And Now, Knitting

I finished up my kernel scarf though it took me quite some time to get it washed, blocked, and photographed.


I didn’t give this one a super severe blocking as I typically would do with such a lacy pattern. But to be honest, I think it looks just fine this way. The lace still shows up just fine. This was a pattern that was a little tough in the sense that I really did have to pay attention to every row and mark them. But, it kept my interest as well and moved along quickly. Not at all a bad little project.

This brings me to 15 projects completed this year so far, which is 38% of my yearly goal. With what I’ve got on the needles right now and this yarn out of my stash, I am sitting at 112 yarns in my stash, with my goal to get this under 100 this year. Since I’ve moved my yarn to a smaller space this goal has become all the more important to me. But, after the wedding, when I start experimenting with my loom, I am hoping those stash numbers can really move since weaving tends to do that!

As for wedding updates, this weekend was a quiet one. I didn’t really have anything we just had to go out and get done. So instead I used my weekend to deep clean the craft room and bedroom. The bedroom in particular really needed it. I didn’t move the bed to clean under it in November when I did the last super deep clean so I never felt like I’d had the deep clean completion I would typically hope for. The other thing that was really gross from the winter was the windows. It was great to get the inside and outside of those done in those two rooms! And then, the piece that made the biggest difference. Rose had been really drooling and stressing out where we’d had her kennel. We moved her kennel near Lizzie and started back at kennel training basics, and that made a huge difference. So, I got to clean the spot in the bedroom where the kennel had been, really getting the drool areas cleaned up and what a difference that made! I am so glad I took time for that. Anyhow, those may not sound like wedding updates but when so much company is arriving at your place in less than 3 weeks, it’s totally wedding prep.

With knitting, I do have another photo to post soon. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “And Now, Knitting

  1. I love that you took the time to deep clean your bedroom when you have so much going on! It will feel good to have that space nice and clean and calming.

    The scarf is lovely! Is this the one for Miss Marja’s mom?

    I am impressed at the number of completed projects you have done already! And the yarn you have used. You are kicking butt on these goals! I seem to have acquired more than I used from stash this past month! I finished Mom’s brown sweater, but that was never in stash, it was a reknit, and it was her yarn all those years ago. Things I am knitting now are primarily from spinning this year (plus a purchased yarn to go with for this project) and one that has been an endless project, but which the yarn was bought specifically for it when I started it.

    I guess I need to get cracking on stash busting!

    I HAVE been making excellent progress on spinning down the fiber stash, but that seems to just make me more yarn!

  2. Your scarf is beautiful! The colors really work well with the lace – it is a really intricate pattern. You are doing really well working toward your goals 🙂 Especially with this being such a busy year!

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