.

Let’s start with all the little sample size fragrances. I did use a fragrance this month but then added two more in, so that’s not exactly progress. I currently have 10 little bottles of fragrance.


I’ve been concentrating on the Omnia and it’s pretty close to being done. It is a nice fragrane that does not last through the day for me. If I thought to put it in my handbag and reapply at lunchtime, it would already be gone. But I don’t do that, I use what I keep at work instead.

Last month’s photos above. I’ve used both palettes a bit, the finishing powder in the cover FX palette in particular is developing quite a dip. I bet we see pan on that before the end of this quarter. The highlighters are a little on the dark side for me, I should try them as eyeshadow. The contour is fine, and I have been using the brightener as both an inner corner eye color as well as a regular highlighter. I’ve continued to expand the pan on the sleek palette but slowly. I have used this less because I’ve been using more powder foundation.

This month’s photos:

I had both my bare minerals powder foundations in this project. I finished the original formula and am now left with just the matte formula. I have decided I rather enjoy having the matte formula in my collection so I don’t think I am going to be worrying too hard about getting that one used up this quarter. I’ll just rotate it in when I can.

No dip is seen in the charlotte tilbury powder sample yet, I used the olive oil face mask only once, and the peach colored eyeshadow two or three times only. There’s a tiny bit of progress on the cover fx powder, but I have decided I’ll concentrate on the charlotte tilbury one now. I am still working away on the mac paint pot, no pan yet but I’ve been trying to wear it down pretty evenly. The little clinique eyeshadow I am using to set my base has just the tiniest bit left, I think it’ll be gone next month.

When it comes to lip products I have realized it’s a bit unwise to have chosen two bright coral colors to try to work on this quarter. I have used them both, and I am getting into a bit of a routine now with them. Apply the liquid lipstick in the morning and then when touch-ups are needed, the cream lipstick is great for that. This eliminates the problem of the cream lipstick being a bit sheer as well, with the punch of liquid lipstick under it, sheerness isn’t noticeable. I’ve used the gloss a bunch but I don’t like it. And, the bite lipstick I love, I bet it is gone next month. I am proud of the little progress I made on the flower beauty coral lipstick. (I did not include photos of the liquid lipstick and the gloss, progress cannot be seen.)

Last month I forgot to include a photo of where I am on the it cosmetics eye pencil. No matter, it doesn’t look like I made progress on it this month despite feeling like I used it regularly. So, this month’s update is the same as last month.

Steady progress was made on both the deva curl cream and the cover FX primer. I like both products fine so it isn’t much trouble to use them. I am eager to work on some other hair product at some point though! I feel a bit in a rut right now. It is rather hard to figure out where I am at with the blurring primer. I do think that I used less of it this month because I was using a bare minerals primer with my bare minerals powder foundations.

You’ll notice that I’ve added in my It cosmetics illuminating cc cream. It doesn’t stick to my face very nicely so I am going to work on using it up. Currently, I am mixing it with other foundations and that seems to be working nicely. I am sure it’ll take me ages to finish that one.


Last month I removed the L’oreal eyeliner from my collection. That was a declutter. I started out using the artist color pencil but then quit because I wanted to use it on wedding day. From here on out progress should be faster. That being said, this is a REALLY nice product. The style sepia eyeliner continues on, but I do think I’ll be done with that next month. Here’s the photo update:


So, overall, progress was made. Nothing particularly notable, except for the bare minerals original foundation. But I do feel rather good about the progress overall. Especially since I know I had to allow for various testing situations and special make up use as well as days of no makeup use.



I had some spinning I was going to blog about today, but turns out the wedding photos were blogged by my sister in law this weekend. And, I figured some might want to see them. So, that’s what I am doing today. Plugging her blog post and waiting on craft photos for later in the week.

After 8 Months

I am not absolutely positive, but I am pretty sure I haven’t done any wheel spinning since the end of August. I put my wheels away when Rose arrived as she was definitely going through a destructive teen stage. I am glad I did, all things considered. She is great now, but we did lose a lot of items from her destructive chewing.

After the destructive phase ended, a few months after we got her, I was just too busy in general to pull those wheels back out. I wanted to finish a bunch of knitting and reduce my yarn stash. I had major work projects. And then? I got engaged and had a wedding to plan. The spinning wheels stayed quietly in their closet as all these life events and plans happened.

Then I almost finished my lintilla shawl. I ran out of handspun yarn JUST before the end of the knit and JUST before family got into town for the wedding. That got set aside. Until this weekend.


I already had the wool singles done, I just needed to spin up a couple mawata silk pieces and then ply those with the wool. I could easily have just spun one little mawata, but I did two. Then I finished knitting my lintilla!


I love it. It’s slubby and fun. It is super soft with all that silk. I did all the dyeing for both the wool and the silk. It is absolutely something I made from start to finish.

Now I am off to find some fiber and do a real spin. Or, perhaps I’ll do some plying from spindles. I don’t know! But, I am definitely going to take some time to do some spinning. It might take me a minute to get squared away with it again!


It’s one week after our big event. My nails are beginning to chip. The flowers are beginning to die, though I did remove all dead flowers and put together new vases with those that were still viable.


We are working our way through our leftover food and doing pretty good with that. Some got frozen, much got eaten, and the salad we couldn’t get through had to get tossed. Our certified copy of our license arrived today so now we can plan a day off to go get name change stuff taken care of. I am still sleeping quite a lot, though I am hoping with a nap today I’ll be fairly caught up again. I’ve gotten back on my diet, despite the consumption of leftovers, and am only 3 pounds over my lowest weight. Not bad! With the massive success I had with it, I do want to keep it up.

Goals for this weekend would be taking up spinning again. I need to get some mawata silk done so I can finish my lintilla scarf. It’s so close to being done! I also want to get more of my craft room cleaned up, it’s pretty nutty in there as I mostly just dumped decor in there after the wedding was over. I am going to let Mr. Ink know that it may be time to start getting my loom put together so I can experiment with it, but since he works this weekend, I won’t push it. And I’d like to get a good start on thank you notes, I am terrible at writing them and the sooner I work on it the better chance we have of it actually getting done.

Meanwhile, what I am actually getting done isn’t on the goals list.


But I am definitely going to town on it! These tiny 10 stitch rows are deeply satisfying to me especially when paired with a yarn that changes colors. I’ve been working on this while chilling with the dogs in a quiet house. It’s much needed. Miss Butterfly is at camp and Mr. Ink is at work and I am truly enjoying the house to myself. But I do truly hope to have a little spinning to show off in the near future!


A Few More

Another wedding related post and then 2 more photos and then I am probably done for a little bit. Perhaps.

While I went back to work on Tuesday,  I really didn’t feel like a human again until Thursday. I really thought I was coming down with a cold or something. I was sleeping quite a lot extra and feeling so brain foggy. But, it turns out it really was just leftover exhaustion.

Anyhow, both groomsmen and Marja gave toasts at the wedding. Since it was such a small venue and no waitstaff, one of the nicest things to see was the bridal party serving the champagne right before toasts. I loved that, it felt very personal.

I truly wish someone had recorded the toasts. They were beautiful. The best man had clearly worked so hard on his. It was funny, it was touching, it made me tear up, it made me laugh really hard, and most of all, it was true. I loved that all three of them touched on these long term friendships and how it almost seems appropriate that no one can even really remember when we all walked into each other’s lives. And once those three toasts were over, Mr. Ink said “Ok that’s enough speaking now” which was ridiculously on brand for him.

After a while though, much to my surprise, Mr. Ink decided that he wanted to speak! You could have knocked me over with a feather. And so he did. He thanked people for coming. He then thanked me and let everyone know that all these details were entirely my vision. Then he thanked his sister in law, stating that she is like my general, making my vision happen. This is basically the most accurate way to have put it, as she truly went above and beyond in every way to make sure I had my wedding just as I had imagined it.

Anyhow, here’s Mr. Ink speaking, which thankfully Marja captured on camera.


And then we got to the cake cutting. You may notice my apron, Marja and I had gone on the hunt for vintage aprons since so much work would be done by guests. I chose one for the cake cutting.


The cake was TRULY delicious.


And I absolutely thought we’d be eating cake forever. But, after brunch on Sunday there wasn’t much left. I guess that’s what happens when the cake is GOOD.

There’s so much happiness in these photos and I am so glad to be able to post them. I am looking forward to seeing the professional photos but there’s something special about these little moments captured as well.

Then There Was This

The bridal party consisted of Miss Butterfly and my Maid of Honor Miss Marja. For the groomsmen, there was the best man and another groomsman.

The groomsman, during our outdoor photo shoot before arriving at the venue apparently had a brilliant idea for a photo. He didn’t say a word to me though.

Right after the ceremony, he said: “I had a great idea for a photo.” Knowing that I tend to view his nutty ideas with a certain degree of skepticism, he quickly added: “Don’t worry, my wife approves.”

Here was his idea:

He had quietly texted his wife and said “Bring your knitting!” She did! So, here I am getting a row in on someone else’s knitting in order that there could be photos of me knitting in my wedding dress on my wedding day. This thrilled all the guests quite a bit actually, and I loved that it happened as a complete surprise to me. If I look a bit dazed, it’s partly because I was. I was basically floating on air the entire evening, moments rushing by me at the speed of light, and my brain just couldn’t keep up or really track at all. I just mostly did as I was told. Now I get it. There’s something very different about being a bride, even if the bride is a massive planner who manages large events on the regular with no big issues. As the bride, I just couldn’t keep anything straight. It is most certainly an “out of time and place” moment in my life.


If I were to describe my wedding day, I’d call it magical. I am sure I’ll have additional more coherent thoughts on the subject in the future but for now, we’ll call it magical. I am going to start by showing off my details, and we’ll save a few other photos for future posts. I will also mention right from the start though that I did not touch my phone the entire day. I did not take one single photo after my initial arrival at the home we got ready in. I concentrated solely on participating in the day without being distracted by photos and posts and so on. As such, I have to rely on those who did take photos and those are still coming in. The professional ones my sister in law did will be up in the future as well.

Anyhow, on to the detail photos and my explanations behind them.

On one of the walls were these three wooden arches, so I figured the ceremony could be centered around those. Mr. Ink wanted to use maple trees in the decor. He called around and found a place where he could get maples delivered, 4 of them, that were coming from far enough south to have already grown leaves. That wasn’t going to be possible from our area. He made absolutely certain that the place he chose could deliver them before the wedding date and that they knew that he would be using them in wedding decor. Those 4 trees arrived. Three with leaves and one without. Mr. Ink actually thinks it may be diseased. We were disappointed.

Meanwhile, I’d spent all this time thinking about how I was going to make trees in landscaping buckets look wedding appropriate. I had thought to wrap the buckets in fabric, with more fabric wrapped buckets to give them height. After a while, the idea just didn’t thrill me. Until a point at which I had the brilliant idea to find weathered-looking wooden crates. If I made absolutely certain the crates were large enough, I’d be able to use them for height as well as turn them over and put the fabric wrapped bucket in the crate. With a little floofing, the fabric would look great, and the entire thing should have the vintage vibe I was going for right from the start. I called my mom and asked her to bring some fabric for the buckets and she was able to find teal/turquoise colors which fit the theme.

I did a dry run of the crates once the trees came in and decided I could also use some of Mr. Ink’s latest evergreen collection acquisitions as well. Then, I’d tossed in a couple doilies and thought that the empty edges could have doilies and vases.

Back to the trees. Mr. Ink had to go last minute tree shopping to add another tree to the mix. He could not find another maple with leaves, again, too early in the season. But, he’d been wanting to purchase a bougainvillea for his collection. This would be an indoor/outdoor tree, one which stayed out during the hot months and would come inside and overwinter indoors. So, in the end, a bougainvillea was purchased as the final tree. It all looked quite lovely and I am glad I was able to think of it and settle on something.


Right from the start, I knew I’d be using mason jar vases with recycled sari silk bows. I pulled out all my mason jars and then was able to add to that collection with mason jars from Marja’s mother’s collection. I had originally ordered bulk flowers from the same shop that was doing the bouquets. She had warned me that I should not purchase Costco/grocery store flowers because they wouldn’t last as long. But, with the additional mason jars, I knew I’d need more flowers. I did end up purchasing flowers for the rehearsal dinner from Costco.  I am here to tell you that you need not fear about Costco flowers. I purchased my Costco flowers on Thursday before the wedding. The ones from the shop arrived on Saturday, day of the wedding. It’s now Wednesday and the Costco flowers are holding up better than the ones from the florist.

Mr. Ink’s sister in law rallied her troops (The significant others of her sons) to do the floral work and they turned out so beautifully that I teared up looking at them. They did such a nice job!


We ended up with so many mason jars of flowers they were just added anywhere they would fit, and this made things look so fantastic!


I had looked through my own stash as well as Marja’s mother’s stash of vintage linens to find a number of dresser scarves to use during the wedding. Once beginning to set up the tables, my mom realized that crossing them actually looked better than having them individually on the tables. Very cute! I also had an assortment of vintage and store-bought vintage feeling salt and pepper shakers for the tables.


Included with the venue was a large farmhouse table. I loved the wood and the chipped paint and didn’t want to cover that in linen. So, Marja and I went antiquing. We found a number of vintage linens that could double as placements. We then found more in Marja’s mother’s basement, and then a few more in my stash. I supplemented that with a few from etsy, and I had cute vintage mismatched placemats for my farmhouse tables.

Once the flowers and the candles were added around the room the entire thing was just about as pretty and magical as could be. My vision realized by all the hard work of those attending.

Mr. Ink’s sister in law, who really did spearhead the directing of traffic and making my vision happen, took one look at the outdoor patio and had Ideas. She put a bar out there as well as some appetizers. But, what she really loved was the space and she went out and purchased multiple live plants to decorate the area. I hadn’t thought about the outdoors at all because when I’d viewed the venue it was snow covered outdoors. When we viewed it right before the wedding I just couldn’t add anything to the plans. But she could, and she did, and it was beautiful.


Now on to the candy bar. Miss Butterfly wanted a candy bar. I don’t care about candy. So, I told her I wasn’t doing one. But, Marja decided a candy bar would be fun so she decided to take that on. It really did turn out lovely and she seemed to have a fantastic time putting it together! She and her mom also made the mints, which were very delicious!


The cake was something I was quite worried about ahead of time. I wanted a very specific cake from a very specific baker. I knew the cake would be pretty and delicious. But, the ordering was very difficult and I wasn’t sure I trusted the order to get to the baker. I must have confirmed that order 3 times after the fact, and they assured me everything would go as planned. We had agreed that I would purchase red flowers for the top of the cake, and that in doing so, the baker would add the flowers to the top of the cake during set up.

At some point upon my arrival, I looked over at the cake and realized no flowers were on it. I asked Mr. Ink’s sister in law. She said “Baker is gone, he didn’t do it.” But at that point, I found I didn’t care. Not even a bit. My mom stepped up to the plate and got those flowers on the cake making it look quite pretty. See? No worries at all.


One final sweet and unexpected detail. There was a chalkboard provided at the venue. we attended that Alabama wedding last year, you may remember? Well, the bride at that wedding had learned a little lettering for her wedding, and she was willing to put that to use for ours.

There you have it, all the tiny details and associated photos that I have so far. These were all taken by my mom I believe. I am so glad she took the opportunity to get them. More to come, of course. This could be a rather lengthy process.

Knitting in the Quiet Moments

2 more sleeps until wedding day. Yesterday we had a lovely day spent with family. I managed to get the car cleaned before my parents were ready to come visit. We had additional family arrive and had a nice lunch and downtown shopping (browsing) experience. Mr. Ink’s sister in law arrived in the late afternoon. Mr. Ink finally bought a dress shirt for the ceremony and then brought home pizza for a late evening dinner.

I’d been working on my Lintilla shawl out of handspun, and I almost finished, except I lost at yarn chicken. Which is fine because I have what I need to create more yarn to finish. It’s just that spinning isn’t about to happen until after the wedding, so I had to choose something else instead. I decided to wind up an 8 ounce ball of handspun and cast on another lintilla because it’s just so easy to knit. But, the handspun wasn’t performing as I wanted to, it had no drape. So I ripped it out.

Then I decided on a ten stitch twist. I don’t know if this will make it to blanket or throw size, though I do have more yarn I can use on it once the 8 ounce ball is done, or, I am pretty sure I could procure more of the colorway and keep after it in the future. But, I just wanted to knit it because it looked interesting and fun. Whatever it turns into is cool with me.

This morning Mr. Ink’s sister in law is working from our house. We’ll be heading out shopping a bit later but for now I’ve got time on my hands and it’s quiet in the house so I am getting some knitting (and blogging) done. Here’s where I am.


Not the most beautiful or inspired photo but when working on crafts in the quiet moments, we take what we can get. I don’t think I am doing the joins quite correctly but they look interesting so I am going to go with it and call it a feature not a bug.

Tonight we head out to the venue to do some last minute planning. Mr. Ink’s sister in law will be in charge of set up, so we had a meeting about everything last evening. But of course, things always become much clearer when she can see the actual space we are using. And then, we get to have the middle age equivalent of a bachelorette party. Meaning, we are going out for dinner at my favorite little wine bar/restaurant while the guys have their middle age equivalent of a bachelor party, they are going out for steak.

It feels like tonight is when things really start picking up for the duration of the weekend. I can’t believe the time is already here. I also can’t believe how relaxed I am feeling about everything. It’ll all be exactly as it should be.


April Beauty Balance

It’s wedding week, my parents are in town, a large number of the family arrive today, and I’ve got a chore to do. But I am just going to take a moment to procrastinate by posting my latest April beauty balance. Last post I was one item leaving above what entered my collection this month.

I knew I had a couple things arriving so I worked hard to get a few things finished up as well. Here’s what entered my collection:


One thing my collection has been missing is a proper facial sunscreen for days I am not wearing It cosmetics cc cream. I also knew I was close to finishing my belief eye bomb, so I needed another eye cream. I decided I’d give a clinique one a try this time around. With that purchase came the free gift of a mascara and a lippie, but since I know that clinique’s lippies don’t work for me, I immediately gave the lippie to my mom. So, that’s 3 items in, leaving me 2 items in above what left.

Now to balance:


That pur palette just arrived in my boxycharm but I really do not like it at all. Miss Butterfly commented that she really loves it. So, it is headed to her collection. I also finished two full-size items. A First Aid Beauty night moisturizer and my belief eye bomb. Then some samples. One of a shampoo/conditioner combo from Drybar as well as a conditioning hair mask from briogeo. And then I also finished up a sample size of a peel. That’s 6 items leaving my collection. When balanced, that’s 4 items leaving over what entered my collection this month. I plan to restock a thing or two during sephora’s sale, not sure if those items will hit in April or May, likely May. But other than that, beauty balance should be smooth sailing from here on out.

And with that, I’d better get back to work, right?


A little biking

This weekend was very busy. We each had extensive to-do lists. I did get mine completed. I am not sure Mr. Ink got his completed. But he definitely worked pretty hard this weekend. One of the things on my to-do list was to scout out places to take photographs before the wedding.

Naturally, we are having photographs taken on a bike trail. I mean, biking is how we met in the first place and that was at least 8 years ago now, maybe more. So, yesterday, we decided to combine wedding planning with the thing that brought us together in the first place. And it was glorious. We headed out to the entrance of the lake which we plan to use and set off. We easily got to the first place that would be appropriate for photos and I grabbed a few.

Side note, Mr. Ink has a new bike! Now we both have custom painted surly pugsleys. He’s running 3-inch tires on his while I maintain my 4-inch tires. From this point forward we did scout other areas for photos, but I think this one is it. Mostly because I’ll have to be walking into this area in heels and a dress with a train, and I don’t want to walk up and down hills. This area is nice and flat. The others are not. We even found a blooming forsythia nearby on our way back through the area.

Mr. Ink also tricked me into single track riding. It has been at least a year, probably more, since I rode single track. I just lost the motivation for it at some point. And I really hate riding single track on a fatty. Give me my proper hardtail mountain bike over the fatty any day. But, this kind of trickery is really common for Mr. Ink. First, it was “Do you want to ride through the nature trail?” Well, riding fat is great for riding on grass and a good portion of the trail also was covered in crushed limestone, so it was perfect. We get to the end of the nature trail and he says “Did you know that this area has some hidden single track? It’s right here, want to ride it?” So we did. I envisioned, the entire time, falling and breaking my head right before the wedding. But, nothing happened and the trail was extremely tame. There was no need for concern. In fact, it made me think I might even give some single track a try again this spring. We shall see. Let’s get through the big event first.

Anyhow, all that is to say we took the afternoon “off” from chores to do what might have been a chore but wasn’t because we did it by bike. And it was great to be doing the thing that got us together in the first place. The day was sunny, the weather was cool and lovely, and despite not having ridden in a while, I haven’t completely lost my biking legs.

Today I work until 1:30 but then have appointments and errands all afternoon and evening. Let the wedding week begin!


No Photos

Just me with my thoughts pointed at a screen. 6 more sleeps. If I am doing anything today it’s procrastinating finishing the kitchen deep clean. In fact, I’ve already decided that my standards have lessened in the past 48 hours. I didn’t get much sleep last night again. Nightmares, only one of them wedding related, and I don’t even remember what it was about. Hopefully, I can get a nap in today. Despite what seems like complaining, I really did have a lovely relaxing day yesterday punctuated by cleaning and chores. I realized that with Miss Butterfly off this week I can leave laundry up to her tomorrow and not worry about that one at all. Since we are less than a week away now, this is the time where Mr. Ink gets super motivated. True to form, he’s been running around all weekend getting things done. He and I certainly operate very differently in that regard. I tend to slow down and try to conserve my energy, saving it up for the upcoming insanity. He just ignores it all until it feels like “too late” to me and then gets moving. In any case, things are getting done despite what feels like time moving too fast at the moment. (Gone is any hope of that weird time suspension from last week!)

I have decided one of my priorities today needs to be to plan the Sunday brunch meal offerings and make a proper shopping list for that. I plan to do some of the cooking and prep on Tuesday for things that can be set aside until Sunday. But, I really do need a proper plan. Plus, it will be wise to just have some meal type items around the house. Cold cuts and bread and so on. Things that will help us feel like we don’t have to run out and get something at the last minute. Because Mr. Ink handles most of the grocery shopping, I never feel like I know what might be in the house at a given time. So, if I have specific expectations, I tend to just try to do that shopping myself.

The one thing that really needs to get done today is to scout out where we will be doing some outdoor photographs on the day of the wedding. I really do need to get that under control. Mr. Ink had suggested we’d ride bike but I am not sure how he’s going to fit that in with his current to do list. So, I am thinking maybe it’s better for me to just take the dogs out for a walk there and take a look around. We’ll have to see how the day goes.

That’s about it from here really, I just decided to blog because of procrastination but I really do need to get back to it. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!


We are one week away from the wedding. At this time in one week we’ll be gearing up to load up the truck with necessary items and I’ll be trying not to ruin my manicure while doing so. The forecast has improved, we are now forecasted to have a 71F day and sunny. Around here, this means we are likely to hit more than 71. But, the heater I rented for the tent during the rehearsal dinner won’t go to waste, as Friday is only supposed to be 61.

But all this is a week from now. For this morning, I am starting with taking it easy. Miss Rose Bud and I had a nice long cuddle this morning while I was knitting after I did a great job in getting a good amount of sleep with no memorable dreams. Very pleasant. We’ve got a weekend which is packed full, but for now, we are taking it slightly easy. I am definitely going to work in a nap.

Here’s where I am with my Lintilla shawl.


It has grown so much! I am getting pretty close to knitting on the edge ruffles now. Every time I knit this I remember the reason I love it so much is that it has a shape that drapes so nicely over the shoulders. I love the pattern but I knit it repeatedly more for the way it wears than for how it knits.

That’s it from here, I need to get the house straightened up so that I can begin working on the deep cleaning portion of the day. I hope your weekend is quite lovely!


8 More Sleeps

We are at 8 more sleeps until wedding day, and boy do I need that sleep! All of it. Every extra second. You see, anxiety dreaming is a thing I do very well, always have. But unfortunately, an extremely stressful work situation kicked all that into overdrive this week. Last night I had 3 wedding related nightmares. One was that my wallet had been stolen and I was unable to pay any of the vendors, therefore they did not show up for my big day. In another one, the venue had double booked themselves and I was asked to leave and find another place to have the wedding, while I ended up screaming at her about how I paid for it and she couldn’t just send me elsewhere at the last minute. This one is rooted in reality, based on a review of the venue where this once happened early in their business and reading that has haunted me ever since, despite the fact that they’ve clearly got their act together now. And then I dreamed that we had brought so much stuff to the venue and I couldn’t manage to find anything I needed for the decor despite having all this stuff, and no matter how much I dug through all that stuff, I never found my decor, causing the ceremony to run later and later and later because I couldn’t decorate. Oh-wait-I just remembered another. I dreamed that it was the day of the wedding but I never got back to the officiant and so the ceremony itself wasn’t prepared and it was all my fault.

It’s all very silly and all very on brand for me. Upon waking I wondered exactly what was up since I am not actually feeling particularly stressed about the wedding itself. That’s when I realized it was the work situation instead. I assure you, there’s someone at work I’d LOVE to be hollering at but that would be unprofessional. And while I generally have work-related anxiety dreams, because the wedding is the big deal in my life right now, that’s just getting superimposed on the work-related situation. Thankfully I did take the majority of the week off next week, that should help some.

But I think there’s an interesting common theme in these dreams. The common theme is that I am all by myself in these decisions and circumstances, I have to handle everything alone and everything rests on me to make perfect. That’s not my reality at all. This is something I’ve been thinking about a ton lately. The reality is that even though this is a very small wedding, there are loads of helpers. There’s my sister in law doing photography, our wedding is in such capable and beautiful hands. There’s my soon to be sister in law, the planner, the director, the one with extremely capable hands that I am leaving the bulk of the set up to. There’s my mother who will likely shoulder a good amount of my own anxieties as the week progresses, and then lend her hands and ideas in set up. There are my cousin and his family, all of whom have been assigned tasks or will take tasks on. There are my aunt and her family, messaging me eagerly asking how they can chip in and help. There are Mr. Ink’s brother and sons who I know I can ask to do any little thing and they’ll hop to it because that’s how they are. There’s Miss Butterfly who has been ridiculously unteen-like during this entire planning process, helping out the whole way through. There’s Miss Marja, lending her hand and ideas and taking on any work I’ll allow her, and making amazing suggestions that get easily implemented into the plans. There are the groomsmen, both as much my friends as Mr. Ink’s, both being helpful and lending levity to all situations. While my dreams cast me in a role of make or break, shouldering every concern all by myself, my reality is much richer and fuller than those terrifying dreams.

But most of all, there’s Mr. Ink. The person who, somehow intuiting that I am feeling reflective, asks me in the evenings “How are you feeling about the upcoming wedding?” and listens carefully as I pour out those reflections. Who, despite really hating to be put on a schedule, quickly agrees that he’ll handle the things I have assigned him in the time frame I’ve assigned it. Who suggests that we hire an expert officiant to create a truly lovely ceremony instead of me trying to come up with something on my own. Who creates a reception playlist and then apologizes that they are all loves songs and he just can’t help himself because that’s just how he’s feeling right now even though he knows sappy songs aren’t really my thing. (In this situation, they are totally my thing.) Who continues to keep the household running, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, doing dishes, without any complaints while I invest my energies in wedding planning and host preparations in a very short time frame.

Quite frankly, while something may go wrong on the big day and it’ll be out of my control, there’s no way for things to go completely off the rails. With all the helpers, it’s just not possible at all! And I know that this knowledge is what is leading to my low stress levels right now, my time for reflection, and my very high anticipation of the upcoming week.

Shall we talk knitting then? Let’s. I never did cast on that cowl that I twisted the other day, instead, I decided a partly finished sock would be more my style.


This is the same yarn I have made socks for Mr. Ink from in the past, so you may somewhat recognize it. I plan to knit to the toe and then start the next one. This way I can knit different colored heels and toes if I need to, depending on how much yarn I have left over. I really cast this on so I could knit on it during a movie I didn’t really want to see, but since then it has definitely come in handy as mindless knitting in additional situations. This is my current work project, though it’ll go home with me today since this is the last day I’ll have an actual lunch break to work through before vacation.

Know what else got done? The deep cleaning of the bathrooms which had been on my list for last weekend. I finally did them both last night. I had been sort of waiting for Miss Butterfly to assist me as she’s been assisting me with all the various deep clean projects thus far. But, yesterday at work I realized part of my hang-up was that I didn’t feel like trying to maneuver around someone in a small bathroom while also giving directions. I was doing that enough at work and my brain was too fried to do it at home. So last evening, figuring all this out, I decided to instruct Miss Butterfly to do a few other tasks she could easily do without any additional prompting from me, took my podcasts and cleaning supplies into the bathroom and got down to business. Felt good to do some proper scrubbing and I definitely felt more accomplished once it was done.

On the list for this weekend is the kitchen, absolutely my least favorite deep cleaning job and yet the one that always makes me the happiest when it is complete. We’ve got a number of other things to get done as well, and all of them wedding prep related. So, I leave you with a few Rose photos I took this week. She loves Mr. Ink easily as much as she loves me, and I decided to record some of that this week.

She’s such a sweet little love bug.



April Beauty Balance

My boxycharm box came in the mail, so I get to do another beauty balance post and then toss a couple empties. This is a much preferable way of approaching my empties as opposed to saving my trash for the end of the month.

We’ll just start where I was last time. 2 items leaving my collection above what entered my collection.

Now, on to April’s boxycharm box. Here’s what I received:


So, I’d been happy because there were some brushes which don’t count toward totals. But then I realized we got a sample eye primer, so it’s 5 items entering my collection anyhow. Except for this. When I opened the eyeliner, the product was broken off at the base and there was no product in there. So that was massively disappointing. I had really been looking forward to a light colored eyeliner. In the end, because the eyeliner is not usable, it’s 4 items entering my collection.

I did contact boxycharm about the eyeliner so we’ll see what happens next. To be honest, I was most excited about it as I love a light colored or colorful eyeliner more than anything else. As for the rest of the box, the lipstick turned out to be a pretty fantastic nude color, so I am surprisingly happy with that, and the artist couture highlighter turned out to be quite nice. The palette? I could take it or leave it, with a lean toward leave it. I am wearing it today but it’s just so basic and the quality isn’t anything fantastic at all.

Anyhow, after that off the cuff box review, let’s get to the balancing part of this post.


The shower gel I received in a fabfitfun box and I finally used it up. I think that Miss Butterfly also used it from time to time. It’s nothing to write home about, so I’ll not be tring to purchase it. The tiny vial is a kora face oil which I am glad to have used but I don’t feel the need to have it in my life in the future. And, the saddest one. A tin of balm brought to me from a trip to prince edward island as a gift for caring for a friend’s cat while he was on vacation. I loved this balm. I kept it at work as that’s where my hands get the dryest. A little went a long way and it is just the type of product I enjoy having on hand at work. I am sad to see it go and I am not sure how I will replace it. It had a completely unoffensive scent which is something I look for with a heavy duty product like this and I am just not sure when and how I’ll find something similar.

Anyhow, in the end this leaves me at one product leaving my collection above and beyond what has entered my collection. I’ve got two items very close to being finished. But, I needed to replace one of those items with something that is currently on its way. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.

Time is Strange

It’s Wednesday, 11 days before the big day. I was going to come here to talk about knitting, and I’ll get to that. But, I am having a morning of feeling really odd. In one week, we’ll be at madness level 5, barrelling toward the big day and it’ll likely feel like I can’t catch a break or a breath.

So, I am breathing this week. The week is flying by while simultaneously time feels suspended. We are moving too fast toward big day when I really want to take in what is now. The enjoyment of anticipation, the enjoyment of having done most of what needs doing and knowing that whatever happens next is ok with me. The suspension of time where I enjoy all that has been with my relationship with Mr. Ink. This almost 6-year relationship has been nothing but good. I didn’t know that a relationship with another person could just be good and uncomplicated and comfortable while also being the best thing that ever happens. So I have this idea this week that I want to treasure that. The big day changes everything and nothing at all. Once the big day happens, Mr. Ink will still be planting trees and gardening. I’ll still be knitting and spinning and messing around with makeup. We’ll still be parenting a teenager, going on bike rides, taking the dogs to the dog park, and planning our next big adventure together. This is my week to remember and appreciate how we got here, close to the big day.

I feel like it doesn’t take a leap to understand that all these feelings are kind of leading me to not get quite as much done this week as I had anticipated. I am hopeful that I’ll be able to change that dynamic yet this week. Those bathrooms didn’t get deep cleaned yet. I blame the still slightly bum knee which was acting up after I walked the dogs yesterday. And a headache. And a myriad of other excuses. I did get Mr. Ink to work on the slow running bathroom sink drain though, so it’s ready to be cleaned.

Instead, I worked on the normal day to day house chores and some additional packing up items which will be used at the wedding. Then, I also got some knitting done. Let’s talk about that knitting now. I mentioned that I had started two new projects. The first was a cowl, and as it turns out, I forgot to check and twisted my cast on. Didn’t notice for a while, and it was too late to fix so that got ripped back out and I don’t have the heart to cast on again right now. The other thing is another Lintilla shawl. I have often found that the Lintilla shawl is my perfect no brainer knitting. I adore it. It provides interest while still being garter stitch and the pattern is easily memorized. Here’s the handspun I am using:

I had created this last summer when I did a craft room clean out and declutter. One ply is silk hankies and the other ply is crampot dyed locks. I loved the finished yarn so much that I was saving it for a special occasion, knowing full well it would become a Lintilla shawl but also knowing I wasn’t ready to crack into the skein. Turns out, now is a good time.


The colors here are a little funny, they don’t blend nicely into one another. It’s more like color blocks. But, this is also a ridiculously soft yarn with a ton of interesting texture and those color changes are going to make me very happy during the knitting of this shawl. It is a little jarring to not have it look like I am accustomed to having handspun look.

I got the flight details this morning for Mr. Ink’s sister in law. She’s…great. She takes care of things. Knowing that she’ll arrive on Wednesday and just help take over whatever needs taking over is really a relief. Knowing that I’ve done MY part to be as prepared as possible will help her not feel overwhelmed as well. It’s a good relationship. My parents arrive the day before that, and it’ll be nice to have a little time with them before the insanity of additional family company begins. Work is the oddest thing since I’ve told very few people what I’ll be out for, it just continues on as normal with the same types of stress we always have and nothing slowing down for anyone. When it comes to work, nothing is feeling suspended at all, in fact, I’d venture a guess that work is what has me feeling like we are barreling through the week.  I will be pulling together a bunch of tasks and deadlines for my boss this week as she’s eager to make sure I TRULY do not need to worry about anything at work while I am out of the office. So eager that she’s agreed to sit in my office half the time to make sure everything stays on track. She doesn’t work in my building so it’ll be a good opportunity for her to get a handle on what is happening in my building, a benefit to her as well.

Anyhow, that’s about a long enough blog post for now, too long really. But it’s a good description of where I am at the moment. 🙂


Another Finished Object

This weekend was a two finished object weekend, which is really fun when I have tended to feel like I am not getting very far with knitting due to time constraints.


This is the Levity Shawl and it is done! It is such a pretty piece and I enjoyed knitting immensely. The handspun yarn looks as good as I imagined. And with this finished object, I have made it to 43% of my yearly goal. This was also some of the oldest handspun in my stash so it was fun to get it used up and moved out of the yarn stash, as is another goal of mine this year.

Speaking of which-I am now at 110 yarns in stash so also well on my way to my goal of getting this number under 100 this year. I began two new projects over the weekend, one intended for my lunch breaks at work, and another intended to be nice and mindless for the upcoming couple of weeks. I’ll show those off shortly.

Miss Butterfly and I worked very hard over the weekend. While there were points where I got the typical teen attitude and so on, for the most part she’s been extremely eager to help out around the house while we prep for company. We did do a deep cleaning of the living room on Sunday and also completely rearranged it since we wanted to open it up a bit to accommodate all the company coming in. We still don’t know what kind of weather we will be dealing with so it is entirely possible that we’ll be mostly indoors. That’s a lot of people indoors! Anyhow, you can see that the couch is covered in towels and sheets. This is because Rose’s fur sticks to that couch so badly. We are trying to minimize that at this time. Miss Butterfly and I did a vacuuming of the couch cushions and so on, but we are really going to have to go in there pretty hard to de-hair the couch and don’t want to make more work for ourselves. Anyhow, the couch is now in front of the living room windows, which has basically provided Rose with panoramic dog TV. She thinks this is a wonderful turn of events. If she sees humans, she gives out one big woof. Then Miss Lizzie who doesn’t care a bit about staring out windows begins to bark. She doesn’t like to quit. Even when I tell her to knock it off, she lays around growling under her breath. She has no clue what is even going on, but she’s definitely got something to say about it!

Now Rose, being a nervous girl, really struggled with the deep cleaning and furniture rearrangement initially. Plus Mr. Ink was hanging pictures again, so that was loud. She didn’t appreciate it and really was on edge there for a while. Finally, we decided to take her to the dog park. It was a stunningly beautiful day. There were tons of dogs. It wasn’t muddy. It was the perfect day to find a spot on the grass and sit so that Rose could play. Sitting on the grass at the dog park is one of my absolute favorite things. It’s so unusual that dogs have to come up and investigate, sometimes get right in your face or crawl all over you. It’s super cute. We meet a lot more dogs that way than we would if we were standing around. So, because of this, we stayed much longer than normal. When Rose ends up laying down playing with a ball near us, we know we’ve truly worn her out. This was a really good reset for her and she came home much less stressed and ready to explore the new furniture arrangement.

While Miss Butterfly and I did get a ton accomplished, we didn’t get all accomplished that we had wanted to this weekend. As such, we’ll be working on deep cleaning the bathrooms this week in the evenings. That being said, we both agreed that while it’s not that fun, deep cleaning the bathrooms tends to be easy. And really, fairly quick. The biggest problem is getting down to business in the first place. That being said, one of the reasons we haven’t gotten down to business yet is because the main bathroom sink drain needs to be unclogged again. It’s pointless to deep clean if the drain isn’t running that well. We are waiting on Mr. Ink for that task to be completed. I think we’ll do a little nagging tonight to get there.

Anyhow, that’s a nice long update of what is going on around here! Prepping, as usual, but not feeling too stressed anymore. It’s more of a prepping in order to pass the time in a productive fashion right now. I think that’s why Miss Butterfly is so eager to help.


April Beauty Balance

As anticipated, Miss Butterfly and I went shopping on Saturday. I had been seeing if I could find something I wanted to wear to our rehearsal dinner. It’s not an emergency, I am sure I could find something in my closet to wear. But we thought we’d give it a try. We completely struck out. But, we did manage to pick up that which I wanted to get at ulta.


I am a few uses away from being finished with my night cream. I wanted a less expensive alternative so I am giving the cerave a try. I need a hairspray in my life, so I got one of those. And, I picked up shade 1 and shade 3 of gimme brow. I wasn’t sure which would be best, but figured that shade 1, if it didn’t work for me, would work for Miss Butterfly. I have decided that a brow gel really is my absolute favorite way of doing my brows and I’ll move to that exclusively once I’ve used up all other brow products in my collection.

I was three items up in the products leaving category from last post. This is 4 items in, so I need to make that up.


Here’s what I’ve gotten finished since last beauty balance post. One Brigeo deep conditioning mask which I used as a regular hair conditioner, one lush superbalm scalp treatment which I will likely replace in the near future, and one sample size of Viktor and Rolf flower bomb nectar which I LOVED.

That puts us at two items leaving my collection over what has entered it this month. I know I’ve got more that are pretty close to being done as well. Despite the large amount of lip items that I purchased, this month is still shaping up to be a good one for finishing products.

Knitting Related

It’s often so much easier to figure out what to post regarding beauty these days. But I do knit, even though it’s lessened somewhat this season. Anyhow, I finished up a honey cowl out of handspun yarn. This is the project I finished to give to Miss Marja’s mother for allowing us to use her home to get ready in less than 2 weeks from today.


It’s a really nice pattern and yarn pairing, I really love it! The colors are so beautiful and intense.

We’ve been hard at work getting the house prepared for company. I love to do a deep clean before we have visitors. Well, I love to do a deep clean full stop. But, having visitors makes it all the more enjoyable. Miss Butterfly and I deep cleaned the dining room yesterday. Mr. Ink went out shopping. He bought a suit for the wedding, finally. He also bought a new rug.


During the time which we attempted to allow Rose to be out of her kennel but contained to one room, she shredded the rug in Mr. Ink’s den. The den was on the list of places that needed a deep cleaning but it is technically Mr. Ink’s responsibility. That being said, the shredded carpet pieces have been migrating all over the house. So, as soon as that new rug arrived, Miss Butterfly and I tore up the den to remove the old carpet and then did a bunch of work on the floor and edges. There’s still cleaning to be done in there but we are pleased with the progress we made. This morning Rose decided to go grab herself a rag to shred rather than shred the carpet, so that’s a win.

Rose has been doing far better in her kennel with the new set up. She happily runs in there to eat, she goes in there just to check it out, and she’s most insistent that Lizzie doesn’t go anywhere near her kennel. This is good, it’s major progress. We had one drooling day while we were gone but overall she’s far better adjusted to it than she had been.

More dog stuff, Rose and Lizzie have been playing lots of hide and seek with Miss Butterfly. They love it, and Rose is now the clear winner. Her thoughtful intelligent nature paired with her nose finds Miss Butterfly far faster than Lizzie’s over the top flying through the rooms seeking but often overlooking Miss Butterfly because she’s moving too fast nature.

Today we are hoping to get the living room deep cleaned and rearranged. It’s the largest space in the house with the most surfaces to dust and clean and it can be a real pain in the butt. That being said, it’ll feel much better when it is done. We will rearrange the furniture to work better for lots of guests since we need to gather as much space as possible for the upcoming event. I had really wanted the bathrooms deep cleaned today as well, but we’ll see how we go.

2019 First Quarter Product Love

We’ve just finished up the first quarter of the year. With that, I just finished up concentrating on certain items in my makeup collection. I’ve also discovered new things during this first quarter of the year.

I decided it might be fun and even helpful for me to go through some of the things that truly stood out to me during this busy first quarter.

I am going to start with foundation. During this first quarter I had been on the hunt for a long wearing foundation that matched nicely to test out for my wedding. You may remember the bit of drama that happened when I decided I wanted to try a mac product. The salesperson slipped a foundation that wasn’t what I wanted in my bag and I paid for it, left the shop, and got annoyed when I looked at it when I got home. But, that salesperson whether being tricksy or not understanding my wants ended up doing something so extremely amazing for me. She picked a foundation that I adore. It truly sticks to my face. Even my nose! All day! Even if I wipe my nose! I can’t get over it. I love it, I’ve tested it well, and I know it’ll perform well for my wedding day.


It turns out that the Mac Pro Longwear foundation is my perfect foundation. After the wedding, I’ll be working through ALL my other foundations and then only using this one forever and always. NW15 in the winter and NW18 in the summer. Good to go. I have LOVED trying foundations over the past year and thought I’d always be a bit of a foundation junkie. But as it turns out now that I found the perfect one all desire to be a foundation junkie is gone.


The next product I am going to touch on is Lancome Cils Booster mascara primer. It’s a pricey product I got half off. It has changed my mascara game completely. When I am out of this one I plan to try L’Oreal voluminous primer but I don’t hold out high hopes for that since many of the voluminous products irritate my eyes. I have to admit, if that’s the case, I’ll be purchasing this pricey one again. I just love it so much!


Over top of that primer I’ve been using the Too Faced better than sex mascara. I’ve avoided trying this mascara for more than a year. I hate the name. It’s dumb. I didn’t want to spend the money on it. And, since there are so many “dupes” and I’ve tried those and they always flaked, I assumed this one would flake too. I figured why bother trying it out when it’s just going to do what all other mascaras do. But, I got it in a boxy charm box and it’s wonderful. It’s a great mascara for me, it does NOT flake, one of the first! It’s so pretty and paired with the primer my eyelashes look so full and thick.


I would be remiss if I did not talk about the MoroccanOil dry texture spray. The amount of volume, grit, and staying power this product gives me is amazing. I don’t use this on the first wash day. On day 2 or 3 I begin to use it to give volume and hold to an updo. I add this and then throw my hair in a bun or a gibson tuck. I can get two or three days of updos out of my hair with this product and a little dry shampoo prolonging the time between washes significantly. While I may try other dry texture sprays in the future if I come across them, for now, this is a permanent item in my collection.


And the last thing I am going to mention from this quarter, though it is now gone, is the NYX intense butter gloss I received in the advent calendar in December. Prior to owning this I kept saying I hated gloss and just handed any gloss that came my way to Miss Butterfly. The intense butter gloss changed all of that completely. Unfortunately, it seems like the only place I can get the intense butter gloss now is off the NYX website itself. It isn’t carried in Ulta. I haven’t seen it in drugstores. It’s a bit disappointing. BUT, it opened me up to the idea of gloss again and I did find that I really enjoy mac’s glosses too. So, I am just going to keep my eyes open for gloss formulas that tend to be highly pigmented with really nice staying power.

My makeup love is strong these days and I could absolutely keep listing product after product that I am really enjoying. But, that really defeats the purpose. The above products are ones that truly stood out. That I’ve loved over everything else. They surprised me, they surpassed my expectations, and at this time, I never really want to be without them (Or an appropriate dupe) in my life.

April Beauty Balance Part 1

Let’s state right up front that I did something crazy and a little panic induced. The wedding is in just over 2 weeks and I still haven’t nailed down “The perfect lipstick.” Part of me says I probably need to let that go, to begin with. The other part of me is the one where I decided that I love ofra’s liquid lipstick formula and bought two collections, giving me 7 nude colors to try from. It’s my last ditch attempt to figure out what to wear for the wedding and it had better work. I can tell you this, I will not be purchasing more. Something in this group needs to work for me or I need to revisit my current collection and call it done.


Now that this explanation is out of the way, let’s move on. First of all, our products out category was up by 14 at the end of March. But, I’ve got 7 new lip products so that number is now down to 7.

Here are the other things which I picked up:



I purchased the elf lip exfoliator as a replacement for one I just finished. I also brought in a shampoo to try because I am completely out.

The next two things I got half price. Now, the white peach eyeshadow palette I’ve had my eye on for a while now. I knew I’d get it if it went half price. I know it doesn’t have the most fantastic ratings out there, but neither did boudoir eyes and I use that palette all the time! Its colors are so soft, so work appropriate (not that I regularly concern myself with that) and so gentle when I want a subtle look. I adore my sweet peach palette and I absolutely want to get just peachy mattes if it ever goes half price. The other item is simply a bite beauty lip pencil. At half price, I decided it was time to give that a try as well.

Naturally, a few samples followed along, a fact I am not the least bit upset about. So, that’s another 7 items in. That breaks me even again.


But, I do have a few things leaving my collection:


As I mentioned, I am out of elf lip exfoliator. The empty is pictured here. I also am out of my morphe brush cleaner. I will absolutely not repurchase this. I didn’t like it, it doesn’t smell great, and my dr. bronners works so well that I’ll be sticking with that from now on. I gave this sample of lipstick transformer to Miss Butterfly, as I really don’t care one bit to use it. I’ve had it for over a year and I haven’t used it and I don’t plan to. So, 3 items up again.

21 days of beauty has been going on, a fact I had not anticipated happening in March/April. I’ve done pretty well though. Every single time I think “Oh that’s a SUPER deal on something I will REALLY use!” I look at how long it will take me to use similar items in my collection. When the answer is basically an entire year, I stand down. For instance, I gave Miss Butterfly my butter bronzer. But then my immediate instinct was to replace it. In my head, I thought “But, I don’t have another shimmery bronzer. Except the hourglass one in a palette. Oh, and also the one that is in my magnetic palette.” And that’s when I realized I was being ridiculous. I do have the same category in my stash so I don’t have to replace it. And if it served such a special place in my collection that I needed to replace it immediately, I shouldn’t have given it away in the first place. So, instead, I am planning to use my other shimmery bronzers and not replace the butter bronzer until those are used up. That could take me a year or more. At that time I’ll evaluate what I’d like to replace that item in my collection with, and it may not be butter bronzer in the first place.

All this is to say that 21 days of beauty is quickly coming to a close but I am planning to pick up a brow gel on Saturday. That’s all I am getting from the sale. But I’ve still got Boxycharm coming in. And I do need a hairspray.  And from then on? I’ll be on a replacements only low buy, with the exclusion of eyeshadows and colorful eyeliners. And perfume. Maybe. Well, no perfume until I move through all my little samples which tend to keep arriving. But, the point being that what leaves my collection should far exceed what enters it after this month.

Levity Shawl

I’ve been hard at work on my Levity Shawl and I am soooo enjoying the knitted on border. My old handspun is stunning in this capacity and I can’t stop spreading the shawl out and taking another peek at it!


If I had to guess, I am about halfway through the border at this point. I can’t seem to put it down at all. Except of course when I am busy doing wedding-related prep. But, I mean, I could have cast on something new but that just isn’t going to happen!

More prep is happening anyhow. Last evening Miss Butterfly and I took the time to wash the front windows and to wash Lizzie. She needed a bath big time. But, we’ve been putting it off to push it closer to when we have company in the house. Speaking of dogs, want to see some very happy dogs?


Here we are at the dog park. We stayed a looooong time on Sunday. The weather was pleasant and sunny and the dogs were taking a quick break here before heading back into the insanity. There were some great highlights of the day. A one year old frenchie who could almost keep up with Rose. Anyone who has seen Rose run will know that’s really amazing. I’ve never seen any type of bulldog run so fast! That little dog was all in when it comes to play as well, just playing with Rose at her level even though he was a fraction of her size. So cute. The other highlight was a blue heeler who decided she really must be in a mud pit. She got in there, laid down, and squished her body all around in the mud. She was clearly loving it, and as such, other dogs thought maybe they wanted to get in on this action. This led to all humans who didn’t have dogs involved laughing uproariously while the ones who had dogs threatening to get in that mud pit began yelling at their dogs in a panic. That blue heeler would go to her owner when called but as soon as he’d turn his back, she’d get right back in the mud pit much to the amusement of everyone watching.

It’s clear that the humans and the dogs are all enjoying the milder weather. There were so many dog park participants and it seemed like everyone was in a fantastic mood. So much fun!

And Now, Knitting

I finished up my kernel scarf though it took me quite some time to get it washed, blocked, and photographed.


I didn’t give this one a super severe blocking as I typically would do with such a lacy pattern. But to be honest, I think it looks just fine this way. The lace still shows up just fine. This was a pattern that was a little tough in the sense that I really did have to pay attention to every row and mark them. But, it kept my interest as well and moved along quickly. Not at all a bad little project.

This brings me to 15 projects completed this year so far, which is 38% of my yearly goal. With what I’ve got on the needles right now and this yarn out of my stash, I am sitting at 112 yarns in my stash, with my goal to get this under 100 this year. Since I’ve moved my yarn to a smaller space this goal has become all the more important to me. But, after the wedding, when I start experimenting with my loom, I am hoping those stash numbers can really move since weaving tends to do that!

As for wedding updates, this weekend was a quiet one. I didn’t really have anything we just had to go out and get done. So instead I used my weekend to deep clean the craft room and bedroom. The bedroom in particular really needed it. I didn’t move the bed to clean under it in November when I did the last super deep clean so I never felt like I’d had the deep clean completion I would typically hope for. The other thing that was really gross from the winter was the windows. It was great to get the inside and outside of those done in those two rooms! And then, the piece that made the biggest difference. Rose had been really drooling and stressing out where we’d had her kennel. We moved her kennel near Lizzie and started back at kennel training basics, and that made a huge difference. So, I got to clean the spot in the bedroom where the kennel had been, really getting the drool areas cleaned up and what a difference that made! I am so glad I took time for that. Anyhow, those may not sound like wedding updates but when so much company is arriving at your place in less than 3 weeks, it’s totally wedding prep.

With knitting, I do have another photo to post soon. Stay tuned!

Team Project Pan update 3 part 2

So, today is switch out day! I am really excited to be able to change things up for the next 3 months. But, I am not intending to change up everything, just part of it. I am just going to list what I am leaving in the project without photos.

  1.  Cover FX Blurring Primer
  2. Bare Minerals Original powder foundation
  3. Bare Minerals concealer
  4. Sleek cream contour palette
  5. Mac Paint Pot
  6. Clinique setting shadow
  7. Style Sepia Liner
  8. IT cosmetics universal brow pencil
  9. Bite Agave Lip Treatment
  10. Deva Curl styling cream
  11. Mary Kay Satin Hands exfoliator

I am going to show you fragrance, as I added two:


So, I am back up to 8 sample sizes for this quarter. Thankfully I am quite close to being finished with one of them.

And now on to what I consider the very exciting part, adding in products to concentrate on for the next 3 months!


First up, my new Cover FX face palette. I think it’s fair to want to spend a few months with a new palette in my collection. Also, that’ll give me a good idea of if I want to keep it in my collection. Plus, I think the hourglass palette is more of a nice winter toned palette whereas the cover FX palette just screams spring to me. Give me coral and peach in the spring and summer!

On a similar note, I have added an ella eden eyeshadow single to this quarter’s selection. It’s a nice peach shade and I’ve been known to use it as a lid color and a blush topper. One of the things I’ve enjoyed trying out in anticipation of this quarter is a monochromatic look using the peach ella eden eyeshadow all over my lid and fluffed into the crease paired with a coral or peach blush and a coral lipstick from flower beauty.

Speaking of lipsticks, let’s quickly go over the lip choices for this month. That coral lipstick from flower beauty? That’ll be the full sized bullet lipstick I work on in this project. I am also adding another bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick sample as it’s a nude and I’d like to make progress on that. For a lip gloss I am going to use up my sample size of the nyx butter gloss I received in the advent calendar. Paired with my make up for ever artist color pencil as a lip liner this will become my nude lip choice this quarter. And for a liquid lip? I am going bright as well, with a kat von d liquid lipstick I have in my collection. It’s a great dramatic color and I think this is the perfect time to use it.

Since I am running out of foundations to finish up, I am going to work on getting another powder foundation out of my collection. I have found that these just don’t stick to my nose in a manner I appreciate. But, this is the bare minerals matte formula and it is far better for me than the original. It shouldn’t be too miserable to use this up.

I am going to work on my charlotte tilbury setting powder sample. Unless this sample is different to the full size, I am confused about what the hype is. I just don’t like this powder that much and it certainly doesn’t do my under eyes any favors. I am also adding in my cover fx setting powder since the charlotte tilbury sample is so ridiculously small.

I’ve added my tarte paaarty blush back into this project so that I’ve got a nude color choice in addition to the one in the palette.

And finally, since I struggle so hard to use up masks, and because we are wandering into warmer months, I’ve decided to add a deep cleansing mask to this project. I can’t indicate how much of it I have because I can’t see through the package or feel through the air bubble in there. But I’ve only used it once. I am really hoping to use masks once a week but I really do find it tricky to take that time.

I really think that this year-long project is so clever for changing things up quarterly. I am so eager to “restart” with a few new makeup items, and with the infusion of new into my project, the ones I am leaving from last time don’t feel the least bit troublesome.