Team Project Pan update 3 part 2

So, today is switch out day! I am really excited to be able to change things up for the next 3 months. But, I am not intending to change up everything, just part of it. I am just going to list what I am leaving in the project without photos.

  1.  Cover FX Blurring Primer
  2. Bare Minerals Original powder foundation
  3. Bare Minerals concealer
  4. Sleek cream contour palette
  5. Mac Paint Pot
  6. Clinique setting shadow
  7. Style Sepia Liner
  8. IT cosmetics universal brow pencil
  9. Bite Agave Lip Treatment
  10. Deva Curl styling cream
  11. Mary Kay Satin Hands exfoliator

I am going to show you fragrance, as I added two:


So, I am back up to 8 sample sizes for this quarter. Thankfully I am quite close to being finished with one of them.

And now on to what I consider the very exciting part, adding in products to concentrate on for the next 3 months!


First up, my new Cover FX face palette. I think it’s fair to want to spend a few months with a new palette in my collection. Also, that’ll give me a good idea of if I want to keep it in my collection. Plus, I think the hourglass palette is more of a nice winter toned palette whereas the cover FX palette just screams spring to me. Give me coral and peach in the spring and summer!

On a similar note, I have added an ella eden eyeshadow single to this quarter’s selection. It’s a nice peach shade and I’ve been known to use it as a lid color and a blush topper. One of the things I’ve enjoyed trying out in anticipation of this quarter is a monochromatic look using the peach ella eden eyeshadow all over my lid and fluffed into the crease paired with a coral or peach blush and a coral lipstick from flower beauty.

Speaking of lipsticks, let’s quickly go over the lip choices for this month. That coral lipstick from flower beauty? That’ll be the full sized bullet lipstick I work on in this project. I am also adding another bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick sample as it’s a nude and I’d like to make progress on that. For a lip gloss I am going to use up my sample size of the nyx butter gloss I received in the advent calendar. Paired with my make up for ever artist color pencil as a lip liner this will become my nude lip choice this quarter. And for a liquid lip? I am going bright as well, with a kat von d liquid lipstick I have in my collection. It’s a great dramatic color and I think this is the perfect time to use it.

Since I am running out of foundations to finish up, I am going to work on getting another powder foundation out of my collection. I have found that these just don’t stick to my nose in a manner I appreciate. But, this is the bare minerals matte formula and it is far better for me than the original. It shouldn’t be too miserable to use this up.

I am going to work on my charlotte tilbury setting powder sample. Unless this sample is different to the full size, I am confused about what the hype is. I just don’t like this powder that much and it certainly doesn’t do my under eyes any favors. I am also adding in my cover fx setting powder since the charlotte tilbury sample is so ridiculously small.

I’ve added my tarte paaarty blush back into this project so that I’ve got a nude color choice in addition to the one in the palette.

And finally, since I struggle so hard to use up masks, and because we are wandering into warmer months, I’ve decided to add a deep cleansing mask to this project. I can’t indicate how much of it I have because I can’t see through the package or feel through the air bubble in there. But I’ve only used it once. I am really hoping to use masks once a week but I really do find it tricky to take that time.

I really think that this year-long project is so clever for changing things up quarterly. I am so eager to “restart” with a few new makeup items, and with the infusion of new into my project, the ones I am leaving from last time don’t feel the least bit troublesome.


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